“I really think I’m really lucky. I’m so grateful for my family, my mom, my stepdad, they all made it possible for me to come here. For my friends, for the fact that I’m living in New York, in my own apartment in the city. I’m also grateful to have people that believe in me the way they do. It’s also a friendly reminder that life is has got to keep going, you should never feel like you’ve arrived. You gotta stay hungry. It’s all over for you the moment you don’t.”

I really do not appreciate having to make this post, but tumblr user Shipjammed/Rebellionofthehive has repeatedly stolen and edited my sprites. As they have stolen from my sprites without my permission, I fear that they have done the same to other sprite artists. If you are a sprite editor, I would recommend combing through there blog to make sure that your sprite has not been stolen. However, this is not a call to harass this person; they are most likely a child. Simply block, report them, or ask them to remove the sprites.

“If I have fun dress on and at night I want to go out, I’ll just put a lether jacket on top of it. Booties are also a major go-to for me. I wear a lot of booties. Those cango from day-to-night as well. With my schedule, I’m running around all day every day, so it’s nice to be able to have things that can be interchangeable when the sun is up and when the sun is down.”