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There is a man like Vernon Roche in every monarch’s retinue. Brave and determined, ready to execute any command, and thoroughly hated at court, he knows that only allegiance and service to the king keep him in his position. Roche was the leader of the Blue Stripes - King’s Foltest’s special forces - renowned, among other things, for battling the Scoia'tael and quelling many a rebellious nonhuman community. It was under his command that the unit rose to fame. Vernon earned Foltest’s favor and trust through his deeds. One word from the King and he would jump headlong into fire, asking only how long he was to stay there and hold his ground. That’s the kind of man Vernon Roche was at that time…

here’s my cat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

his names are kitchup , tael , and cortex because i couldnt choose onlyONE name to give him lmao

he looks like he’s judging me and i’ve never even met him. he has a good bullshit detector i can tell.


The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast - “Tael Of A Saeghors”

I low key want to recruit people to be a band of Scoia’tael with me for a photoshoot or convention. I’d make everyone elements of the outfit. That or a bunch of mages. How awesome would a troupe of mages be all lined up, staves and everything? Or all those elven archers! I have so many locations in mind for photoshoots ;;


Meet Tatl, the brown guinea pig, and Tael, the multi colored one! Both females and the last two that petco had! Tatl is more laid back while Tael is more energetic! Both purred when I pet them! Right now both are huddled together in their little igloo house.

I never thought though I would get anymore guinea pigs. This isn’t my first rodeo with them. Last time I had a pair of guinea pigs was when I was in about 4th or 5th grade. That was a looooong time ago. I had got to thinking what pet I should get all week. Jumped from mice, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs and a hamster. Mom said no to rats and mice. I didn’t really want a hamster. Ferrets are pricey. And I remember my past experience with guinea pigs were pleasant. They are fairly easy and gentle.

I also knew I needed something soft and cuddly this time around. I had a hard time sleeping the past few nights because I couldn’t wait for this day. I hadn’t fully recovered yet, though close to it and these two and my furry pups will help me get to my 100%. Just holding and petting these two reminded me on how delightful guinea pigs are! Especially when they purr which was what these two were doing when I was petting them and rubbing their backs!   I am excited to have years of good memories with these two gals!

OC Ask thingamadoodle

((Drawn by @elksy, y’all should totally commission her because she does a badass job, tagged by @and-i-said-hey-yeah))

Full Name: Soren Sigmaine
Gender and Sexuality: Male, I don’t fucking know, probably straight
Pronouns: He/Him
Ethnicity/Species: Lame fuckin’ Arathi Human
Birthplace/Birthdate: I’m assuming somewhere in Stromgarde, April 7th
Guilty Pleasures: Setting stuff on fire. Literally anything on fire. Seriously. Being surrounded by religious candles, towering flames, and burning corpses has made him inherently a pyromaniac.
Phobias: Terrified of anything that resembles bats or gargoyles. Bad memories.
What They Would Be Famous For: The living personification of a “The Wolf Among Us” silent run.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Being a religious zealot. Barfights. Attacking innocent Draenei Soul Keepers.
OC You Ship Them With: Uh.
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Oh boy. Eclipse, Nialei, Tael, Evianda, Felandea - honesty, if you’ve met Siggy, you want to kill him for some reason.
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Sci-fi, without a doubt. The Draenei already enamor him immensely.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Slice-of-Life. He didn’t have much of a childhood.
Talents and/or Powers: Very skilled soldier, very resilient and strong. Has a willpower usually unrivaled, and his connection with the Light is at least strong enough to radiate in his sword.
Why Someone Might Love Them: They wouldn’t rofl. But I guess if nothing else, he’s protective of what he admires, and his morality hasn’t completely gone out the window. Also he’s a good listener?
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Firm crusader of the Light, usually sees most other forms of religion as heresy, very bullheaded, usually acts before he thinks, very reclusive, sassy, and sarcastic. Also tends to be like a wall to talk to.
How They Change: With perseverance and patience, eventually Sigmaine is capable of opening up and becoming more homely around others. But for the most part, he’s very standoffish, very distant, and very wary of anyone around him.
Why You Love Them: Because even for a dumb, stubborn warrior set in his ways and will, he’s still naturally kindhearted and virtuous, and never gives up, even when life does its best to make him think otherwise. Also has a bitchin’ ‘stache.

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