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Sooo I am practising a lot now, and since I’m doing so I want to share my progress with you guys ;w; still gotta practise more, but I think I’m happy with current results <3

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The Odd Couple | Married Life AU! | Taehyung Drabbles


Member: Kim Taehyung

Genre: Fluff | Crack | 5AM Nonsenses |

N/A: โ€œDrabblesโ€, note the quotation marks because itโ€™s probably gonna be longer than that. This idea was born thanks to an extremelly fun chat with @btssugafairy and i also promised @taetaes-monica95 i would do something cute :)

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โ€˜Tonight we have gathered in this holy place to seal the union between this man and this woman with the sacred bond of marriage.โ€™

โ€˜I cannot take this seriously.โ€™ I giggled a stupidly as someone can giggle in such an occasion. Taehyung, who was by my side, nudged me. He was smiling brightly, staring bedazzled at the image developing before our tired eyes, still holding his suitcase tightly.

After the longest flight ever planned by evil airlines, the last thing I expected to find in my brand, new apartment was this.

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BTS reaction when their girlfriend passed out.

Rap Monster: *Rap Monster will not say things like: I told you or fight you, he’ll just wait you come home to take care of you*

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Jin: *you started feel bad for passed out* “No, no, jagi, come here so I can take care of you”.

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Suga: “Baby… Tell me Who told you wear it so I can scream with someone…” 

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J-Hope: *after you pass out a friend call him*

Y/N: Hobi… are you crying?

J-Hope: Of course I am!

Y/N: I’m fine now, please don’t cry…

J-Hope: Never do that to me again and neither with you!

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Jimin: “No, I don’t care if you have a presentation on a week, the only thing you will do now is lie down and rest!” *upset and worried Jiminnie*

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Taehyung: *same as RM, TaeTae will not fight you because he knows you love what you do and happen this kind of thing is part, he will just tell you to be more careful because you are too precious to him*

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Jungkook: “Look, Y/N, I know this is your job, I understand better than anyone, really, but you have to know that your health is more important than your work and please, can you just ask to change this thing that you have to wear? If you want I can talk to someone and-”

Y/N: ok I got it, daddy!

Jungkook: Yeah, I’m trying to be serious here!

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