Buyngsoo’s One-Year Anniversary Follow Forever!

It has been a year since i first log-in on tumblr on the 25th march so I decided to make my first follow forever! I would like to thank all these persons who have made my days brighter reblogging stuff which make me cry, laugh, fangirling so hard… My dashboard would be so boring without you it scares. Thanks for being there *w*

In one year I have learned gifing and editing,made some wonderful friends and changed my theme like 11224times lmao… I also reached a certain number of followers and i would like to thank them for supporting my shit everyday ;;

Anyway, i don’t want to take your time anymore but i wanna say: I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!

bold: favorite of favorites ; italic: mutual ; + hover message for everyone!

teentop blogs:

100710-tt | byeonji | byunghuned | byunghunny | byungyifan | changrick | changjyo | chanhie | chunhuns | its-me-ljoe | kamlgirl | lhoe | lickjoe | lulubyte | teentoping

infinite blogs:

acciomyungsoo | callmechodingboy | chandoo | daegyuism | eteru | ho-tongue | g-y-u | loserqyu | yadoong | pitdae

bangtan blogs:

kamiira | jung-koook | jungkookie-monster | taeshits | taehyung-s | vubbletea

special one for my real friend (multifandom btw) :


well, i have maybe forgot some wonderful people and if it is you, i am really sorry. have a good day everyone, hope your bias will marry you. THANK YOU