taeyeon wink

taeyeon x wiz khalifa oppa fanfiction (this jinja happened !! XD)

“i jinja love you” said wing khonchilfa sexily, licking his lips. “lets perform seeu again at 2016 mamas.”

“omo” taeyeon blushed looking around scaredly. wondering how the fuck this dumbass got invited to the mamas

“i love you forever kam teyone,” said wang calista. “let’s show our sarang to the whole world during our performance of see you again”

taeyeon s face got red. “omo,” she said blushing more. “i don’t think we should do that”

“why not” said the wizard of oz

because i hate see you again‘s rap because it sucks and you suck at rapping, taeyeon thought inside.

“because i want your sarang to be only for me” taeyeon winked sexily at wiz california

waz kharchiliva grew weak at the knees !! no really !!! he did

this hoe is really dumb , now how the fuck do i get out of this, thought taeyeon

“omo oppar i jinja feel really tired today so i think i will go back to the hotel” she swooned

“the hospital?” wink khandilarva said, not understanding through his crusty ears that he hasnt q-tipped for years

“ill tell you all about it when i see you again” said taeyeon, placing her white gold mic into her gucci jackie croc shoulder bag and slipping on her chopard de rigo vision sunglasses

she began strutting off of the stage, her gucci hand-woven camel leather boots clicking on the stage floor

wart kanghaskhan looked after her, as her long sleeve deep v red lace valentino silk gown fluttered in the breeze as he realized just how insignificant he was

Miracle(s) In December

So, I saw fanacc from SM Week ’Märchen Fantasy’ in twitter and I got this beautiful moments:

Taeyeon hits Jessica’s butt 3 times.

Taeyeon imitate the way Jessica took off her outer wear.

Taeyeon called Jessica.

Taeyeon winked at Jessica.

Taeyeon is the first member who called Jessica ‘Maomao’.

Jessica called Taeyeon 'Byuntae’.

Taeyeon and Jessica are next to each other for Santa Baby and they’re playing together during other member’s part.

Is this miracles in december or what I can’t take this anymore.

Taengsic is still alive. Taengsic ship is sailing again.

And remember, today (13-12-22) is taengsic day. Let’s celebrate next year!