My 20th birthday, spent in Tampa, Florida. Circa 2011.
Probably one of the craziest birthday I ever experienced. Cheap liquor. Expensive liquor. Stripper poles. Blacking out. University of South Florida. Money. Doing donuts. Whatever you could imagine, happened. Trust. We had so much fun, just me and my best friends. Best way to bring in a birthday are with ppl you love.

This Album… brought me through my FIRST heartbreak. lol I remember it like it was yesterday. Spring Break of My SeniorYear in HS (2009). Listened to a playlist composed of Adele, Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. All Great Britain soulful singers. 

Frank, this album specifically, made me smile & cry & just experience what “overcoming a break-up” is all about. Didn’t eat. Restless nights. Phone on silent. Crying endlessly. 

I look back and appreciate EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of that break-up because it was my first real relationship. I thought I was going to marry the kid. *shows you my mindset at the age of 17 years old. typical* So the ending of something so pure and genuine was such a new experience for me. For anybody of that matter. Its one of those things that you DONT want to end, but it NEEDS to end. You Know?

From that point on, it made me realize: that nothing lasts forever, increased my self-worth, and some things, people, places are made to play part in your life - seasonally. And THATS OKAY. As long as you can grow from that experience or take something valuable from that experience then your job is done. No need to cry over something, some place or someone.

P.S. My ex boyfriend from high school - we kept in contact. We are still close as friends!

Rest In Peace Bobbi Kristina

Its a special type of relationship between a daughter and mother. Its deeper than a father’s - simply because biologically a father can not understand where a daughter is coming from.

With that being said, Im a low-key Whitney Houston fan. When Whitney passed away I literally was heartbroken simply over the fact that Bobbi Kristina lost her mother - at the pinnacle of a when a young woman needs her mother the most. (20s). Thats the age when you see your mother as not only a parent but as a friend who actually went thru the same emotions and experiences you are going through. A confidant.  I literally prayed a few times for BobbiKristina to remain strong. So tonight, as I reflect on Bobbi Kristina’s life - I encourage all young women to reach out to take time out and appreciate your mothers. If she is alive, hug her and let her know how much you love her.

Current Situation.

Funny how north jersey is totally different from south jersey. Im sittin at Trenton Transit Center, but feelin like Im in Peru. Whole new world outchea.

Listening to Nigerian music while waiting for the train.