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To me it’s funny when shorter people say that I’m too tall to spar them. Because, yes, I am aware of that. But it also brings disadvantages that nobody thinks of at first. Due to my height and my abnormally long legs, I go for distance. And if you let me play my game, I will do that. But as soon as you come in close, I have no opportunity to raise my legs which is a huge advantage for everyone who is shorter. That opens it up for their game. But nobody thinks of these things when they initially spar me and even when I tell them, they forget about it the next time.
My point is: try to see your advantages in a fight. If they are too tall, they are probably bad in close range (depending on the art, of course). Every fight will give you the opportunity to find your advantage. The only thing you need to do is take it

So even though my dojang is WTF affiliated, we learn Chon-Ji first, which as I’ve been studying seems to be more closely tied with ITF schools.

Regardless, this is the first form I learned, and here’s my notes on the first half of it. I’m still trying to settle on a format for my notes going forward, and I think I’ve settled on this format.

Name of the form. Symbolism of the form. Pattern the form describes. Hangul if available. Bits of the pattern each ‘section’ completes. Rough sketches of new/noteworthy moves (for the form). Detailed sketches of chamber/execution. Key of Korean terms introduced. Korean to English translations of new (for the form) moves.

Researching the names for the moves has actually helped make sense of some of Master Lee’s instructions. I now know that “jechum jireugi” (how he starts most warmups) means horse stance punch. I mean, I knew that because that’s what he modeled, but now I know A) what words he’s saying, and B) what those words mean.

The going is pretty slow. Especially since I’m not very good at sketching. Hopefully I’ll catch up in my journal to taegeuk yuk jang before my next belt test :)

I’m keeping my pencil sharpener handy.

And a beer.


In response to a #groinkick #headkick combo request here is a clip of a #frontkick #roundkick #combokick . I always appreciate my dedicated and hardcore students who trust me enough to help me with my vids sans cup! #taekwondo #kickvids #kickpics #notricksnoflipsjustmartialartskicks #karate #ninja #kicklife #noretreatnosurrender #simonscher #simonkicker #kickerextreme #itf #gtf #wta #wtf

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2017 ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) Korea Open International Festival & Asia Championship Opening Celebration “Dreamcatcher” Greetings


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Incredible Ultimate N Korean Taekwondo 태권도.flv