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Does Taemin ever say that he likes how he looks, except for his hair?

The thing that comes fast to my mind is that he said in the past his lips were his complex, but when people started to say positive things about them, especially after he won the ranking of the most kissable lips (x) he started to like them. He also said he believes his philtrum is the most charming part of him because it’s “soft and fluffy” (x). I agree.

[Update] About his eyes: “(It’s) embarrassing but I think my eyes are very attractive performing on stage” (x) (thanks to anon~)

[Updatex2]  “When I look at myself in the mirror after taking a shower, I think that I look good.” (x) (thanks to anon2~)


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He’s sooo HOTTTT and his neck i killing mee

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The last few days has been really hard on me and it seems that making these pages is the only thing that makes me forget for a while.  These pages aren’t half as messy as I feel right now, but they’re still pretty messy haha.