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Anon: Recently i’ve been having Taeyeon feels (her album f**ked me up) so may i request a scenario where Taeyeon and her girlfriend go get matching tattoos?

Character: Kim Taeyeon
Word Count: 1458

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“Are you sure?”

You look up at her, as she leans over you. You’re sat at the table, with Taeyeon standing behind you, her arms around your shoulders. It’s a warm feeling, to have her around you like that. Not just physically warm, from her body heat, but warm from the inside out.

Taeyeon kisses the top of your head.

Although the matching tattoos idea was hers, she was perfectly okay with not going through with it. There was nothing she hated more than the thought of forcing you into something.

“Are you sure?” she repeats.

“I’m sure,” you reply.

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Taes appreciation post

Taeyeon (Girl’s generations):WOW

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Taeyang (Bigbang): RUDE

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Taeil (block b): cutie

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Taemin (SHINee): omg

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Taeyong (NCT): yas bitches im fab

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Taeyang (SF9): Literally the SUN..jk…RUDE II

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Taeil(NCT): taeyomie

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Taecyeon (2pm): same tbh

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T(A)EN (NCT): I mean… my precious child..sorry

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ok i’m done 


cr: Taengparadise

I just discover a byuntaeyeon moment that i never saw in the “ famous buyntaeyeon moment” so here i share ;) It’s when i was watching their performance at Coway concert during OH! performance.  

Look how taeyeon stares/appreciate Tiffany’back and at least….Tiffany’butt. You can see her stare going down ;) 


Can we just appreciate how Taeyeon keeps reading the Sone’s letter till the end although she’s not fully fluent in English and Japanese? She even asked if she pronounced her name right. Now, that’s rare.


So, I could sit down and try to list all the reasons why this lady above means so much to me as a person and is so important in my life, but I have never been good at expressing my feelings, so I’ll discard that option. She just is important and she just means a lot, in many ways, and that’s what truly matters. It’s not like I must justify it, right?
I could also write about her character and all the beautiful traits of her personality, at least about those I’m lucky enough to see and acknowledge. However, how could I put down in words someone so complex, so all-around like her? How would I be able to present through words someone I never stop unfolding? It’s quite frustrating not to be able to concisely or precisely talk about Taeyeon or about why she turned out to be one of the most important people in my life, but that kind of makes me think that some things are meant to be appreciated and nourished quietly. In this case, all the good feelings I have about Taeyeon. Maybe no one needs to know them, and I just need to keep loving and supporting her from afar, casually going on her Instagram once in a while as I commonly do to remind her of the wonderful person she is inside and out and that she will never have to change to please anyone, for she is great and perfect just the way she is. Yes, in that complicated, sometimes mysterious and shady, but loving way. That’s Taeyeon, that’s what she is, and that’s why she is unique and special. When I look at Taeyeon, I don’t see just an idol; I see a normal person, a human being, with all the qualities and all the flaws an ordinary human being can have. Only that person happens to have unbelievable artistic abilities worth admiring and also happens to make me feel like I’m not alone even though she’s unfortunately so far away from me. 
I just hope she’s having a good and happy day, surrounded with people she loves and love her back. And I wish she keeps exactly the way she is, always, and that she never feels uncomfortable with that, because I know, and many other people also know, that if she were just a tad different from what she truly is… She wouldn’t be the Taeyeon her fans love, appreciate, cherish and protect so much. Have a very, very happy birthday, Kim Taeyeon! ♥