wtf taeil choked on an ice cube before and couldn’t breathe and sht but the members didn’t believe him bc he always jokes around so they thought he was just playing around again and didn’t know if he was serious or not 

like this alone makes me wonder how much he really jokes around for the members to not believe him at first lmfao imagine how chaotic the dorm was when it happened 

I just hope Block B knows BBCs love them and will always wait for them even when it gets hard. Some BBCs will come and go sadly but I just hope they know there are many that will keep holding their hands even after the very end...♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ (they are not broken up they are still going strong just something I hope they all know)

NCT 127 - Fire Truck @ I SEOUL U Concert {fancam}

The 10 Commandments of NCT Stan // Os 10 Mandamentos das NCT Stan

1- Love Taeyong about all things // Amar a Taeyong sobre todas as coisas

2- Do not take your 7th Sense in vain // Não tomar seu 7th Sense em vão

3- Save airport previews photos // Guardar previews de aeroporto

4- Honor Taeyong and Doyoung / Honrar Taeyong e Doyoung

5- Will not join fan wars // Não entrará em fan wars

6- Do not sexualizate NCT Dream/Mini Rookies // Não sexualizar NCT Dream/Mini Rookies

7- Do not repost sasaeng’s photos // Não repostar fotos de sasaengs

8- Do not spread rumors that offend the members // Não espalhar rumores que ofendem os membros

9- Do not wish the bias of your friend // Não desejar o bias do próximo

10- Do not covet comeback of the other unit // Não cobiçar comeback da unit alheia

Duets w/ Taeil
  • sssuuuppp
  • okay so listeeen
  • i’m gonna do this really quicky bc i have two tests tomorrow and it’s 1 am and i can’t sleep bc i have to study and i have to do this post and omg
  • so yeah, if this is really shitty i’m sorry ok
  • ok so let’s start rn
  • first thing first, he’s ur boyfie here
  • okk so
  • 127 practice was over and all the members went back to the dorms
  • except for the vocal line aka jae, dy and tae
  • and they were talking about practicing songs and blablable
  • you know when they did that lil mashup in weekly idol and slayed my ass, wELL THAT ONE
  • and they were idk reading the lyrics or something and suddenly jaehyun’s like
  • “oh, y/n is coming”
  • “here?”
  • “yes, taeyong let me invite her”
  • and taeil was like ???
  • my own gf is coming ¿??? bc jaehyun invited her¿¿?? like?? what
  • but you brought food so he wasn’t complaining
  • “i suddenly love you even more now, y/n”
  • “ew, get a room wtf”
  • lmao
  • so you had to deal with this three losers by yourself oh my
  • and y’all ate peacefully and talked about random stuff
  • and suddenly doyoung is like
  • “you know what would be cool? taeil and y/n singing together, after all y/n voice is really pretty”
  • and after that jaehyun and doyoung didn’t shut up in the whole day, insisting both of you to do a cute duet
  • and after the 46207504620507 time you agreed only so they stfu you know
  • “okay fine! i’ll do it but just be fucking silent for once i’m tired of y’all shit”
  • and taeil was just looking at the whole situation like
  • “lol, y/n is so cute when she’s angry”
  • and the two idiots just
  • “well, we finished eating already so we’re gonna leave and let both of you practice bye”
  • so yeah
  • you were so done with them lmao
  • but actually, the duet itself turned out pretty well
  • y’all practiced for like two or three hours
  • and ofc you had a few breaks in the middle where you cuddle a little and idk maybe ate some candy
  • but while cleaning the mess y’all did while eating you and tae decided what song you should sing and
  • “what about singing without you?”
  • “wHAt¡???? fuck no. of course it has t be because of you, boi”
  • apado gwaenchanha saranghagi ttaemuneeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • and the pratice was so awkward at first oh my god
  • y’all never sang together a duet like this so it was low-key weird to both of you
  • but taeil was super understandable and even tried to make things more comfortable for you
  • like he would make making his lame jokes and being his normal stupid self
  • and eventually he was able to make you relax a little and laugh at his silliness
  • he’s such a cute boyfie i love him <3
  • also he was super sweet
  • he was being patient while you try to remember some parts of the lyrics and even gave you helpful advice that you could use
  • but it ended up being perfect, y’all divided the parts well and tAEIL DID SOME HIGH NOTES THAT LET YOU SPEECHLESS
  • “let’s practice for the last time baby, then we can go home if you want to”
  • and oh my god, it sounded amazing
  • it’s funny how it started being just an stupid practice that was only for jaehyun and doyoung to stop fucking bothering the both of you
  • but ended up with you and him putting all y’all pasion on it
  • speacilly tae and it was indeed because of you
  • ;D did you see what i just made there, i’m so cool
  • like he would listen to your pretty voice and his heart would flutter and you gave him so much energy and he couldn’t help but smile the whole time
  • and taeil is really different while singing, so in that moment he would do things he would never dare while idk simply while being in home with you
  • he got really closer to you and played with your hair and cupped your face and grabbed your hands but always looking at you
  • he was singing just for you and expressing all her feelings in that song
  • and you were doing the exact same thing, losing yourself in his shiny eyes and the lyrics came so naturally
  • but when y’all finished singing both of you were blushing and smiling like crazy
  • like, woah we just did that babe!!! we’re so cool
  • but he still hugged you and reminded you how much he loves you and how talented you are
  • “you’re my biggest inspiration, y/n, and i’m sure that not matter what happens, you always will”
  • and you just snuggled closer to him and oh my god this is so cute
  • “let’s go home now, princess”
  • long short story, y’all slept together like lil babies, and the next day snatched all the 127 member’s wigs with your high notes
  • “you see y/n i tOLD YOU IT WAS A GOOD IDEA”
  • “shut up”
  • and the end omg
  • again i’m sorry if this sucks but i’ll go to study now gotta blast bye