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Anon: Recently i’ve been having Taeyeon feels (her album f**ked me up) so may i request a scenario where Taeyeon and her girlfriend go get matching tattoos?

Character: Kim Taeyeon
Word Count: 1458

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“Are you sure?”

You look up at her, as she leans over you. You’re sat at the table, with Taeyeon standing behind you, her arms around your shoulders. It’s a warm feeling, to have her around you like that. Not just physically warm, from her body heat, but warm from the inside out.

Taeyeon kisses the top of your head.

Although the matching tattoos idea was hers, she was perfectly okay with not going through with it. There was nothing she hated more than the thought of forcing you into something.

“Are you sure?” she repeats.

“I’m sure,” you reply.

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Taes appreciation post

Taeyeon (Girl’s generations):WOW

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Taeyang (Bigbang): RUDE

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Taeil (block b): cutie

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Taemin (SHINee): omg

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Taeyong (NCT): yas bitches im fab

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Taeyang (SF9): Literally the SUN..jk…RUDE II

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Taeil(NCT): taeyomie

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Taecyeon (2pm): same tbh

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T(A)EN (NCT): I mean… my precious child..sorry

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ok i’m done 

SNSD Reaction to their girlfriend doing a sexy dance in front of them

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Taeyeon would be super appreciative of the work you spent learning and preparing this dance for her. However, Taeyeon won’t be super turned on by your sexy dance instead of returning the favor she’ll shower you in compliments and may tease you by asking if you can do the dance again.

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Jessica would be infatuated with the movement and mood of your expressions while dancing for her. Sica would never allow her eyes to leave you and after the dance is over Jessica will draw your hips close to her so she can privately praise you.

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Sunny would observe everything about you almost like she’s savoring the moment. Sunny would constantly have “adult” thoughts running through her head as your preforming in front of her. Your sexy dance may lead to some activities later. 

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Tiffany would be so turned-on by your teasing that she’ll literally feel as though she’s going insane since she doesn’t want to interrupt your dancing. Once your done dancing expect Tiffany to grab you from behind and let you know what your sexy dance did to her.

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Hyoyeon would get flustered by the sexiness of your dance but will ultimately respond with “Since you preformed your surprise for me, let me return the favor.” This blonde beauty will work you up like you did to her and sexy time later will release the frustration from both of the sexy dances for each other.

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Yuri is cunning during your sexy performance meaning that she’s making provocative comments constantly; during and after your dance. Yuri is extremely verbal with how she feels toward you and your showcase.

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Sooyoung will have her eyes on you the entire time you dance, her gaze is so unwavering and intense that at times its hard to focus on anything but Sooyoung. She is a person that enjoys teasing her partner so she’ll be making some sneaky comments about your body all night.

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Yoona, like Jessica, will be memorized by your beauty and movement as you dance for her. Yoona won’t be as open will her feelings as the other members but her actions will speak for themselves. She won’ t be able to keep her hands to herself for long after your little performance.

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Seohyun will be aroused by the how well you convey the dance that’s just for her to see. This woman will wonder why you never preformed like this before and may request to see more for the trill of it. Seohyun will be grateful that she has such a creative girlfriend and will definitely murmur a small thank you.


Can we just appreciate how Taeyeon keeps reading the Sone’s letter till the end although she’s not fully fluent in English and Japanese? She even asked if she pronounced her name right. Now, that’s rare.


cr: Taengparadise

I just discover a byuntaeyeon moment that i never saw in the “ famous buyntaeyeon moment” so here i share ;) It’s when i was watching their performance at Coway concert during OH! performance.  

Look how taeyeon stares/appreciate Tiffany’back and at least….Tiffany’butt. You can see her stare going down ;)