These 29 blogs really made my first year on tumblr amazing. I’m glad that I was able to find these blogs and follow them. Without them, honestly, my tumblr experience would of been dull. Behind the urls are really great people. Sadly, I haven’t really talk to most of them. But just seeing them on my dashboard brings a smile to face. And to those I’m close to, let’s continue talking and make a stronger bond with each other. Overall, thank you. Either it be your graphics and edits I admire so much, or your text posts which make me laugh uncontrollably. But yeah anyways, thank you.

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okay so megan and i staying up from gayo tonight and shinee is prefroming right? Like as a band type preformance

we concluded that 

  • taemin will be on the keyboard
  • jonghyun on the guitar/bass
  • minho on the drums
  • onew on the triangle
  • key as the back up strip dancer

i srsly can’t rn