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Taekwando cover of Glass Bead

You just don’t play with letters in scrabble games, you play economically, intellectually and smartly.

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#1) When Harry realised that Lily had inherited Ginny’s temper, he signed her up for taekwando and kickboxing classes to harness her temper in a non-magical way. Lily misses these classes more than anything when she’s at Hogwarts, and has to settle for running laps of the grounds and practicing Quidditch as a beater for the Gryffindor team to get her energy out.

#2) Lily always wondered why she sometimes switched between feeling euphoric and feeling depressed within the space of a couple hours. After a while, it got to the point where her parents decided to seek professional help when she was 13. It was revealed that Lily had bipolar disorder. Immediately, Lily decided that she didn’t want anyone to know, and to this day it’s only her parents that know.

#3) Surpressing her mood swings took its toll on Lily’s energy and health, and she often found herself experiencing times where she couldn’t stop crying, hyperventilating and feeling sick. These panic attacks are happening increasingly often, and Lily is worried that one day she won’t be able to hide them from the people she knows.

#4) Her aunt Fleur is her ultimate inspiration after her mother. It’s not that she didn’t love her aunts Audrey, Angelina, and Hermione, but Lily just felt that Fleur was someone who she could look up to in all aspects of her life. Fleur was beautiful and she knew it, she would never apologise for it and never deny it. But she was smart and fierce- Lily had read all about Fleur’s days in the Triwizard Tournament alongside her father- and wouldn’t take any crap from anyone. Add these traits to Fleur’s overwhelmingly caring nature and Lily found herself a role model. Someone who would never apologise for caring about her looks, would never deny being a badass and would never let anyone lay a finger on her family was what Lily herself wanted to grow up to be.

#5) Teddy, James and Albus are the people she loves more than anyone else on this planet. They’re her brothers, and she won’t let them forget that. Even though she may act like she can be without them and tell people that they annoy her more than anything, Lily knows that if she was without them for even a week, she would crumble.


Amazing as always


Throwback from fitmalaysia kelantan, grass session when the airmat occupied with kids

Song: Hand Like Houses - I Am

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K-tigers are so talented what an amazing choreography and synchronized performance Ringa Linga never looked so good


  Different people has different things they love the most, and for me, I love “Taekwando’’ to the fullest! It is not just about martial art that i am drawn to “Taekwando”, it is more than that. From the outside, everyone sees martial art as a way for a person to gain strength to beat the hell out of others, and that is a terrible way of judging the people who trained themselves fully for martial arts. Learning martial art is not just about gaining strength, it is way for us to train ourselves, exceeding the limit of our body and mind that we once set up. Discipline, pain, inner strength, bravery, and more pain,these are the true recipe or pathway, of learning martial art. 

 I have been a fond of “Taekwando” since i was 12, and I started “Taekwando” when i was 15. Sadly, i had to quit my lessons, because my parents wanted me to gave my full focus to my academics. After 2 years of departing, I now can continue my lessons and training for “Taekwando” at KPTM. The training are harsher, and more painful than it was 2 years ago. 2 days ago was also the first time I had ever fought in a ring, even though it was just a friendly match. I gotta say, fighting with others in a ring, FEELS GOOD! I love the thrill, i love the adrenaline, i love pain, and the bet part is, i love the feeling of accomplishment. So yeah, i will continue learning “Taekwando”, and next time, i am going to aim for the national tournament!

In scrabble game, words are played from left to right and top to bottom. During your turn, you may turn the board for better viewing angle. Do not touch the board when your opponent’s clock is running. Don’t just play with letters, play smartly!

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MILO Everyday! 😍
Hello Japoy Lizardo, face of Milo and Filipino Taekwando Champ 💪
Ang cuteness overload!
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Lalaklak ako ng MILO for yuuu 😍 (at People’s Television Network, Inc. Employees Page)

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#youth #muslimyouth #follow #Nigeria #sports #islamcquotes #islam #loveforallhatredfornone #taekwando #scrabble #athletics #volleyball #fifa #instagram #tennis #soccer #football #africa #inspirational #Muhammad #Quran #Holy #Good #Love #trees #plants #jalsaconnect #ahmadiyya by ayaag2016 https://instagram.com/p/7A9rV1i-cj/

Claudia Gerini: sexy e sportiva con le figlie a Formentera

Estate all'insegna delle coccole e dello sport per Claudia Gerini.

L'attrice è in vacanza a Formentera insieme alle due figlie Rosa di undici anni e Linda di cinque e dalle foto pubblicate sul settimanale Oggi appare in ottima forma. Merito del taekwando. Claudia è cintura nera nell'arte orientale e in una delle foto mostra a Linda come fare una perfetta verticale. La piccola imita immediatamente la madre ma sulla sabbia è più difficile mantenere l'equilibrio e cade divertita. La Gerini è una grande appassionata di sport, piacere che condivide con il compagno Federico Zampaglione, leader dei Tiromancino. Il musicista è un amante della boxe e di recente ha aperto un'organizzazione per promuovere il pugilato in Italia.

Insomma a casa Gerini-Zampaglione non si scherza, ma i due genitori sanno essere anche molto teneri con i figli come mostra l'altro scatto dove Claudia, in acqua, stritola a sé le due bimbe in un moto di amore incondizionato.

Per l'attrice però non è tempo solo di relax: tra una vacanza e l'altra la Gerini è impegnata sul set del film «Nemiche per la pelle» dove interpreta il ruolo di co-protagonista, assieme a Margherita Buy, per la regia di Luca Lucini. La pellicola racconta la storia di due donne, Lucia e Fabiola - interpretate rispettivamente dalla Buy e dalla Gerini - che si detestano perché sono entrambe ex mogli del loro grande amore, Paolo. Le due donne sono destinate a incrociarsi quando l'ex marito muore e scoprono che lui aveva un figlio segreto.

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