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Bias list?

I’ve decided imma do a bias list of all my bias’ to show some love.

Park Chanyeol

My ult bias. Everything about him makes my heart swell. His smile

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good god, that smile could make the worst day ever into the best.

he’s so talented. like get you a mans that can do it all

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he’s the biggest goofball :) like??? protect him???

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Chanyeol is my everything. He is someone I have grown to really love. We all know that feeling for their ult bias. How they make you feel all tingly and weird? Is that just me? Okay. Whatever. You’re lying to yourself if you don’t know what I’m talking about. 

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Jackson Wang

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Jackson is someone that is talented and humble. He loves his members more than any other idol I’ve ever seen. He cares not only for his fans but for just about anyone he meets. We don’t deserve Jackson Wang in our life. He’s too pure for this cruel world

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Me too Yugyeom. Me too. 

Kim Mingyu

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How is he so bad boy one second then all fluff ball the next? I don’t get it? 

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He’s honestly so handsome. I cry myself to sleep at night just knowing that Mingyu is alive and is perfect and is ruining my expectations for all men out there. If you’re not Kim Mingyu, please don’t talk to me :)

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god is testing me. 

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Lee Taemin

Do I really need to explain this? 

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Don’t @ me on this but like he’s THE king. THE KING. Notice how I said THE KING. 

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Catch me crying in da club at this comeback. Cya. 

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how is he so cute? like? i need him to stop. 

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don’t touch me. Taemin makes me emotional. 

that’s it. I’ve really done it now. why did i do this to myself bye. 

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[170827 Kai Fanaccs] → TAEMIN 1st SOLO CONCERT “OFF-SICK” 

- Kai just arrived in Seoul, he was walking fast and ran a little at the airport around 2:45 pm kst, he was very restless and jogging down the walkalator, he went straight to Taemin’s concert after a late schedule yesterday!.  ©  ©

- Kai came to the concert with a white mask and blue shirt, he didn’t have time to change his airport clothes.  ©

- From the beginning Taemin was excited and shouted “make some noise!” then Kai suddenly stood up waved his lightsticks and sat down again.  ©

- During Wicked Taemin saw Kai and they jammed together.  ©

- Taemin has been even more hyped since seeing Kai in the audience.  ©

- Taemin mentioned EXO’s Kai presence & said he really wanted to ask Kai to join him during Pretty Boy but held himself back in the end.  ©

- Taemin said he wants to do “Pretty Boy” stage performance with Kai once again.  ©

- Taemin: “EXO’s … Kai! He was holding in to come up during Pretty Boy.”  ©

- During Pretty Boy, TaeKai made eye contact. Taemin smiled at him and they did some sort of hand gesture to each other.  ©

- During Pretty Boy, Kai was jamming and dancing hard to his parts but looked very proud that Shawols were singing with Taemin.  ©

- Kai double fisted lightsticks of course~ and during ‘do it baby’ when Taemin dropped to his knees rolled his hips, kai jokingly made X with his arms and shook his head pretending to ask Taemin to stop because it was too sexy. Fanboy Jongin playfully and cutely whine “Stop, Taemin-ah~~”. (same lmao)  ©  

- Kai was shocked because of the horror vcr in Taemin’s concert!.  ©

- Kai watched with concentration while the possessed dancing vcr of Taemin was playing & then he clapped when the vcr ended. ©     


There we go! No, the blurry start wasn’t my camera, it was the official camera wanting to be aesthetic and so on. Side note, the screams and other sounds of excitement weren’t coming from me (okay, maybe some were), I’m not pointing any fingers at other tumblr users here, but *coughs* you know who you are. :P

Please, don’t remove the credit from this video (P-W-L-E-A-S-U)