taemin's eyes


I had a few sketches of them lying around :))) Sorry, these two are almost always hanging out together HAHA //rolls

Small headcanon from my old IG post:
Taemin and Jae Keun always pairs up for their college projects ✨ Except, Taemin actually helps with the project despite being busy with his modelling job && he even refuses to let Jae Keun do all the work ((Jae Keun insists though ✨ Too pure omg but Taemin will never let him work alone)) Guess Taemin inherited empathy from MC :))))

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Taemin…you little shit… 😂

reasons why odd eye is the best shinee song

- saucy song
- solid line distribution
- the jonghyun/jinki/minho part
- eyepatch
- jinki lookin like he bout to take me on a date
- lyrics/music by jonghyun how he do that
- taemin in prison jumpsuit and I’m into it ?!?!
- taemin in general ?!!!
- the come hither choreo
- minho shines
- shirt lift !
- outfits are incredible thanks @key
- shinee kings of vocals
- jonghyun king of headbands
- key eyepatch
- “so I found you”
- eyepatch


Shinee - Odd Eye [8 Bit Cover]