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sugar, i’m going down

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request: overstimulated taemin smut?

author’s response: thank you so much for requesting and i hope you like it!

otp(s): lee taemin x reader

genre: smut

word count: 1,147

synopsis: the one where taemin nearly broke a fucking limb.

the sound shuddered through the breeze, traveling like a sharp whip through the silent wood. anyone who had happened to wander by would’ve thought a local hunter had missed a chance of prey or that someone had accidentally trodden in a pile of smelly, damp manure staining the grass.
they would’ve been wrong, of course.

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Professional gamers and dads Taehyung and Yoongi who have their own YouTube channel where they review and play new video games while their kids make cute appearance sometimes.    

Yoongi is more of a horror game type of player. He loves Resident Evil and Outlast and any game that is bloody or has demons and zombies.  Often, he’ll do late night live streams where he plays them with Sanghyuk, their youngest son, half asleep on his lap trying to watch even though it’s way past his bedtime and really he should be sleeping. Watchers lowkey scream at how adorable the five-year-old looks curled up with his face half hidden in his daddy’s hoodie, only peeking out when Yoongi reassures him all the monsters are dead.

“You promise there is no more zombies, daddy?” Sanghyuk’s wide eyes, that he definitely got from Taehyung, stare at Yoongi as the elder grins.

“I promise Hyukkie,” Yoongi chuckles. “The only zombie left is Uncle Seokjin before he puts makeup on in the mornings.”

(Later, Jin’s fans will tag him in tons of gifs and videos of Yoongi making fun of him and Seokjin will call and scold him because “excuse me Kim Seokjin is the cutest uncle without makeup”)

Taehyung is more for online co-op games like Overwatch and League of Legends and Call of Duty. His afternoon streams are wayyyyy wilder nd louder featuring their eldest daughter, Sunmi and their second eldest son, Taemin.  The moment his stream begins, the fans (r.i.p headphone users) get welcomed by Taemin loudly screaming Taehyung’s usual welcome greeting.


Sunmi will scream right after.


Everyone watching coos over the cute way Taemin holds up four fingers before Sunmi quickly helps her younger brother by lifting the last one to make it five. Taehyung himself is so fucking heart eyes over his babies he pulls them into his lap in a tight hug that has everyone giggling.

“You heard my extremely loud babies!” Taehyung smirks. “Yoongi got over seven hundred watchers on his stream last night so invite your friends and lets top that!”

They have some totally funny moments too like when Taehyung is hosting a stream and him, along with Sunmi and Taemin, are yelling at something happening in the game he’s playing. Sanghyuk will be seen in the stream background walking into the living room to stare at his father and siblings before his little chest rises in a sigh and he walks out, dragging his favorite baby blanket with him.

The fans make millions of gifs and comment like;

“Lol when your family is wildin and you’re trying to watch your noon dramas.” “Hahaha Sanghyukkie is so fed up with them he’s going to lock them outside one day.” “I’m Sanghyuk when I have to do stuff but rather not.”

Taehyung later pouts at Yoongi.

“He got the sighing thing from you!”

Yoongi just winks and pecks his cute boyfriend.