taeil is perfect ; ;

Taeil as the music teacher?
Taeyong as the PE teacher?
Yuta as the japanese teacher?
Doyoung as the home economics teacher?
Ten as the art teacher?
Jaehyun as the korean teacher?
Winwin as the math teacher?
Mark as the english teacher?
Haechan in charge of the council?

Hold my wine and watch me cartwheel my way to school to enrol and pass all my subjects!

The universe didn’t make Taeil taller because he’d be overpowerful


2 beautiful cuties ♡ ♡ ♡ close-up perfection

block b as youtubers
  • jiho: used to upload a lot but now ...not anymore, every video is just an explanation why he doesn't upload anymore
  • kyung: story time videos and clickbait titles. acts cute, is probably evil. has a giveaway like once a week. you dont know why but you love him
  • ukwon: daily vlogs with his dogs and gf, good content. has no drama going on and is basically perfect
  • taeil: prank videos, like the evil kind. sometimes uploads covers and everyone remembers why they subscribed to this kid that uploads videos like "PEEING ON MY ROOMMATES PANTS! LOL !"
  • minhyuk: fitness and dance videos, no make up tutorials even though everyone keeps asking of them. his eyebrow routine is his secret. fuck u
  • jihoon: DIYs with really cute music and effects and him doing adorable voice overs. puts sparkly stickers on everything
  • Jaehyo: lets plays. uploads 3 times a day, takes viewers advice, makes a "thank you!!" video for like every hundred subscribers, replies to all the comments