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Best Aesthetic Kpop MV
  • Ladies Code: Galaxy
  • BTS: Blood, Sweat and Tears
  • Kim Lip of Loona: Eclipse
  • One: Heyahe
  • Black Pink: Whistle
  • Zico: She's a Baby
  • IU: Palette
  • Ladies Code: The Rain
  • JinSoul of Loona: Singing in The Rain
  • Red Velvet: Automatic
  • Taemin: Drip Drop
  • Fx: 4 Walls
  • Winner: Really Really
  • Big Bang: Bae Bae
  • VAV: Flower
  • Sistar: I Like That
  • Mino: Body
  • Fei: Fantasy
  • Heejin of Loona: ViViD
  • NCT U: 7th Sense
  • Vixx: Shangri La
  • Haseul of Loona: Let Me In
  • Lee Hi: Rose
  • Heize: Don't Know You
  • Gu Hara: Choco Chip Cookies
  • KARD: Don't Recall
  • Red Velvet: One of These Nights
  • SF9: Easy Love
Shinee getting ready in the same room is probably so problematic like

Taemin: wheres my lip gloss?
Key: Minho!
Minho: what, you crusty toe nail. I’m playing fifa
Key: where’s the whip?
Onew: i hid it. We don’t need anymore accidents
Key: it was one time
Taemin: wheres my lip gloss?
Jonghyun: hell no you aren’t getting the whip
Key: c'mon
Jonghyun: i still have scars.
Key: they build character
Onew: He cried for a week
Key: thats normal
Onew: true
Taemin: where’s my lip gloss
Management: We’re on in five, boys!
Onew: good we’re all ready-
Taemin: where’s my lip gloss?
Minho: jesus christ taemin why are you so unorganized.
Key: you could have asked us earlier
Jonghyun: you dont need it baby boy
Onew: always such a child…
Key: you can borrow mine, taemin. But only this one time
Taemin: this is MINE
Key: jesus so posessive
Jonghyun: he has my heart
Minho: what are you, 2?
Onew: jesus
Taemin: crap
Shinee: what?
Taemin: I had Kai’s all along.
Kai, somewhere: wheres my lip gloss?

Unrequited - Lee Taemin (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Pairing: Lee Taemin x Reader
Word Count: 1.8k
Author’s note: After seeing the MV for Tell Me What To Do, I came up with this. I think there’s going to be a sequel to this; it won’t be a series, but it’ll also be a series if that makes sense? Hahaha. 😂 Anyway, it’s almost 3AM here so if there’s any grammatical errors or misspelled words I apologize, I’m sleepy as hell and only roughly edited this. Enjoy and let me know what you think! :) ♡ (The GIF isn’t mine)

You watched him while Taemin watched her.

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