BTS REACTION: You Being Pregnant  -Zayli and Chei

RAP MONSTER: “That’s great!” *Loading, Loading…Ding!* “Wait what?”

SUGA: *You were so excited to tell him that it just rushed out of your mouth without realizing that he was asleep the whole time and heard nothing…*

Sleepy sugar

JIN: “From this beautiful moment on I will capture every moment on video so that we can cherish it forever! Now can you say that line one more time?”

J HOPE: “FINAAAALLLYYYY!!” *excited af*

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JIMIN: Damn I did good! “Look out world, mini Park Jimin on the way!”

V: “We’re having a baby? Omg! I’m going to teach them everything, and we can play together, and go on walks and adventures to the park, everything! YAY~!”

Can’t handle his cuteness! <3

JUNGKOOK: “Wait really?” *Too happy to express himself in words*

something you heard your friend say
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“So,” Yoongi isn’t having any of this dilly-dallying bullshit.

Jimin scuffs his feet against the ground, cheeks red like apples or apologies.

“TaeTae told me that Joonie-hyeong told him that—”

Yoongi’s forehead scrunches and his stomach curls in on itself, “­How many people did this go through, geez.”

“Everyone…?” Jimin finds Yoongi’s shoes heart-thuddingly fascinating.

“So,” Yoongi repeats, sighing, “what… do you… well—” it’s Yoongi’s turn to be too red, and he’s always blushed the best in Jimin’s opinion.

Jimin looks up and smiles like the first drop of sunset, “I think, that I love you too.”

Pick a member - BTS

Rules: Pick ONE of the members listed for each question and explain why! Be honest and don’t just pick your favorite for every answer. Do not choose a member who is not listed and try to answer every question.

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1. Amusement park date with? Jin/Taehyung/Jimin

Taetae because I just think he’ll be so overexcited and happy to be there (just like me) so I wouldn’t feel awkward squealing at random moments.

2. Spend a lazy afternoon with? Jin/Jungkook/Yoongi

I think Kookie just bc that I think he’s sorta fun even on lazy days like lying on the couch and playing video games or flipping through the channels and making stupid commentary and stuff xD

3. Play 1v1 sports with? Jimin/Hoseok/Taehyung

Chimchim bc idk man is it wrong to wanna see that boy werk it. :3 #sorrynotsorry

4. Make out session with? Yoongi/Jungkook/Jimin

Chimchim bc theres no reason I’d just do it no questions asked anyday anytime.

5. Cheek kisses? Jin/Hoseok/Jimin

Hobi for sure bc lets be honest i think he’d be a total cutie with the cheek kisses *blushes*

6. Do a youtube boyfriend does your makeup tag with? Hoseok/Taehyung/Namjoon

Umm Taetae bc like I think he’d be really adorable tryna figure shit out mumbling to himself and complaining when he get things wrong and dropping cheesy pickup lines to cover up for his bad job like you look beautiful without it anyway asdfghjkl i cant >.<

7. Introduce to your parents? Jimin/Jungkook/Taehyung

Kookie? I think my parents would like the younger type (though still 1 year older than me) whos talented and well mannered like? idek

8. Go to a haunted house with? Yoongi/Namjoon/Hoseok

Joonie bc I think he’d just be really protective and say comforting things while I screamed my lungs out =P

9. Drunk nights with? Jin/Hoseok/Jimin 

Jin bc I think I’d feel the safest with him even if we were both smashed.

10. Who would you want to see do aegyo for a whole day as a punishment? Namjoon/Yoongi/Jungkook

Yoongi bc i hardly ever get to see his adorable (and stupid) aegyo and it would be fun to see him embarassed all day :3

11. Who would help you pick out outfits? Taehyung/Namjoon/Yoongi

Taetae just bc I think his fashion sense is the most BOMB (honestly like even tho he rips his clothes i mean)

12. School Dance date? Jin/Namjoon/Hoseok

Somehow the idea of slow-dancing with Joonie makes me feel a certain sorta way (tho honestly I’m not even sure if I’d like reach his neck) xD

14. Sing a duet with? Taehyung/Jimin/Jungkook

Taetae bc his voice is deeper than the Mariana Trench and I could possibly hear that sound all day. But realistically, I think Chimchim’s voice harmonizes best with mine.

15. Would make you breakfast Yoongi/Jin/Jungkook

Jin lets be honest, more than who would rather make me breakfast, he’s the only one capable of serving me anything other than ramyun tbh.

16. Go on a late night adventure with? Jungkook/Taehyung/Namjoon

Kookie? idk he seems like he’ll be fun at doing things he’s not supposed to do/break the rules a little ya feel?

17. First time? Taehyung/Jimin/Yoongi

Umm Taetae bc I feel like I’d feel the safest with him honestly bc idk but the others look like they are *ahem* rougher and also more experienced?

18. Whose clothes you’d steal and wear? Jin/Taehyung/Hoseok

Taetae bc like I said, fashion sense game on point <3

19. Late night deep conversations? Namjoon/Yoongi/Jungkook

Yoongi for sure bc like he’s basically the male version of me and I feel like I’d have a lot to discuss with him and we’d share a lotta similar opinions idk

20. Who’d you have a play water fight with? Jimin/Hoseok/Taehyung

Hobi would be so much fun to play ANYTHING with ya know? cute lil ray of sunshine o:)

21. Who would you say you’re most compatible with? (Choose any of the 7 members but remember, favoritism and compatibility are two different things).

Umm putting my entire bias line (95s and Hobi) aside, compatibilty wise, I think Yoongi and I share the most common qualities and we’d be like best friends almost instantly no joke we’re so similar. But boyfriend wise, Chimchim is my type (even tho Tae is my bias and its fucking breaking my heart to say this but) like I’m the sorta girl that even tho I’m a bit passive when it comes to relationships, I fall hardest for guys who try really hard and constantly compliment you and adore you (who doesn’t?) so.

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Alright Tae 


2013 vs 2015: Taehyung, just eat the other end already!!!!