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Baekyeon moments at Seoul Music Awards 2015. This moment is really important and sad for me..,because I love how Baekyeon eyes always looking for Taeyeon, but..I feel so frustrated when he had to control his expression when tts won. It hurts to see that he can’t even show a little smile when the girl he loves is talking after reveiving an award. He can’t even congratulate her. It’s a shame for the “fans” who don’t let him do it.
Thanks Baekhyun for always follow your heart and looking at her.., in the pictures you can see how Baekhyun sit at the end of the table like Taeyeon.

I love them and it makes me so happy that both of them are in love and can at least laugh freely with each other when they’re alone. It just breaks my heart that they can’t express their feelings or sometimes even look at each other when they’re at awards shows like these because of stupid immature fans. He can’t hug her and tell her she’s pretty, he can’t joke around and make her laugh, he can’t be concerned, he can’t help her if she’s hurt. I mean they look more like strangers than a couple, It’s just really really sad.
When will fans realize that the best thing they can do for their idols is to support them?

I would like that you watch this video, is my favorite video of Baekyeon at SMA 2015, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1XhwVGWokk ,
Looking at how baekhyun react when xiumin told about taeyeon accident. That really breaks my heart. He really look worried.
The video is really cute, “Some - soyou and Junggigo” I feel that song describe “Baekyeon” really good.

The next picture is the Number 1, What moment is so important and perfect for me to be in the number 1?..jajaja, Thank you so much for your notes♡♡, sorry for my english! Hope you can understand me♡.



This Awwwwww TAENY MOMENT 😭😭😭😭😭 I just love their relationship 👭💜 soooo cute….she’s still a dork even though she about to cry…..awww the Kid Leader and Patini Unnie 💜💜💜
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