You know…. I was so mad at Jongin that I put a curse on him to break his ankle and to never walk again!
All he needs to do is apologize to EXO-L for dating that Krystal chick! (Ew) and break up with her IMMEDIATELY! She is a curse and bad luck on her own! I almost feel bad for him! All he does is cry, cry, cry and plays the victim for getting caught fucking Krystal and betraying us! #KARMA IS A BITCH KAI!

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I've recently read fanfics from pimlockholmes on Asianfanfics and they turned out to be really good. But when I tried to find there stories I couldn't. So if your free... Can you please make a list of all there stories. Thank you

i can try! 

taemin & kai: *looks at each other for a split second*

kyungsoo: *looks in their general direction & looks away*

way too many ppl on this godforsaken website: did u see kyungsoo in the background sharpening his knives getting ready to stab taemin..if u look closely u can see chanyeol grabbing ksoo trying to hold him back and