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minho's body is freaking sick o_o. i thought he was way skinnier. and ofc jjong is filming him, those 2 are so close.


literally i wish i could have had my initial reaction to the video filmed. it’s been like, since ttby since we’ve seen him shirtless and I’m fine with that bc he doesn’t really seem to like exposure that much, and also I felt like he’d been looking thinner lately and was NOT in ANY WAY expecting to see a blond, tan, broad, muscly hunk 

and I literally screamed and watched it a thousand times nd then cried

so yeah

and also yes uwu also you can hear taems laughin in the backgroud (all dumb nd guffawing i love his laugh bc it literally sounds like someone is choking) and I think key was there too so like an ot4 pool party??? kill me????

I had this one idea where Jinki was like 6 and he saved this baby duck from dying and the such and he takes him in and washed him up and fills the bathtub up for him.

And his parents aren’t home. They almost never are. But he’s really close to his butler Minho who basically raises him. And Minho let’s him keep it on the back pond as long as he’s gentle with in.

And jinki goes out and feeds him little things after having Minnieho look up things for him that are good for ducks.

And he names the little duckling Taemin. And Taemin doesn’t grow into a full grown duck and Minho finds that strange. But jinki’s all happy about him still being tiny.

And jinki’s like 10 when taem first shifts and both are scared but jinki’s like you’re my ducky I’m not going to let you go. And for a while taem doesn’t shift and jinki thinks he dreamed it, but it happens again when the duckling lives inside during the winter.

And minho sees him and screams and makes jinki giggle from almost falling over.

And just cuteness

365tofudays replied to your post: anon who said onews intelligence is average :…

I speak 4 languages but flunked Algebra and NEVER came close to being second in class. Proficiency in languages is not a metric of higher intelligence. It’s simply an aptitude natural to some. Like how Taem could dance before attending dance school.

excellent example. 

There is nothing wrong with autism or any other mental disorder, but why is everyone writing long essays explaining why they think Taemin 99% might be? Now we have to guess an idols mental health? I always guessed Taem was just shy and introverted due to debuting at such a young age. A lot of people are also throwing in examples from WGM with Naeun and how awkward he was. Hello! That boy had zero dating experience because once again debuting at such a young age. He had never even held hands with a girl before. So he’s suppose to be autistic because he’s introverted and is awkward or doesn’t know how to take jokes well? Or that he’s a perfectionist with his dancing and singing? This is just ridiculous. I have a lot of those qualities and I’m just introverted. We aren’t in his everyday life. The way he is could all be an act by SM to make him likable. We have no idea because we’re not in his personal circle. We’re not Onew, Jonghyun, Key, or Minho. We’re not Kai or Ravi. We’re not his family or friends from home. We don’t know how he is off camera which if you even paid attention, it’s always said he is different off camera and in the dorms. And also if you’re autistic, don’t assume he is just because you have similar traits. Autism is a wide spectrum and you have no right to diagnose him just because you live with autism everyday. And lastly, WHO THE FUCK CARES? It wouldn’t change how I feel about him as my bias but it’s his business what he is or isn’t. I’m sure you wouldn’t like it if someone went around diagnosing you with something just off of your personality and no medical tests to support your claims. I’m going into the medical field. This is appalling. You diagnose with tests, not looking at someone being shy and saying, “Yes, I’m autistic so he must be too!”

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“What the fuck did you do to your hair?” Kibum screeches when his youngest son comes down the stairs. Taemin went out last night and didn’t come back until late, but Kibum never thought the fourteen year old would come back with bleached and dyed hair and is that fucking purple at the tips? Kibum’s going to whoop his ass if Taemin doesn’t start answering him, soon.

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So today I bought the smallest succulent plant. I had been wanting this little guy for a while so I am very excited! I have named him Taemin! He reminds me of two of my favorite bloggers katrinawritesthings (who is always writing about Taem plants and is an amazing writer in general! ) and the absolutely hilarious taeminthetype (who is so funny and my plant’s name banner is based 100% on their blog). Anyway, I hope you two, and everyone else, are having an amazing day!! -kai (yes that is my name) P.S The banner says: “Hi my name is Taemin and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

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Why do you think Tae would be autistic? I'm sorry to ask, I'm just genuinely curious.

obviously it’s just a personal opinion and i’m not trying to start any fights or claim any expertise on his life but there’s just a lot about the way that he is that reminds me of random things about my own autistic brain! like, if he is autistic, i think his (still very frequent) compulsive blinking might be a kind of stimming? i definitely think he has executive function issues – he loses and forgets things frequently (linnhe wrote a post that sums up this side of taem nicely). i think he struggles in a lot of social contexts– it seems like a lot of social things don’t necessarily make intuitive sense to him and he basically memorizes how he’s supposed to behave. 

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Jonghyun/Taemin; Another; PG

25 Day Spring Challenge: Day 7: Earth Day (aka taem plants a tree every year)

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