Crazy Ass Latin Class Jeopardy!!!
  • Bethany:*screams bing! bing! bing! emphatically*
  • ...
  • Bethany:Well, it's not that one.*points to "B"*
  • Other Team:Is it "B"?
  • Teacher:That is correct.
  • ...
  • Bethany:They only had a hundred points, I remember!
  • Emily:More like we had a hundred more points than your team!
  • ...
  • Susan:I'll take "Demons." for 200.
  • ...
  • Wrinkle:No one likes "Voibs".
  • Bethany:I like "Voibs".
  • Emily:You would like "Voibs".
  • ...
  • Wrinkle:You guys need to not look at each other.
  • ...
  • Teacher:Sometimes I feel like teaching you guys is like herding cats.
  • ...
  • Emily:When in doubt, choose the "D".
  • ...
  • Bethany:We'd like to change our team name to "Team Chicken Nuggets is Like My Family"
  • ...
  • Emily:Just saying' we got all the "Demons."
  • Bethany:That's because you have Satan on your team.
  • ...
  • Katherine:I say we all just become Satanists and drop out of school.
  • ...
  • Taylor:I've realised that my porpoise in life is to make all of the animal puns.
  • Katherine:No.
  • Taylor:I will get jalapeno business!
  • Bethany:That's not an animal.
  • Emily:Taylor has a pet jalapeno pepper!
  • ...
  • Taylor:We'll do "Relatives" for 100.
  • Emily:You can't do that, it's incest!
  • ...
  • Anastasia:*ridiculous laughing through teeth*
  • ...
  • Taylor:*gives answers to other teams three times*
  • ...
  • Taylor:*seriously* Bethany! Bethany!
  • Bethany:Yeah?
  • Taylor:*leans in closely* Toucan play at that game.
  • ...
  • Wrinkle:You call that the Batman theme song?
  • Bethany:You call yourself the Batman theme song?
  • ...
  • Anastasia:*tries to look at Team Chicken Nuggets is Like My Family's answers*
  • ...
  • Teacher:*pronounces "yellow" "yolo"
  • Katherine:Yolo?
  • Bethany:You only Latin once.
  • ...
  • Anastasia:*creepily rolls up the aisles*

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Rule 1: Post the rules.
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undetectable-extension-charm’s questions/my answers:

1.Do you have any siblings? Whats your relationship between them? (This is targeted at you, necrosises) Three. Two older sisters and a younger brother. My eldest sister and I get along really well, my second eldest sister and I get along pretty well, and my brother and I are BFFs.

2.    Favourite Fandom Sherlock. Ain’t no fandom like the Sherlock fandom because we’re crazy as hell and can deduce the crap out of anything.

3.    Colour socks? My opinion on socks is the same as it is for chocolate: the darker the better.

4.    Favourite child-hood subject? Art or reading.

5.    How you got on tumblr. So, what’s your question? I got on tumblr because I was having a boring day and the rest is history.

6.    Favourite font. This is not a question. I really like Baskerville Old Face or whatever it’s called(and not just because it’s called baskerville.)

7.    Do you think the world’s going to end? Not on December 21, 2012. For support, I bow respectively to ze Bible “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” (Matthew 25:13)

8.    Fashion style? umm…clothes…?

9.    last book you read. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

10. QUICK! Go to your dashboard and click on the first tumblr. squiglyprotractor

11. Do you love me? I love you. PLEASE TALK TO ME MORE OFTEN. Because sometimes I feel like a loser when I’m the only one starting conversations. J

I lurve you too. I do this thing when people I follow say that they need asks I sort of spam them; so, uh…yeah…

My Questions

  1. What is your favorite book?
  2. Do you enjoy ice cream? If yes, which flavors?
  3. Can you sing well?
  4. Any musicals that you like?
  5. Nicknames?
  6. Poetry. Yes or no? Specific poet(s)?
  7. Do you collect anything?
  8. Ever feel the urge to slap someone every time you see them?(I had an aggravating day at school.)
  9. Favorite book series?(I just really want book recommendations, okay?)
  10. Are you a secret assassin hired to locate me and fight me in a righteous battle to a gruesome and dramatic death?