taemin tshirt



it was 2am and i thought “damn i want a ka-choi shirt wtf” so i redrew it so i could have one made for myself akjsdhskjfh

but i also remembered a few of you (strongly) expressed their interest about getting one so i uploaded it on society6 idk HHHHHH LOL (i didnt price it btw, those are society6′s own pricing for clothes hahaha idk anything but im just putting the shirt thing out there for now HHAHAHA)

anyway if ur interested in this shitpost-borne shirt i suggest waiting until society6 holds another sale with free shipping but idk when that will be skjdhfskjhg goodnight

EDIT: society6 told me tomorrow (July 23) is 20% OFF and Free Shipping haha that’s all


Hello, followers!

Since this has been one of my popular posts on here, I’ve uploaded my SHINee Odd design; you can now purchase it as a T-Shirt on my Redbubble shop! Not to your liking? You can change the colour, type of shirt and placement of the design. Also available as a tote + drawstring bag.

Redbubble shop