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Taemin…you little shit… 😂

Baby’s First Feeding

Title: Baby’s First Feeding

Pairing: ontae (platonic)

Rating: Pg-13

Warnings: Vampires, blood, cursing, Taemin being an idiot

Summary: Taemin should really learn how to feed without a bendy straw

Notes: I really liked the idea of Taemin sucking at being a vampire so I wrote more uwu

Sequel to Baby Leech

Sometimes, Onew gets really really mad at Taemin. It’s mostly over dumb stuff like Taemin dripping blood everywhere or leaving his teething block on the kitchen counter or hanging upside down over his bed when he’s trying to sleep because it “looks cooler”.

But other times, it’s over something really big.

Taemin!” Onew shrieks, taking the steps three at a time as he rushes down the stairs in an attempt to pull Taemin from the front door as he’s about to step out into the sunlight. “Stop! Don’t fucking go out there!”

Taemin ignores him, eyes trained on the neighbor kid who’s sitting on the sidewalk in front of their house with a scraped knee. The blood dripping from the cut isn’t very plentiful, but after a week with nothing to eat because Onew hadn’t had the chance to contact their supplier, the tiny little cut on the eight year old’s leg looked like an all you can eat buffet.

Taemin’s fangs are poking past his lips and there’s venomous drool sliding down his chin. He can tell from his massively improved vision that his eyes had slid into catlike slits. Normally, he would stop to wonder in amazement as he was suddenly able to see the sweat dripping down the kid’s neck, but instead he can only focus on how ready his body is to pounce.

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Giggly OnTae for Ceci

Made with Vine

: Taemin the type of guy who would make Minho go get food and then eat something Key already made cause he was gone so long.

Yay! I did another one! It’s not exactly the same, but it’s similar!!

“But Minho!” Taemin was rolling around on the ground, clutching at his stomach, “I’m so hungry. If you don’t get me food, I’ll” he made a pained expression and gasped for air, “I’ll die Minho! Do you want that?!”

The rapper stood with his arms crossed, and rolled his eyes before he finally gave in, “Fine, but you’re paying for it this time.” He put on a coat and heavy snow boots, not thrilled about going out in the dead of winter, but it couldn’t be helped.

Taemin simply nodded watching Minho leave through squinty eyes, his face still distorted with supposed pain. As soon as the door clicked shut and Taemin was sure Minho wasn’t coming back, he went to find Kibum who happened to be sitting in his room with head phones on, trying to ignore the moaning that had just occurred outside of his room.

The Maknae pulled at one side of the headset and let go, smacking the Key in the ear.

“Ow! What the fuck was that for?”

Taemin grinned at him, “Hyung?” He said sweetly. Taemin loved using the word Hyung to get what he wanted, and it usually worked if he batt his eyes and put his hands together.

“Yes Taemin?”

“Are you planning on making dinner soon?”

Key checked the time on his phone, “I guess, are you hungry? I was just going to make an omelette..”

Taemin nodded eagerly, and followed Key to the kitchen. He watched and idly played with the ingredients as Key prepared them. Onions were chopped, tomatoes diced, he shredded cheese and whisked eggs. While the process was fascinating, he grew bored and stepped out to put on a show that he knew Key would like.

Key and Taemin were sitting on the couch watching reruns of I Love Lucy when Minho stepped into the dorm covered head to foot in snow. The only way you could tell who the person in the door was, was because of Minho’s eyes that peered above as tightly wrapped scarf. He was holding a bag presumably full of food in one hand, and the other held a pack of beers.

Taemin looked up at Minho and smiled, putting a spoonful of food into his mouth before he grinned, “Hey Minho-hyung!”

Minho didn’t even bother to take off his shoes, he dropped the bag of food and set down the six back before storming over to a giggling Taemin, “You little shit.”

“Minho! What the fuck! You’re covered in snow, and your boots are all dirty, what do you think you’re doing walking through the house?” Key scolded.

Minho ignored Key, and grabbed Taemin by the ear, pulling him up to his level as the younger man complained from pain “Are you serious? you made me go all the way out into that snow storm just to eat whatever Key was making?!”

“Ow, ow ow ow!” Taemin complained, “He was making it any way, I just joined in!”

Key suddenly realised the situation before him, “Are you serious Taem? Did you really just do that?”

Taemin looked at his hyungs with round puppy dog eyes, “I’m sorry, I was just.. So hungry, and, and you were taking too long Minho, and.. um.”

Minho let go of Taemin’s ear, “This is the last time Taemin. The first time I did it out of the goodness of my heart, the second time you didn’t pay me back, and now?” The elder just shook his head. Minho went back to the front door to put his snow gear away, while Key scolded Taemin a little more.

Minho headed towards Jinki’s room with his food in hand, hoping to share it with someone while it was still fresh, but Key quickly stopped him. “Are you looking for Jinki-hyung?”

“Yeah,” Minho called back.

“He left a bit ago.”

“What? Where did he go?”

“Do you really think he told me Minho?”

Minho sighed, “I suppose not.” The rapper went back to the dinner table and sat down. He opened the fried chicken and popped open a beer. Taemin snuck around the corner and peered at the food enviously licking his lips.

“No Taemin,” Minho looked up angrily.



The two glared at each other until they heard the front door open, and Jinki announce his arrival.

“I’m back!” He chimed, setting down a bag and taking off his coat.

Taemin’s ears perked up and he went to greet the leader, “Hey Jinki-hyung! There’s chicken in the kitchen if you want some!”

Jinki grinned and followed Taemin to meet up with Minho. Under the protection of the leader, Taemin was able to get a few chicken legs while constantly shooting daggers in Minho’s direction. “You’re so dead later,” Minho mouthed to Taemin.

Jinki noticed and gave Minho a quizzical glance, “What?”

“Nothing.” Minho went back to eating, and saw Taemin flick him off from the corner of his eye.