Eunkwang: What is our N-ssi’s beauty concern?

Hakyeon: Actually, in the past I felt that my dark skintone can made me look dull and that was my worry. But nowadays I’m more concerned about matching makeup products to my skintone. I’m starting to think dark complexion is more charming now instead.

Eunkwang: Ahh that is great! Actually a lot of people go for tanning nowadays. There are people who want to have tanned skin but don’t possess it.

Hakyeon: That’s why I’m really happy now

Eukwang: That’s nice!

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170930 Hongbin & Leo Twitter Compilation

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

아아 레오가 갑자기 보고 싶네

Aah I suddenly want to see Leo 

Leo Reply (@JUNGTW_LEO):

형 햄보케

Hyung is happy

T/N: This was said very cutely.

Hongbin Reply (@RedBeans93):

형 이렇게 하면돼?

Hyung, is it okay for you to be like this?

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

(생일에 이름이 없어 서운했던 택운이를 위한 작은 배려) 속닥

(A small kindness for Taekwoonie who was hurt that his name wasn’t there on my birthday) whisper


안보면 보고싶어지고 막 그리워 지는 그런 형 정택운

The kind of hyung that you want to see when you don’t see him and miss badly, Jung Taekwoon

Hongbin Reply (@RedBeans93):

와 형 이거 비밀로 보내는건줄 알았는데 큰일났다 형 형이 시킨거 다 알았어

Wah I thought I was sending this secretly but this is a big problem hyung They all know it was ordered by you

Hyuk Reply (@HSangHyuk):

어디서..조작냄새 안나나요…?😅

Does it not…reek of manipulation…?😅

VIXX: dating Leo would include

▪ this boy would feel like his heart is gonna burst every time he looks at you 

 ▪ would be so smitten and everyone would know 

 ▪ even though he has a poker face most of the time, around you he can’t help it 

▪ he’d burst into a smile or small smirk 

 ▪ esp when you say something funny or try to make him laugh

 ▪ which he’ll never admit that you can do 

 ▪ omg whenever he smiles openly to you it feels like the sun shining down on you 

▪ N fawning over you two 

▪ “aww look, Taekwoonie, y/n brought food for everyone" 

▪ Ravi teaching you some ways to make him laugh and you’d always succeed (not bc you made him laugh tho, he just thinks you’re adorable) 

▪ Ken teaching you how to perfect your aygeo 

 ▪ then getting shoved violently by Taekwoon bc back off, she’s mine 

▪ but if you actually do aygeo in front of him, he’ll visibly melt 

 ▪ and then hide his face in his sleeves bc wtf why you gotta embarrass him in front of the guys like that 

▪ but in private it’s a whole different story

 ▪ he’ll practically tackle you and attack your face and neck with kisses 

 ▪ watches you as you put on lip balm or lipstick 

 ▪ and it’d be a waste of product bc it’ll be off your lips in .00003 seconds 

 ▪ you making him catch his breath whenever you dress up in something fancy 

▪ “jagi, I’ve never seen anything more beautiful” “You always say that, taekwoonie" 

 ▪ man, he gets so scary when jealous 

 ▪ even when you’re not doing it intentionally, he’d frown and stare down at whoever awakened his wrath 

 ▪ not bc he’s begging for your attention (he is, but it’s internal ok) but bc he thinks the other guy has bad intentions and his first thought would be to protect you

 ▪ is not afraid to get into fights for you if necessary

 ▪ secretly loves it when you grab his hand when you sense he’s nervous 

 ▪ bites your shoulders and neck a lot, idk I just see him always doing this 

▪ knows how hard it is for you during that time of the month, mostly bc he has 3 older sisters and he’s dealt with it before lmao 

 ▪ aw he’d buy you a bunch of sweets and quietly whispers to you about anything while rubbing your tummy 

 ▪ speaking of his sisters 

 ▪ omg he gets so happy when you get along with all of them, and blushes like crazy when they make jokes about him marrying you

 ▪ which isn’t really a joke but Taekwoon needs to be low key 

 ▪ sometimes having to pull him away from his work bc he gets too into it and forgets about sleep 

▪ he’d quietly thank you and kiss your forehead as you two snuggle

 ▪ singing to you in his angelic voice and you’d melt bc he’s looking right into your soul

 ▪ over time you know when to give him space if he needs it, and he’d appreciate that so much and does the same for you 

 ▪ except when you two fight, but that’s very rare 

 ▪ he’d never leave your side after an argument bc he just can’t sleep knowing you’re angry with him or vice versa

 ▪ he’d always apologize even if he knows he was in the right 

 ▪ buys you the most thoughtful gifts even when he’s away 

 ▪ accompanied by heartfelt letters and sweets from a foreign country, and ugly selfies sent in by all the members 

 ▪ he’d love you with all his heart and will always be there for you 

▪ if you’re lucky enough to catch this shy kitten, pls keep him forever 😻

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택운이새똔와 귀염동이 그리고 많이 컸네 민율이 💖

Here’s another batch of cute Uncle Taek x Minyul photos, all captured when they spent a day at Seoulland to film an episode of VIXX TV (170304) 😊

These are so adorable that I deemed it fit they get their own photoset and because Minyul is so much bigger now!

Taekwoon also did a V Live earlier with Minyul to give a peek of what they’re doing today. You can watch that HERE! (WARNING: Extreme cuteness all through out. Prepare your hearts).

If you haven’t seen it yet, the first Uncle Taek x Minyul photoset is HERE