taemin moments

anonymous asked:

can you do like the top ten moments when taemin proved the straights wrong :')) ⭐

idk if im qualified to do this and i dont have 10 but here have some moments where he was acting a lil fruity:

1. “what does a woman do that makes your heart race?”

2. this was cute 

3. selfcest poster lmaoo

4. honestly the entirety of we got married

5. breaking stereotypes!!!

6/7. these in general

8. internet war ft gay dad jjong

this gif personally hurts me. first of all, this is one of the most adorable back hugs ever, however fleeting it is. look at taemin’s smile as he hugs nini, he wants to feel him close even though he knows he can’t stay with him for long. and then jongin, who always seems to know when it’s taemin without having to look, wants to lace his fingers through taem’s but taem’s already moving away and the moment lasts too short and nini stares after him longingly. i’m not crying, i’m totally fine ㅠㅠㅠㅠ