hello!! it’s megan aka mygjhs aka cinnamonsuga. i promised to do a mutual appreciation post when i hit 4k but i’m almost at 5k now and….wow. i honestly cannot believe so many people follow me. thank you from the bottom of my heart! even if i’m not following you, i appreciate you being here with me and screaming about our boys together. 

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2017 has been one hell of a year and I can’t believe there’s now 10k+ of you guys following me i’m still ??? Thank you guys so so so much ;-; I’ve met so many wonderful people in the past year and I have a lot of love for all of you! This follow forever is to show my appreciation for all of my favorite blogs. I wish you all lots of love and happiness because you all deserve it! 

bolded: mutuals 

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anonymous asked:

Could you recommend me some of those HD fan sites YouTube accounts that take those amazing focus videos? Account for each member and accounts that focus on bts all together if you know any.

for the hd fansites on youtube,, theres no specific account that i watch tbh if i wanted to watch a specific member i just search “*member name* focus @ *whatever event*” 

jin blogs: @jinsjade @jinsasleep @gamjin @taejincember @winterprincejin @seokjinteamo @seokjinandtonic @runrnv 

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hoseok blogs: i jus did a hoseok blog rec a week a go or smt here

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hey!! it’s time for mar’s 2017 mutual appreciation post!! 💝🌸👏💕🌟

first of all, every single one of u has made this year a lil brighter for me so i just truly wanna thank u for that!! 🌈💓💘💐

i kno i’m shy and awkward and i don’t usually interact with most of u but trust me……… i’m dying to!! so whenever u feel like dropping me a message to talk about literally anything, just know u’ll make my heart happy!! 

i love all of u and i hope 2018 will be an amazing year for all of us, filled w/ lots of love and happiness and learning and growing and healing!! 💐💐

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im love u!! 💖💝💖💝

hi everyone! excuse the header, but im here for another (i literally lost count of how many i`ve done) follow forever!

i`m really thankful for everyone who has been following me - and mainly for all my mutuals. i`m extremely grateful for everyone who puts up with everything i post and all the useless and random rants i go on. i hope you all have a wonderful 2018 and that we all have better times and more positive influences in our lives. i know life isn`t easy for many of us but hey! things will get better. this year was filled with ups and downs, but i`m glad we all made it! :-)

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in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to do a follow forever/mutual appreciation post to show my love and appreciation for all my mutuals. I’ve honestly never done one of these before because i’m super shy and have trouble expressing my feelings. I just want to let you all know that you make me very happy, and I just wanted to return some of the love that y’all give me everyday. I hope 2018 is a year filled with joy for everyone! c:

so, with that being said~

✨  -  ilysm
💛  -  you’re one of my fave blogs  
💌  -  you’re extra special to me


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hello friends!! i’m back after my on and off semi-hiatus, and here to spread some love and appreciation for my wonderful mutuals with my first ever mutual appreciation post 😊

to all of you: thank you for putting up with my shenanigans and following me back. i love you all, even if we have never talked! some of you have been here since i was @mysoftae, and i wanna say thank you for sticking around despite my transition into a more jin-centered space. you all have high quality blogs, but are even higher quality people and ily all ❤️ 

🌈: you are a gem, thank you for being you

✨: you have brightened my days/you’re a fave

💌: you have a special message under the cut

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sorry my header doesn’t look the greatest LOL fdjskl

but hi guys!! 2017′s been such a great year for me and i got back on tumblr after like a year or so hiatus?? and became a kpop blog and i’m so glad i got to be mutuals with all you wonderful people!! stanning bts (and other kpop groups too) is already so great but you guys make the experience so much better and fun for me so thank you for all being lovely people i love you guys!!!! 

i hope you all had a good year as well and that 2018 is even better!!! 

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bonjour 🌝💖 its me tammy aaaaaand this is my first mutual (mini) appreciation post!! i remade (again mqslkfj im so sorry) a month ago nd reached a mini goal so here i am… thanking all you sweet lovely cuties for tolerating me!! ♡

pls know that u can always msg me nd also….. @ me in kitties nd hobi 🤧 ………….. and guk nd yoongi, it’s boring here when there’s no interaction rip okay lets get started :’))

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[FANACCS] 151103 TaeNy at Onstyle Live Daily Taeng9Cam Guerilla Concert
  • Today, Taeyeon used “Hwang Miyoung” a lot kekeke. Taeyeon was talking but Fany didn’t understand it so she said, “Our American friend Hwang Miyoung doesn’t seem to understand what I said” kekeke. I don’t remember exactly but I think the name “Hwang Miyoung” came out of Taeyeon’s lips about 3 times kekeke 
  •  Tiffany today was deadly She kept acting pretty/cute in front of Taeyeon and it was so cute kekeke. Taeyeon who saw it kept smiling and they were both so adorableㅠㅠ Fany kept laughing like eu-heu-heu while Taeyeon kept grinning, the two were just so heartwarming to see. <3
  • Fany kept saying that if she had a “Daily Fany Cam” program, Taeyeon would be a permanent guest on it.
  • Tiffany said she guessed which Kaonashi was Taeyeon based on the smell of her perfume.

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