NO WAY TO GO (korean title: two men) starring minho and ma dong seok was submitted to premiere at the 2016 marché du film cannes in may. the movie’s international rights were bought by south korea’s sales company ‘m-line distribution’ that “aims to bring latest titles to each new major market and introduce fine products to worldwide audiences.”

director: lee seong tae
starring: choi minho (shinee), ma dong seok
genre: action noir
release: to be determined 

synopsis: four teenagers running away from home are lost in the middle of nowhere.
jin il (minho), gayoung, bonggil and minkyung are teenage runaways who live together as a family. jin il is the leader of the group, earning money by selling stolen goods. as it gets harder to make a living for four of them, they plan even more dangerous crimes to survive the cruel society where they have no protection from the adults. one day, the kids steal a car from hyung seok a karaoke owner who illegally uses underage girls as prostitutes. outrageous, hyung seok tracks them down with his men and forces gayoung to work at his karaoke bar until they pay back for his car. even worse, the two friends give up making money and now jin il struggles alone to save gayoung.

source: the hollywood reporter, m-line distribution


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