Exo’s reaction to finding out your brother is a member of BTS/Bigbang

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Baekhyun: “MY son is your BROTHER?”

Chanyeol: “Your brother is Taeyang? THE Taeyang? With like the muscles and stuff? I am so dead”

Chen: “Your brother can’t be G-dragon Jagi, don’t lie to me”

Kai: “Aww Jagi Jungkook is even cuter in real life!” 

Kris: “But.. But how is that possible? Your little brother is Jimin?! You have like the same parents and stuff? That’s crazy and I’m so dead”

Kyungsoo: *Seungri decides to joke with him and poor Soo gets very intimidated* 

Lay: “T.O.P is your brother? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Luhan: “O hey Suga… Well this is awkward

Sehun: “Your brother is Daesung?!” *gets excited*

Suho: “Hoseok I promise that I’ll be good for your sister”

Tao: “Your brother is Rap monster? Omo he’s such a good rappe-” *chokes because he is so excited*

Xiumin: *gif*



150801 Taeyang Backstage at MADE Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia

“With the super stylish@__youngbae__ and the man who makes it all happen @soonhoc 💙💙 Thank you for an incredible experience! 🙏✨”

“Thank you for the good times and the towel! Hahaha! We had fun last night! See you soon!😉🇰🇷💥@__youngbae__ #madetourina#dramadena #denarachman #taeyang#bigbang

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Made In Indonesia - Sexy Seungri and his moaning hyungs at the back

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Could you please talk a little about YB and the GDYB relationship? I Luv your blog :))

Thank you!

What to say about Bae? He’s literally full of warmth.

  • Even though Bae spent six years training under YG, his voice and body language improved tremendously ever since BigBang’s debut.
  • No matter how good he gets, Bae’s still a very hardworking person.
  • For being a quiet character, Bae’s often misunderstood as arrogant, hard to approach and boring. But those who know him are well aware of his affectionate nice personality.
  • Since Bae finds it hard to express himself with words, he often results to body language. That’s why his dances and moves on stage are so captivating.
  • Bae’s not talkative but by being there, he gives you a lot of feelings and warmth.
  • Bae might be the calm type but he can switch to the playful side when with BigBang. He said it himself that he finds it so fun just being with them. He also unleashes his teasing/bullying ability while with Seungri.
  • Bae’s very religious and scandal free. His image is top-notch gold.
  • Bae’s like the stone that keeps BigBang together.

GDYB on the other hand are friendship goals. They’re the best of besties.

  • They’ve been best friends ever since they were trainees. We’re talking about almost 16 years here. That’s no joke.
  • You can sense how cool and comfortable they are with each other. They don’t even have to anything to prove their deep bond.
  • Sometimes (only sometimes), they can be disconnected from the rest of the groub because they’re in their own World.
  • GDYB complete each other. Bae used to console the other members when Jiyong was being too harsh. He would also help him in his leadership and remind him of their goals.
  • Being traineese for so long, there were times where they wanted to give up but because of supporting and encouraging each other, they followed their dreams.
  • Bae once said that him and GD are a match made in heaven.
  • GD once said that if he were to have a friend by his deathbead, he would want it to be Youngbae. 

150802 Raline Shah’s Instagram Update of Taeyang 

MADE TOUR Experience!

MADE in Jakarta 1/08

First off, post show: my butt hurts, my shoulders hurt, my thighs hurt, my neck hurts. Last night was wild and the energy was burning. Maybe to give you a clue just how TURNT the show was, that it even get YB and GD to say it was the best and hottest show ever, this video was taken PRE CONCERT, half an hour to the show. 

The stage setting is different than other countries. There’s no moving stage and the mosh pit is HUGE. I was about 5-10 meters from the stage? 90% is moshpit and only 10% are seated. Maybe that’s why the energy is so big!

I went to BIGBANG’s show without any expectations- I didn’t expect any fanservice from any members, I only expected that they will be bringing in an energetic show. The things they do best. And they gave that. They were GREAT. In terms of intimacy and connection, BB’s show felt so professional and very different from my previous experience of watching TAEYANG’s solo concert. Watching YB’s concert felt like meeting a friend, but with BIGBANG, it was different. If it weren’t for the MC sessions, the show would’ve felt a bit detached. This is where Seungri is so precious. He really puts in effort in making us feel involved. 

I didn’t really pay attention to the first 3 songs- BBB, Tonight, and Stupid Liar. It didn’t felt real. It didn’t get to me that BIGBANG was right there!  When they came out there were A LOT of pushing that even when BB complimented that we had A LOT of energy (even Ji said he was really impressed) they had to ask us to step back a little before they continue for everyone’s safety. I think it was only during Blue that I started to really enjoy the show.

And on to my impression on each members…

Jiyong! or should I say G-Dragon? He was GD 90% of the time. Idk if it’s just me or other people felt it too but now that I’ve seen him in the flesh.. he’s a bit weird. Not in a bad way ofc! Others show their emotions as they are but Jiyong seem like he’s holding back.. but then his smile breaks out when he looks at something funny.. he shakes his head and smiles a little when his members did something stupid again and that’s when I thought, ah, now there’s Kwon Jiyong! and moments like that are really precious and I remember them bc it doesn’t happen often during the concert (also he was ‘sweet talker’ Jiyong tonight and he was so cheesy that he got embarrassed w/ himself and even BB members laughed at him lmao) During the concert, Jiyong is a professional. He is G-Dragon. He did this thing where he took off his earpiece during Crooked and urged us to scream like crazy. He did this also during OOAK Finale in Seoul, and that’s when I know that there’s something special about tonight’s show.

SEUNGRI! I love this man. Hearing about him in fanaccounts just doesn’t cut it for him! He is adorable and super funny and very nice. Also, it wasn’t until I saw his Strong Baby stage that I felt just how charismatic he is. He owned the stage. His confidence is overflowing. You were great, Lee Seunghyun! <3

Daesung! Daeri owned the MC sessions during the con. Him and Seungri just don’t know when to stop! Seungri even mentioned about Dae’s big nose. Dae’s solo stage is one of the stage I’m most looking forward to and he doesn’t disappoint me.. I think his solo stage affected me the most out of everyone. I didn’t know whether it was sweat getting to my eyes but I think I cried a little during Wings? It was just him and his vocals alone. It was a great feeling.

TOP. Prior to the concert I prepared my mind for Doom Dada bc I know it’s gonna blow up and it did blow up. I went mad. I think I lost my mind for a while? During that ‘mass media’ part, everything just exploded. BOOM. TOP doesn’t move and say a lot but I can feel his love :)

Taeyang. We meet again. Like during the RISE con, I felt a sense of familiarity with him but it’s different during MADE tour. You could just see how much YB loves doing this in the way he dances, in every note he hit. A thing that really touched me is that during the encore he said that he didn’t wanna go back to Korea too. Usually it’s just Ri but today YB… <3

In the end, it was great. I felt connected to BB, especially during BBB encore- the song they squeezed in before leaving bc they had a flight to catch. (I quote YB: “Because of the damn flights!”) Everyone went nuts. BIGBANG and VIPs were one during those 3 minutes. None wanted to leave.. we were just having the greatest fun. Everyone was either dancing or jumping. Even when recording, people are jumping. It was a really fun show full of energy and I never want to forget the energy I felt. Thanks for the show, BIGBANG!

A few fancams that show how turnt BB’s show was!

BBB Encore, Fantastic Baby, Seungri showing us his sexy, Seungri dancing Single Ladies, Headbanging Jiyong during BBB Encore, Seungri teasing Jiyong and YB,TOP,Dae laughing their ass off bc of Jiyong’s ‘…today i fall in love’ , Seungri saying I love you to GD in Indonesian and GD said shut up, TOP’s “Jakarrrta Mozzarrrela Margarrrita”