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[2:50PM] god!yuta runs his fingers through your hair as you lay strewn out across his lap. 

“you’re beautiful,” He says, lightly untangling the short roots of a peony bud from your hair. you smile lightly up at him, your eyes silently agreeing with him,

“and i’m lucky to finally have you.”


181216 NCT 127 ‘Simon Says’ @ SBS Inkigayo

Shit Xiao says/does

  • “Not to be dramatic but I would sell my ovaries for Jackson Sunbaenim or Kris wu”
  • Hides behind the members so she doesn’t have to speak
  • She only clings to two persons, Kun and her manager
  • She’s literally a koala whenever she’s beside NCT’s managers on airports
  • “Yingyue, let go of my arm and go beside your members” -Manager-nim
  • Cue Xiao shaking her head furiously
  • “Na Jaemin, if you Don’t stop hugging me in 5 second I’llmake sure you go back to the hospital for your back again”
  • Xiao, a rapper that could go as fast as Eminem if she tried
  • Also Xiao: Hit or miss. I guess they never miss, huh? You got a boyfriend, I bet he doesn’t kiss ya. He gon’ find another girl and he won’t miss ya. He gon’ skrrt and hit the dab like Wiz Khalifa. You play with them balls like it’s FIFA. You on every level, you’re the leader, ooh. You used to work at Whataburger. Now you pop your pussy for the Warner Brothers (And that bangs, bro) Shots fired, you’re fired. You’re washed up, you’re retired. Your kitty looks like a flat tire (Eww!) I bet that your kitty real tired. Perfect!
  • Doesn’t move whenever she’s on her period
  • She’s like a rock
  • Xiao with the dreamies + Mark and Lucas : Party all night
  • Xiao with th older members: sound is a sin
  • “I wanna learn Chinese” -Xiao
  • “Jiang Yingyue, your mother tounge is chinese” -Kun
  • Jams to Chinese artist, like Jackson Wang, Lay, Kris Wu, Luhan, Victoria, Tao, 9percent, Xiu, ext.
  • Is bad dancer, but has mastered all fornite dances
  • She just love that game way to much
  • “Boy you need to shimmy shimmy kokobop”
  • Composed rap about the smallest thing
  • Gets model job offer with Lucas, she declined each but is jealous on how well Lucas hit the runway
  • Said shit more then 10 times a day
  • A dirty minded but she knows how to hide it
  • Used the We go up flag as an blanket and got scolded for it
  • Wonders hows weather up there for Johnny, Lucas and Jisung
  • It most be cold
  • Played a deadly tournament of rock, paper,scissor with Renjun that almost ended with her death
  • “Baby look at my diamonds, I need no light to shine”
  • “I would die for Cai Xukun”
  • Knows all the song of Mulan
  • “Alrigh, say the name, SEVENTEEEEEEEEN”
  • “A B C D E F G H I don’t care”
  • *singing on let it go tune* “fuck it all, fuck it all, I can’t do this shit no more”
  • Is a 5 second of summer fan
  • Her bias is Ashton
  • “I really like this western band called Chase Atlantic, the have some nice lyrics”
  • Here’s a lyrics on one of their songs:
  • It’s a beautiful song
  • Roll around the floor just because she so lazy to stand up
Highschool trauma

Genre: angst and fluff

Pairing: Johnny x reader 

Warnings: mentions of mental illnesses

Word count: 3.3k

Summary: Johnny and you have been friends since toddlers but you had to move to Scotland from America in high school. Bad things happens in Scotland and escaping is the only place on your mind till you see a stranger that seems oddly familiar when boarding at Dundee University, but, you can’t think off who till he says.

A/n: This is one of the first short story I’ve done in about a year so it’ll take a bit of time for me to get back into the swing of things. Sorry it’s all over the place but hope you enjoy reading.

Admin L.

From when you were born till the age of thirteen, your life was the happiest, liveliest and granted a blessing to you. You grew up in an area in Chicago named  Norwood Park. Growing up with Johnny, living across the street from him was the best thing in America. If you were ever having troubles, worries or just needing a laugh, Johnny was the guy you depended for, he was like your brother till the dreaded day you guys were torn apart. 

Due to you only growing up with a single parent household and an only child, your dad had been offered a new, better earning job in Scotland. He took it for the sake of being able to afford more over in Scotland and live “a better and happier lifestyle” to mark his words; how wrong he was as neither yourself or him could have predicated the hell you went through; not that he knew of it anyways till leaving high school after prom.

Going from a busy place of Chicago to Dalgety Bay in Scotland, it was… very different, however though, being near the mouth of the river forth and the aesthetic photos and get away by  a near pier was useful you’d discovered. 

High school of S2 till S6 at the very end was hard. You’d missed the first year of high school in Scotland, turned out to be more crucial than you assumed, friend groups and their statuses had already formed within that first year and you trying to fit into any was a struggle. 

Eventually in S3 you’d found a group of friends, unfortunately it wasn’t good as they were known as ‘the goth and emo group.’ It wasn’t the name that bothered you, you did like your rock and alternative rock music, it was what your friends group would do. 

They’d go out every Friday and Saturday night into woods, drink, smoke, take drugs, light things on fire and pick fights with people for no reason.

It was when you were sixteen life got the roughest.

You were severely bullied by the boys that were “popular.” They pushed you against walls in pe, shoved you into walls if they saw you alone in the corridors, manipulated you into thinking things that you weren’t. One even stating to you, haunting you still to this day of “a fat bitch who deserves to die and be alone, like the loner you are.”

That day was it for you, the constant teasing, your “friends,” weren’t friends to depend on for that. That day, you went home, quit swimming, quit putting on a fake smile to your dad, you went straight to your bedroom. You immediately found a photo of you and Johnny, you stared at it till you couldn’t cry anymore. 

The next day, you stared wearing school jumpers to school, ensuring sleeves were always rolled down, hair left messier and your eyes swollen, dried red, deep dark eye bags. 

It was in Geography class your sleeve had fallen down a bit to show a couple of some rather fresh, blood thirsty scars. You quickly got your sleeve and looked around; no one had seen to your relief, panic fading already but your heart beat still static.

Skipping forward, they got noticed, your scars were exposed in pe in the girls changing rooms despite trying to hide them. Girls spreader rumours saying how you were showing them off and bragging about them and not caring who saw and just smirked when you saw them and flaunted them like it wasn’t you were in pain.

You wanted to kill yourself, you ate less and less for a few months, just eating something small at breakfast and whatever your dad cooked for dinner. He’d noticed your jitteriness and depression coming through that he made you a doctors appointment.

He just assumed it was homesick from America, he wasn’t wrong internally; you wanted to be back there but only to cry and be with your childhood best friend: Johnny.

The doctor has diagnosed you with severe depression and anxiety, prescribed medication to keep you alive as the suicidal thoughts were dark and you didn’t want to have another funeral for your dad to pay for.

Attending CALMHS wasn’t fun, they tried their best to help but it didn’t work out; mainly because you didn’t want to co-operate all the time, however, after a year and seven months, they let you go after you had entered S6 and life was picking up a bit and you could focus on your qualifications for your last year at school.

After highs school was, prom was over, you told your dad everything from the bullying from S3 to S5. In S6 all your bullies had left and you found a friend to depend to lie on and her name was Shona. She took everything about you and made it seem like it wasn’t anything. You were thankful for a friend like here even though the sweet friendship did end after finishing up high school.

The summer had ended and with your okay grades from high school, you got into Dundee university to do Geography. It was moving day for the under-graduates, you had got there for the late morning, unpacking, settling in to your dorm for the next year and saying hello to your roommates you’d be sharing with. They seemed like a nice couple of girls and the boy seemed rather reserved and shy. You learned his name was Angus and got along well with him.

A couple weeks into uni, you and Angus had gotten close, especially with both studying geography. You were glad to escape the toxicity of back home and start fresh at Dundee.

It wasn’t till freshers week of joining and experiencing clubs when you bumped into a stranger. His presence made you feel at home, safe and even his face looked familiar. 'Probably someone from high school.’ You thought to yourself.

You and the male stared at each other for around four and a half minute before he finally opened his mouth: “You know y/n if you took a picture it would last longer.” That’s when you realised; the looks, the chocolate brown hair and piercing brown eyes belonged to Johnny; Johnny from Chicago, Johnny your childhood best friend.

You immediately wrapping your hands around his neck and hugged him as tight as a snake killing its prey. With your partly Scottish accent now forming over the past seven years: “You fucker, why are you here? Not that I’m mad or anything, I’m just. YOU ARE HERE.” The last part you screamed.

Johnny hugging you back and letting a deep chuckle erupt from him once you spoke. He pulled away, his hands laying on the curve of your hips. His eyes locking onto your majestic blue ones. 

You stood again for a few seconds staring at another, enjoying each other’s presence before speaking again. 

“I’ve missed you so much, I’m so glad you’re here and now I can torment you again.” You said with a small laugh.

“Oh yeah? I’ve missed you too blue and I got to tell you a lot whilst teasing your clumsy ass.” Johnny spoke whilst fake glaring at you, ruffling what was once dark brown, now dyed a dark purple, suiting you better than your natural hair.

Both breaking out into a laugh.

Taking a walk through campus, you learned and caught up from another, you left out the bullying and would save it for another time. Pitching up at your dorm, you invited Johnny in knowing your other three roommates were out till evening.

Johnny looked around your small apartment dorm room and went into your bedroom, looking at it in awe as you appeared through the oak wood door with a couple mugs of hot chocolate. He mumbled out a thanks before taking a small slurp, making a hissing noise as he burnt his tongue, you laughing at him for drinking it when the milk was still fresh out the microwave.

“So how come you only seem to have one friend throughout your photos?” Johnny asked, your smile forming into a frown. Johnny saw your facial expression straight away, he knew it was a touchy subject.

“Y/n if it’s a sensitive topics you, you don’t have to say, I don’t wanna make you uncomfortable.” A small sincere smile went on Johnny’s face but you knew he felt guilty inside.

A heavy sigh leaving your chapped lips, you met Johnny’s eyes and gave the chocolate haired male a smile. “Let’s just say for four of my years at school, I was severely bullied and I did stuff I regret and I’m now on medication for my depression and anxiety to keep me.. Well "sane.” Your mouth drying our what you were saying and voice changing tone for when saying sane.

Johnny’s face fell almost instantly, his hands taking yours as he looked at you with so much guilt and pain in his eyes. “Did you ever try to…you know?” He asked, Adams apple moving as he heavily gulped.

“No, no and no, the only thing I did was self-harm, I had the thoughts a lot but I couldn’t ever carry it out because…” you paused, not sure wether to finish the rest of your sentence and Johnny’s left hand going to cup your face.

“I knew my dad wouldn’t be able to cope losing another person to suicide.” You muttered out and Johnny’s eyes widening.

He knew you had a mum, he’d met her till the age of seven when she had taken her life. He never knew till now, he’d just assumed she’d died of anything else.

Biting your lip to hold back your tears but failing as a couple slipped onto the sheets of your bed, Johnny pulling himself towards you and giving you a hug whilst sitting side by side, his chin resting on your forehead before he placed a kiss on it.

You stopped sniffling and went stiff from the movements instead. Your heart rate accelerating from a resting place to having just sprinted a lap around the track. 

Pulling your head away from Johnny you looked at him, a smile forming onto both your faces before leaning in slowly, your hand going underneath his chin, grin both of your faces. That’s when you decided to do what you had wanted to do from the moment of seeing Johnny again and use squish his cheeks together.

Laughter broke out of your room and echoed throughout the dorm, your head falling onto Johnny’s thighs and his onto your pillows.

After a few minutes of lauhing with tears involved. The pair of you sat up. “I missed times like these with you.” Johnny spoke first and moving your purple fringe away from your eyes. 

“I missed it also.. it’s like we were…” Your soft voice spoke, pausing on what to say before stating: “never away from each other” Johnny also said in sync with you, grin on his face.

A few more weeks had passed and all three of Angus, Johnny and yourself had become the best of friend’s. Johnny was studying Law there, it didn’t surprise you with how smart the bot was despite his clumsy self.

You’d joined the swimming, horse riding, skiing and archery club at your uni and loving all of them plus studying your course along with Angus there to help you when needed.

A couple days ago when Johnny was around at your apartment dorm, Angus had came in with a  boy, his named was Innis and you knew him from when you worked at mini-golf at the fire leisure park. Immediately your head clicked, you knew Angus was bisexual and Innis was Homosexual and with their eyes giving each other the fucking look, you knew they were dating.

You ran up to them both and hugged them tightly, proud they’d both found happiness and glad Angus had opened up to someone else than just you. Your past was just as rough as Anguss’, his if even rougher.

Now on a Sunday and studying up for your first semester exams just before Christmas, you and Johnny had decided to meet at your place before heading off to the art museum in Dundee.

It was such a spectacular sight, the building nothing like you’d seen before in a place just starting to come out of a tough time. The afternoon was spent in the shopping centre and ending to a trip with subway. 

Of course as cliché as you hated to admit it, you had developed feelings for Johnny. At first you just assumed it was seeing him again after eight years apart and the rush of getting close again, that however, changed when one night when thinking at five am, you discovered you liked Johnny Seo.

“I’ll have a foot long, nine honey oat grain veggie sub and a foot long meatball as well please thank you.” You spoke when ordering your and Johnny’s subs

“Any drinks you’d like with that today?” The cashier asked having your subs prepared now after ordering most veg offered there onto your sub along with melted cheese.

After pausing to think you finally answered the lady: “Uhm, can I please have a pepsi max and an irn bru?” She gave a small smile whilst saying the total of your meal and gave you the change required.

Sitting opposite Johnny, you handed him his meatball sub and the bottle of irn bru, a pout forming when he saw you had a bottle of pepsi max.

“Y/nnnnnnnnn since-” he tried to speak before you cut him off. “You’ve been in Scotland for three months and still haven’t tried irn bru, you’re drinking it no matter what.” You spoke firmly but in a joking tone as you stuck your tongue out as well.

Johnny laughed as he thought you looked cute doing so, he tucked into his sub and eventually said that irn bru was good but still preferred pepsi max. You just rolled your eyes at him and claimed to how American he was. His finger pointed at you before he glared at you playfully.

“No need to be so sassy now y/n." 

"What can I say, I learned from my dork of a best friend.” You said whilst looking him up and down in a stating manner.

“Well I must say, whoever they were, should be taught a lesson as you have topped their skills.” Johnny admitted though he knew you were referring to him. Instead of saying anything, you just laughed instead.

After the fun and eventful day with Johnny, he decided the pair of you head back to his apartment who he shared with Jaehyun, a guy also from America he had came here with. 

Johnny dumped down the backs on the sofa when he entered and discovered Jaehyun wasn’t at home. A wave of appreciation being sent to him through Johnny’s mind that Jaehyun had stuck to his words.

You’d put on Black panther since you and Johnny were both Marvel trash and flopped onto his bed along with some snacks you’d both bought from earlier.

Towards the end of the film when T'Challa and Erik were watching the sunset, you couldn’t help but cuddle closer into Johnny’s side, his hand resting on your hip and his thumb stroking the top of your thigh. His smile grew as he looked down at your half concentrated self watching the ending of the film.

He called out your name in a husky voice as he was starting to get tired, yawning after he called you. You looked up to Johnny, eyes gluing from the tv to him before muttering “yes John D?”

His eyes rolling at the name you’d given him after re-connecting but he just ignored that and spoke instead. 

“So my friend, Jaehyun, he really likes this girl, and he’s unsure of how to ask her out or kiss her to let her know of his feelings but he’s unsure and my dumbass doesn’t know either, but, you’re part girl so any advice?” His eyes trying to look for a bit of hope you’d get the hint but it flew over your head.

“Oh hush, I’m full girl, I just am a tomboy girl.” Your tongue sticking out but Johnny grabbing it before you could do anything else.

“Y/n, stop sticking your tongue out or I will kiss you.” Both his and your eyes widening from what just left his mouth, Johnny going into a panicked state.

“Shit, sorry y/n, I didn’t mean for it to come out like that, it was just the first thing on my mind but I swear I didn’t mea-” he frantically spoke before you cut him off.

Your lips pressed against his. Seeing Johnny babble on like that and wanting to shut him up, you gave in to what you’d been wanting to do the entire day and kiss him. 

His lips moved against yours once he realised what was happening. Big goofy smiles going across both of your faces and heads tilting in opposite ways and eyes closing. 

At the moment there was only you pair, no one else. You taking the lead, moved your tongue along Johnny’s bottom lip, him applying to open it straight away and take dominance from there. He rolled you over till he was on top of you. 

The kiss getting deeper and more intense as your tongues explored each other’s mouth and the sound of thr breathing and lips moving  against another all the be heard in the apartment. 

Your hand found it’s way up the back of Johnny’s top, feeling his back muscle whilst the other was lost in his wavy locks from the wind during the day.

His hands were kept at your cheek before he felt yours in his hair. He slowly moved one down the side of your body, up your shirt to feel your stomach, his hand brushing past old scars causing you to shiver.

Not wanting him to pull away to stop, you nibbled on his bottom lip which erupted a groan from Johnny’s mouth and him to grind down on you causing a light moan from you to escape. 

He broke this kiss to move it down your neck where he planted soft kisses at first but soon turned into blue, purple and black hickies. 

You pulled his chin back up to your lips where the kiss instantly recoiled into a steamy one, Johnny’s hand finding it’s way to unclasp your bra at the front where you let out a gasp into the kiss, himself smirking into the kiss.

You’d pulled off his shirt and turned him and yourself over where you placed kisses down his chest, leaving a few hickies, almost about to explore down further before hearing a door shut.

Johnny and you immediately stopped, you clasped your bra back together but Johnny remained topless since Jaehyun had entered the room.

A smirk on his face as he realised what he had distruped. “Sorry for the cock blocking but Johnny you got an exam tomorrow afternoon.” Jaehyun spoke before leaving again to his room shouting. “AND USE PROTECTION YOU PAIR.”

Johnny and yourself letting out a groan before laughing. Johnny had climbed back into bed and rested beside you, cuddling into you.

“Y/n, I’m no expert in the romance department but I like you and I wondered if yo-” again you had cut him off with a kiss.

“Yes Johnny, I will be your girlfriend.” You said chuckling and Johnny smirking as he gave you a bear hug and rolled around till he was on top again.

Eyes locking onto another, a sweet kiss locked for a few minutes before he pulled away and pecked your forehead.

“I would love for this to continue but I got an exam for tomorrow that I won’t wake up for in time as I’d need more than one round with you.” His husky voice now mixed with lust.

“Well come by to my apartment dorm after mh dorm and we’ll see what happen.” You muttered back, kissing his lips and flashing him a wink.

Making out with Taeil
  • probably happens like,,,, 2 times every month lmao
  • mostly happens when he’s like in the mood for cuddles & being all romantic with you (that always end up in sex tbh) or as foreplay
  • what he does like doing though is like kissing you but for a low-key long time???? like his kisses aren’t long enough to be like a making out session but either is like short enough to be considered a simple kiss
  • he’d love giving you those kinds of kisses all the times, as a greeting, when you have to leave, when he needs love,,,, bc he isn’t much of a fan of pecks but also wants to keep it low-key ya know
  • but talking about your making out sessions, it’d be pretty simple and traditional
  • he’s open to idk making out with you in different cuddling positions or idk standing or with you against a wall bc location wouldn’t matter too much to him
  • but he’d feel unnecessary to do weird things like idk biting or French kissing
  • he low-key likes French kissing though, from time to time it does happen and always leaves you like !!!!!!!!! bc,,, yeah, he does like experimenting a bit tbh but like low-key
  • but overall he’d feel like it’d be so unnecessary, to him making out should be kept simple and enjoyable and not too crazy or weird
  • once you bitten his lip after making out 
  • right after every kiss finishes he always smiles and looks down at his hands bc he’s shYyyYyYyYyYyy
  • “aw, the grandpa is shy??? so cute”
  • “,,,shut up,,,”
  • lmaoooo he’d blush so much every time you tease him
  • sometimes you don’t even need to say anything, just by seeing you trying to not smile at how cute he is would already make him flustered
  • “,,,,,….”
  • “StOPpPpppP”
  • “I didn’t say anything!”
  • “I know,,,, but I’m still offended”
  • who understands him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • the first times he was actually quite confident on himself but like would stop every 5′ just to check that you’re comfortable w it
  • and despite that most of the times you’re the one starting the making out sessions, now he’s confident enough to start them himself!!!
  • honestly I feel like there’s lots of people out there who think that taeil is juts like a shy guy 24/7 and under every single situation but I don’t think so
  • I feel like he trusts you and like, yeah, he’s not a talkative person + is quite slow at everything but not bc he’s shy, that’s just how he is
  • he loves making out with you and feels closer to you, so he isn’t scared or embarrassed of showing a different side of him in front of you instead of always being quirky and weird like he’s w the members
  • so expect a lot from bold!taeil
  • but he would only be bold w his actions, not so much with his words. like, dirty talk and that kinda stuff ain’t his thing but instead he loves to touch your butt in the middle of a making out session
  • but he’d do it in a playful way, kinda to surprise you and to laugh at your reaction
  • when things are getting more steamy he would be so so respectful and wouldn’t touch you like that without your permission, his hands would be sticked to your waist, maybe under your t-shirt as he kisses you
  • and his hands are always in there tbh, always either in your lower back or in your waist, sometimes under your t-shirt bc he loves to feel your warmness and caress your soft skin
  • those kind of soft touches really do make everything feel magic <3 ugh, he’s so boyfriend
  • never rejects a kiss, not even if he’s not in the mood
  • he’d get in the mood right after though, don’t worry about it 🤪
  • he’s probably more of a dominant too
  • when you try to be the dominant one he just can’t take it seriously idk is a weird flex but ok
  • I guess he just looks at you like this really adorable and cute thing and,,, you being dominant is just really funny to him lmao
  • anyway, basically, you’re really lucky to have him
  • because yeah, he might not be the best at expressing his feelings verbally even if he really tries
  • but his kisses are so passionate and so so sweet that… you just have not doubts about his feelings for you after a couple of long smooches <3
  • he would transmit so much… he’d put his whole heart on those half an hour long making out sessions
  • and you’ll just melt bc of it, they’re just amazing
  • and whenever you separate to recuperate your breaths he’d be so soft?????
  • he’d hold your hand, leave a couple of kisses in your knuckles and even giggle sweetly as he does
  • mY HEarT
  • wow, you’re one lucky bitch for having Moon Taeil uhm