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chubbyseob’s questions

1. Crunchy or Squishy?


2. Prefer yourself with long hair or short hair?

long (just past shoulder)

3. Last horror film you watched?

i can’t remember i don’t want to remember

4. Favorite Beast member? :D

5. Favorite breakfast food?

milk or milk tea if im not lazy though bubble tea is most preferred (like i can ever get it though in the morning i live in the wild wild north)

6. If you were in a kpop group, what would be your position?

hmm dance sounds cool (if im not lazy). maybe maknae okay i’ll be the maknae that bully the rest of the group

7. What’s your least favorite color?

orange ಠ_ಠ

8. Did you catch the flu like I did this winter? D:

This is the first year i haven’t (Y) it is also the first year i was brave enough to get the flu shot

9. Sungjong is…?


10. Favorite song to jam out/dance to?

IABN, oneshot, BTD, I got a boy OTL, MAMA =w=, 

11. At the club you would order a…?

coke because #thuglife lol im 14 OTL

yodeobipali’s questions:

1. Girl groups or guy groups?


2.favorite variety show?

beatles code huhuhu and weekly idol bcuz ilhoon 


is my url not enough

4. Favorite Beast member? :D


5.Current favorite song?

B2st-black paradise, Woohyun/Lucia-Cactus, Brian - Let this die, 2AM - One spring day, Sistar19 Gone, Suju M-Break down and EXO’s WOLF NAEGA WOLF AWOOOOOOO (the leaked ver)

6. if you could choose to play one instrument, what would you play?

i play piano and alto saxophone but I’ve always wanted to learn guitar

7. tattoos or no tattoos?

why not (not extreme whole arm tattoos but small ones are fine. i like junhyungs a lot)

8. books or movies? D:

mattie you are evil im not answering this

9.Favorite Kdrama?

 theres a lot of kdramas im ashamed to say that I haven’t seen yet but out of the ones I have, I currently like Reply1997

10. song that makes you feel bad ass?

MAXSTEP omg i used to hate it but….. @.@ and anything blockb like nalina or nillili mambo or zico’s mixtapes♥

11. favorite choreography?

i like ft island’s choreo because its the only one i can do. the chaser still doesn't fail to amaze me. i’ve always wanted to learn maxstep, and sherlock (too hard OTL). and fiction penguin dance is forever a classic (Y)


babywoon’s questions:

1. All time fave kpop song?

2. Best colour(s) for hair?

3. Favourite bubble tea flavour?

4. piercings? yes/no? what type?

5. Band/type of music you were into before falling into the endless pit we call kpop?

6. Cat or dog?

7. Would you rather become an actor or singer or dancer?

8. Major turn offs/ turn ons?

9. What’s your zodiac sign?

10. Last song you listened to?

11. Last text post if tumblr were to shut down?