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*rushes in hopes that you don't get embarrassed* ontae please? thanks. ^u^ (i literally squealed when i saw you posted - hi stranger!)

HI omg uwu it’s been so long <3 I hope this is okay I feel like a huge dork

I guess I should have mentioned I would do specific AUs too, oops!

Here goes OnTae in general uwu. It is long so readmore!

Who is louder?

I feel like both Jinki and Taemin would be sort of quiet in bed, especially with each other. When I picture OnTae, I picture a lot of quiet whispers and laid-back chuckling. They would be so calm together most of the time, and I think once they got into the rhythm of it they’d keep most of that quiet, because they wouldn’t need grand gestures or loud moans to know they were enjoying each other. That being said — Taemin would get loudest when he topped and Jinki would be loudest as a bottom, I think. So for Taem, that’d be some grunts and cut off curses, and for Jinki maybe a few soft moans here and there when he got lost in it. I feel so awful & pervy for answering this already omg

Who is more experimental?

Ummmm. Hmm. That’s tough. I think Jinki would have some out of the box things he liked, but he’d go into a relationship knowing what they were you know? I feel like being ‘kinky’ for him would be less about curiosity and more “I know what I want, and this is it.” Whereas Taemin would want to try out anything that caught his eye briefly, cause it could turn out fun.

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