Ive been in Chicago now for almost 4 whole months. TIME SURE DOES FLY!!!!!!!

What I really want to write about, is the growth I see in myself.

Being here has molded me into a much stronger person. 

I find myself handling situations in much more mature ways than I would have 4 months ago. My attitude about life has changed. I now see everyday as an oppurtunity to be inspired by the beauty around me. My favorite thing to do everyday is learn something new about me, or explore my feelings tword a certain subject. I started my blog as a diary to help me keep track of my journey of Growth! But I also want to share my life, ( with those of you all who are actually willing to read lol) with others, because we all, as humans deal with the same issues, body image, self esteem problems ( am i pretty enough, am i smart enough, will people like me etc…). Im NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT, but ive learned that thats what makes me, ME :)

Self-Change should be 100% up to you and NO ONE ELSE ( hints the name “self-change”). If someone is trying to change you, or mold you into what they want you to be, or what they think you should be, stand strong and don’t give in. No one, and I mean NO ONE has the right to try and tell YOU how to be YOU!

I hope this post is seen by someone who is battling with self esteem or identity issues. :-). And I hope they learn to love and except themselves and realize that there differences are what makes them, THEM.



Real music. Street poetry. 


“So, we’re shadowing the headmaster of this lovely school?” Achilla muttered to herself, a smile on her face as she said it, liking how it sounded like music to her ears. “Nice.”

Ciara ‘mm hm’ed back, engrossed in a comic she’d started to read a couple weeks ago. It was due to boredom, but she found herself unable to even close the book (well, aside from lessons of course).

Parker smiled a little bit, perhaps this was their chance to learn something about him. The man was pretty mysterious, everyone agreed about that, and she’d always wondered about him.

Taelyn, despite usually being upbeat and excited, didn’t seem too bothered about shadowing Ozpin, their freaking headmaster. He seemed to be more relaxed today, a sight rarely seen.

This is Aisling.  She’s currently just a concept that’s been in my head that I asked Louis to draw up.  She’s a young, mute Zoroark who spent her whole life alone in the forest.  Because of this, the outside world is alien to her.  She communicates though body language, illusions, and her ocarina.

I’ve considered using her as a companion, or just an NPC.  I wanted to know what you guys thought about her though.

Again, i’ll repeat, She is not in the game yet.  She is only a concept that we are considering adding, and is in no way confirmed.