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Taekwondo forms (poomsae 품새)

By Hanbyeol Jang 장한별

IG onestar_tkdgirl

I love this. Her commitment to each movement, and the power produced by that commitment, is applicable to so many other martial arts. 

Today was one of my provincial games and I gotta say it was very disappointing. My opponent won the match with a KO, and I honestly don’t remember much about the fight other than getting hit in the nose and seeing stars.

I’m sharing this because we all go through our rough times, and we are all ashamed to fail. We all try to look strong in front of others, but it’s ok to fail and lose sight of yourself too. I made a stupid mistake, and I paid for it. But that’s ok. That opens growth and a chance to get better. While I may be mad at myself for a stupid split second decision, I am incredibly happy that I fought even when I was scared and apprehensive. I fought on a stomach virus too and bagged a silver medal so whatever.

People have already called me many names, saying I don’t deserve to fight high performance, that I’m weak, that I suck, but they forget that they came from losing too, and they only got better because they kept with it. Never forget the struggle you endured getting where you are, and never judge others based on their performance.

Winning doesn’t make you a champion, persevering does.

On to the next one.