taemin crying i can't


it doesn’t get any better than this. 

150314 SHINee Tokyo Dome
  • Minho: It's nice to finally meet you here!!
  • Jonghyun: Are you having fun??
  • Fans: YES!
  • Fans: YEEEEES!!!!!
  • Taemin: This feeling... it's really overwhelming.
  • Key: Guys, this is real. We're really standing here, everyone.
  • Jonghyun: SHINee will work hard to make this night.. fun.
  • JH: When preparing for the opening just now, even though it was Everybody, TM and I told the rest we can't cry. It's only the opening!
  • Jonghyun: Taemin & I told everyone that we can't cry today!
  • Minho: We won't cry but //you// will.
  • Onew: There's collaboration stage today pls look forward!
  • JH: You're not supposed to reveal that!!
  • O: OMG! I'm sorry!! (Kneels down)
  • Jonghyun: I can cry tomorrow, right?!
  • Fans: Today!!
  • K: we're gonna sing the original ver of Replay today for a change.
  • O: band members, don't play it wrong!
  • cr: ipipie; jongtaewae