SNSD & some more of their achievements (Part 1 / 2)

“The name ‘Girls Generation’ in itself contains dreams. And that dream of making the world a Girls’ Generation will never change.” - Seohyun

Snsd reaction to you bringing chicken to their practice OT9

Taeyeon: “ Honey, I’m currently the happiest person alive right now!”

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Jessica: This cutie would be so exited about food….

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Sunny: Bombs you with aegyo*

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Tiffany: “Aren’t you just the best Y/N, bringing us chicken and all?!”

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Hyoyeon: *Just kisses you

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Yuri: “I should not eat chicken since I’m on a diet…but since you bought it Y/N I guess today is my cheat day!”

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Sooyoung: “FOOOD!!!”

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Yoona: *Shares with you and the members.

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Seohyun: “Aww Y/N, you didn’t have to bye me all this!”

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“I’m filming a drama, and we’re slowly preparing for Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary since debut album. There are a lot of things about her, whether it’s the way she speaks or feels, that’s similar to how I am. People around me said, ‘That’s just you.’ I don’t think I’m completely humorless though.” - Yoona, Girls’ Generation