Meeting Block B at KCON LA

let me start off by saying that block b has completely blown away my expectations, which were already skyrocketing high because they’re my favorite group. i am so blessed to have had the perfect opportunity i did. seriously, i couldn’t have asked for more from them and i wish the best for them in life.

at the convention, fan engagements (where a small interview and a quick meet-and-greet took place) were held for the artists which you could attend if you got either an audience engagement voucher or a hi-touch voucher. i was fortunate enough to buy a block b hi-touch pass off of somebody (for $100 plus a red velvet audience engagement  ⌣̀_⌣́ completely worth it though!!)

we were all placed in a room and luckily my group was right in the front row. i knew i had to get their attention. i can do a death shrill for long periods of time, and my target was jaehyo. (i got my inspiration from this video lmao) 

when they came out, we were a screaming mess (especially because zico got rid of those horrid rope braids and had AMAZING hair he hid just for kcon!!!!). anyways, i started up my screams and jaehyo’s reaction was hilarious. he looked so shocked. he turned to p.o and pointed to himself as if he was saying “was that for me?” i eventually moved onto p.o and after shouting his name a couple of times, he turned to my group, smiled, and gave us a thumbs up. i screamed and dropped a little bit, and he laughed a little and went back to the interview. because of my screaming, i also got taeil’s, ukwon’s, and zico’s attention.

the meet-and-greet was a super rushed and quick walk by where we were supposed to high five them real quick and be off the stage within like 5 seconds. i was disappointed they were pushing us so quickly, so i told myself to hold their hand with both of mine and at least say something to each of them. i was a nervous wreck, of course, so it pretty much consisted of word vomit and ilys and ‘you’re handsomes’.

the first one was b-bomb. lee minhyuk, aka a real life ken doll. what you see on photos and videos is exactly how he looks irl (not including ppl’s terrible whitewashed edits; his skin is gorgeously sun-kissed) my group was shocked at how PERFECT and HD he looks. anyways, i took his hand with both of mine, and said, “I love you, minhyuk. you’re so handsome” and he smiled (i almost died right there his dimples are SOO deep and stunning) and he said thank you with such a soft, honey voice. i think because he’s a naturally quiet person, he seemed very unapproachable at first. however, i’m so thankful i was able to make him genuinely smile and i felt a warm presence from him.

the next was kyung. as i was waiting in line to meet them, i noticed that kyung was very sweet to every fan. there were hundreds going by but he made sure to greet every one of them with a smile and at least say hi to them. i grabbed his hand in both of mine and let me tell you, this boy has such dainty hands. i personally have always been told i have small hands, and his were around my size or smaller. very skinny fingers and soft skin (they all had soft hands, btw. no callouses. jaehyo probably gives them hand lotion as gifts). i can’t believe he thinks he’s so short because, to me, he was a decent height. his height isn’t that different from minhyuk’s (kyung might’ve been wearing his insoles, but still). i knew i had to compliment him because we all know park kyung’s ego. i said, “park kyung, you’re handsome and i love you” he grinned and shook my hands, and said thank you. i seriously felt such a positive vibe from him.

next was jaehyo. oh my goodness, ahn jaehyo. he is so tall and SOO freaking good looking. his hair was parted in the middle and he was wearing a collared shirt that complimented his skin tone beautifully. because of my monstrous yelling from the fan engagement, he must have remembered me because when his eyes fell on me his face completely brightened up and he smiled with his mouth open. you know his cute and dorky “:D” smile he does when he’s either about to laugh or is too excited? yeah, ahn jaehyo blessed me with that smile. i grabbed his hand in both of mine, and said, “jaehyo, i love you and you’re way too handsome.” (i definitely stuttered) and his reaction was the greatest thing ever. immediately after i stuttered out my lame and overused compliment, he said, “ahh, kyeoo” (idk if i’m writing that right i’m just putting it how it’s pronounced) which is cute in korean!!!! jaehyo called me cute!!!! he was so genuine and i can tell he is a loving individual all around.

next was our lovable maknae, p.o. my group came to a conclusion that pyo jihoon is a walking angel on earth. he literally glows, not only physically but his aura is so bright and pure. he’s so tall and he was bending down to greet fans. i grabbed his big hand that was double the size of mine and told him he was “so cute” and that i loved him (i’m so lame :(). he gave his cute heart shaped smile and said in an endearing voice, “i love you”. PYO JIHOON TOLD ME HE LOVED ME. i don’t have a block b bias, but he is definitely one of my favorites.

next was zico. holy hell, woo jiho’s facial structure. photos and videos definitely do not do that man justice because not enough people are talking about his strong jawline and cheekbones. and thank GOD he changed his hair. i’ve always said that zico looks better with darker hair and seeing him irl with it confirmed that. without a doubt, zico has an eerily powerful presence. he holds himself so well and gives off the vibe that says “i’m more important than you but you already know that” lol. honestly speaking, he was extremely intimidating. throughout the whole interview and meet-and-greet, he had a very serious expression on his face. he was simply high fiving fans because we were all rushed through so quick, but i still grabbed his hand with both of mine. i said, “thank you for making music, zico.” i think this threw him off (myself as well because all i was sputtering out to the others was “ur handsome and ily”) because he looked shocked and thanked me. his hand wrapped around mine and i almost passed out right there haha.

i don’t know if it was because of my serious meet with zico or the fact that this member was so welcoming, but ukwon definitely threw me off. i honestly expected him to be a little standoffish (not rudely, but every time i look at vids of him meeting fans he usually keeps to himself). however, ukwon grabbed my hand first and shook it. he then smiled and said “hello” in english. i totally choked up, went blank and said “i love you” in a cracked voice. to that he simply said “thank you” LMAO. but on the real, ukwon seemed to be one of the more welcoming members. i was so impressed but i wish i could’ve said something more personal to him. he deserved to hear a specific thing, i think.

last but definitely not least was taeil. yes, he’s little. probably around my height (i’m 5′4 ½/165 cm) or smaller. he was wearing a long sleeved white shirt that said ‘irony porno’ on it lmao. i grabbed his hand and told him i loved him. because he was the last and they were rushing us so much, the security started telling me to hurry. still holding onto his hand, i said, “you’re so talented”. he held onto my hand as i was being yelled at to move away and thanked me.

when i got off stage, i started crying. i ran to the bathroom to clean myself up, and when i got out, they were ending their meet-and-greet. as they were getting off of stage, i noticed the crowd was on the other side of where they were exiting. out of impulse i ran towards their exit and yelled, “PYOOOOOO” he turned to me, smiled, and waved me goodbye. the security ran after me thinking i was going to attack them but i really just wanted to get their attention one more time haha

block b are all such genuine individuals and are so good to their fans. i feel so fortunate to have had the privilege to meet them and see them put on such an awesome show. i feel pride in stanning such a sweet and loving group and meeting them made me love them way more than i could ever imagine. i’ll always support them and i hope they’re able to come back to the US soon. also, i hope you all are able to meet your favorite groups sometime because this is an experience i will never forget. 


Hallyu Star Jack S (Bbomb and Taeil)


[BEESubs] 150422 Block B @ Fan Meeting (eng sub)


My video of Block B at KCON 2015 ending. 

*I’d watch it in HD if possible or else it’d be a even blurrier mess. 

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Zico and Bastarz starting off right at KCON LA. 

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