Tutorial: How to make an edit (1)

Tutorial requested by: taeminologist. I’m sorry for making the tutorial so late!

This tutorial will describe how to make an edit similar to this style:

(The edit is mine btw.)

Step 1: Find the picture you want to edit it, and upload it. Preferably super HQ for easier editing. I used this giant picture of Key so I can make this tutorial ASAP.

Step 2: Use the selection tool to select all of the person/object that you want to be in your edit from the original picture. (i.e. I want Key in the edit, so I’m going to select Key.) Zoom in super close for extra accurate selection. Which is why it’d be better to have an HQ picture, so when you zoom in, it won’t be all pixelated.

If you have more than one picture you want in the edit, repeat Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 3: Open up a new canvas to begin your actual edit. (This is 500px x 500 px.)

Step 4: Copy and paste your selection(s) onto the new canvas and put them where ever you want. If you have more than one selection, you can change the layers to change which picture is in front/back.

Step 5: Open your textures, it can be any type of texture. Textures are just things used to make edits, like things out of the ordinary. A lot of editors use clocks, circles, paint brush textures, etc. I just googled “photoshop textures” and saved a random one, so yeah. Lol. Copy and paste these onto the canvas of your actual edit.

Step 6: Change the layers/orders of the pictures and textures as you wish. You can change the type of the layers (for example, overlay, soft light, etc.).

Step 7: Make extra edits like changing the curves, adding other layers for color enhancement, lighting effects, all that good stuff. I changed the curves to make Key lighter, and added a white layer to make it brighter, and added a text “LOVE,” and yeah. This is a pretty shit edit for the tutorial, but you should get the point.

Step 8: Save your final edit and post it. Lol.

K, so the example isn’t that great, and doesn’t go into detail, but you can get the general idea. If you have questions or want more advice on how to make this type of edit, feel free to ask and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. Hope this helps, and yeah.