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TaeTy (Taehyung x Catty)

fucking damn it

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses

Tae would tbh because if it was me I’d just stare at his sleeping face or I’d be up before him and then fall back asleep and wake up again when he does.

  • who cooks for who

we order take out.

  • who is the morning person/night person

we’re both night people

  • who is the romantic one

neither of us, but I’d be the one that says the cheesy lines and tae would giggle at it and the mood is totally ruined.

  • who is the top when it comes to sex

me. but technically his dick would be in me so I guess he tops.

  • who would lead in ballroom dancing

still me.

  • who is the more cuddly one

Taehyung but I like it so it’s okay. (he’d pull a carly and use my boobs as a pillow)

  • who is the one who would pay for dates

we’d do those fights where we demand the other to pay but in the end we split it

  • who is the one who would initiate a quickie during classes

tae mostly cuz he knows I’m kinky like that tho