About Jin

When Jin said “You see the bright and funny side of me, but I also get depressed very often. I’m just trying to stay positive for you guys”. Given Korea's age hierarchy, the oldest person in any group would directly influence the group dynamics. So if today the boys are closer to each other than family, share their problems with each other without the fear of being judged, fool around together, it’s because of Jin. Because Jin, being the eldest, made them feel at ease in his presence and created that joyful and lively atmosphere of Bangtan that we all love, which helped them open up and be themselves. Had Jin been a cold and distant hyung, the group relations would have evolved differently. Even during the fight, when he saw that Taehyung was about to cry, he apologized saying it was his fault. He cares about them so much to the extent that he’s willing to admit something was his fault when clearly it was no one’s fault. And BTS said several times too how they appreciate Jin’s happy and positive personality. 

How many times must he have put his own feelings aside for the sake of the boys. Ughh I hope he gets all the happiness in the world. I love and respect Kim Seokjin with all my being.