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Masterlist; |01|

Pairing; Taehyung x Reader

Genre; Angst, psychiatrist au!

Rating; +16, Warning; Death, Abuse

wordcount; 2.122

Summary; You met him at the mental ward. The second you saw him, you felt intrigued by the person staring out of the window.

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BTS’ Kinks Masterpost (Based on Astrology) - Maknae Line

warning: mature content, pure filth ahead 🥀


  • anyone who still doesn’t believe that man’s a dom, listen:

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⇁ money shot (m)

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pairing⇁Yoongi x Reader 

genre⇁smut || pornstar!au

⚬ warnings⇁dom!yoongi, submissive!reader, verbal humiliation, spanking, roleplay, rough sex, cum play, dirty talk, this is porn ok and everything is consensual

word count⇁10.9k pwp 

  • [money shot] in a pornographic movie, refers to the sequence in which the male actor ejaculates onto his partner’s body

“Don’t look so put off. Min Yoongi’s indisputably one of the best in the industry. He’s extremely professional and experienced—and handsome to boot. You’ll be in the very best hands. He rarely works with newbies, so consider yourself special.”

or ; the author just really wanted to write a pornstar!au but got carried away;;

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it takes two to make a thing go right (dogboy hybrid au) pt. 1

Rated: M

Warning: Dom themes, possessive behavior, knotting, excessive oral sex, rough sex. 

Summary: What’s better than one dogboy lover? Two dogboy lovers. But when Tae and Jungkook seem unusually clingy, it can only mean one thing. That time of the month has snuck up on you and your dogboy lovers do not want to share. 

Note: jungkook is mean to taehyung in this cuz hes the dom alpha and taehyung tests his dominance too much =( but the smut is filthy and nasty lmfaoo. also i apologize in advance if the writing is a little weird and random in some spots. ive written on this story while being terribly exhausted, and then while being drunk, sad and mad. lol what im trying to say is i wrote parts of this story in numerous states of mind! oh and yes theres gonna be a second part to this so plz dont ask ill get it out asap. enjoy my loves!

Words: 8.4k

Since the dishes in the sink had gotten dangerously high from neglect, you thought you’d finally set up shop in the kitchen and try to tackle the giant mess. With your laptop sitting up on the bar in front of you playing Bob’s Burgers on Hulu and your big glass of lemonade set to the side, you were totally prepared to spend some time here at the sink.

The reason for there being so many dirty dishes was because living with two male hybrids was like living with two bottomless pits when it came to food. They ate so much, and did not understand the concept of reusing dishes under any circumstances. Every time they ate, it was a new dish being used, no matter how many times you tried to explain to them that their glasses could at least be used more than once.

They were utterly clueless.

Glancing over the top of your lap top into the living room, you saw Jungkook and Taehyung sitting on the edge of the couch, controllers clutched in their hands as they stared intently at the screen in front of them. You huffed a sigh of relief at them finally seeming to be content, returning your attention back to the task at hand.

The past couple of days they had been unbelievably clingy, begging for your attention constantly and not allowing you to get anything productive done at home. Finally after having enough of their constant pestering, you broke down this morning and went to the store to buy them a new videogame for the PS4.

And so far, that had done the trick at distracting them so you could get some work done, but you could only hope it would last.

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anonymous asked:

i was reading about how having your North node conjunct someones South node can indicate that you two will be important for each other or tied to each other in some way, and this was said, "Look at vmin, they have both North and South node conjunct each other. Jimin's sun is conjunct taehyung libra north node and taehyung Aries moon is conjunct jimin Aries south node. They were meant to be and they call each other soulmates." i was thinking you could include this if you analyze the vmin ship!!

whoever pointed that out is absolutely right! i’m not too well versed in the nodes and their very complex meanings, but i do know enough to recognize that these are powerful, powerful placements. vmin always intrigued me because they don’t have any planetary synastry aspects that jumped out at me and explained their strong bond, but this definitely does!

{ to preface, the lunar nodes (north and south) are two mathematical points in your chart that hold a lot karmic significance. basically, the south node presents your past life. it represents skills that you have already mastered and brought into your current life; your gifts and talents. the north node presents your destiny. it represents lessons that you will have to learn to reach enlightenment, and the trials and tribulations you face along the way. }

now let’s look at what this means for jimin and taehyung. the fact their north/south nodes are conjunct with one another means that they lived similar past lives together, and their future holds a common destiny. their sun and moon forming these aspects represents a yin and yang dynamic. ex. the sun can’t survive without the moon, and vise versa. they complete each other

(even bighit supports sun!jimin and moon!taehyung 👀)

jimin’s sun conjunct taehyung’s north node - one of the main themes of this relationship is growth. taehyung’s north node in libra shows where he lacks, his weaknesses. jimin shines light on those areas, teaches and mentors him. jimin brings out the best in his friend.

“one of the major themes of your relationship is developing each other’s talents and strengths. this contact is a powerful one. instant friendship is probable”

“the sun person will be highly complimentative of the node person, increasing the node person’s self-esteem. the sun person will say and do things that make the node person open up their potentials”

“there is a feeling of going somewhere through this relationship. you are likely to be quite active together, spurring each other on frequently” a feeling of progress and growth with each other, just like how they grew taking classes together, during long nights practicing in the dance room, chasing their dreams despite the cloud of uncertainty

“the north node is undoubtedly strongly drawn towards the sun person, and vice-versa. indeed, the north node person feels a fated pull towards the sun person. the north node certainly feels there is a future with the sun person and is attracted to the growth the relationship represents.”

you could say (quite literally) that jimin is the sunshine in taehyung’s life

taehyung’s moon conjunct jimin’s south node - a strong indicator of a past life connection, a karmic relationship that was extremely nurturing almost like how a mother (moon) nurtures their child.

another aspect of this placement is a feeling of indebtedness on both parts. they feel as if they are each other’s responsibility, as if they have to repay each other for favors done in their past life. due to this, they don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for each other. giving and generosity is abundant in their relationship

“the attraction is instant. you immediately feel safe, secure, and comfortable in each other’s presence. there is much safety and comfort in the relationship, and the emotional bond is tremendous”

“there is a great deal of sympathy between the two of you, and these feelings come naturally”

star crossed lover, soulmates, whatever term you use: vmin’s bond is truly remarkable, and the stars prove it.


You are at the very top of your college cohort, an A grade student on the fast track to a life of success. You know the answers to everything, or at least you think you do. That is until you meet quirky genius Kim Taehyung.”

  • pairing: taehyung x reader
  • genre: smut, fluff, college au, college rivals au, librarian!tae
  • wordcount: 15k

❀ 3 / 8 of my oneshot requests

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feedback (m) | vhope

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pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Tae
genre/warnings: smut, detailed oral (giving and receiving), multiple partners.
words: 11.1k
summary: You’re feeling a little insecure about something your friend had said, and your besties Tae and Hobi are there to help you out.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET @rbuns!! I hope you’re having an amazing day and I hope you enjoy your two bias wreckers in this xD I love you <3

The words echo in your head like a song on repeat, a constant tune mocking you and reminding you just how sweet and innocent you are. Your friend hadn’t meant it to hurt your feelings, you don’t think she did anyway, but it really stuck and now you couldn’t focus on anything else.

“Wait really? That’s so cute - how ‘chaste’ of you!”

What did that even mean? ‘Chaste’? Once you’d figured it out you were even more incensed. It’s not like you were a virgin, and surely you couldn’t be the only girl that hadn’t given a blowjob before. Up until now, you didn’t think it was a big deal, but the way she’d reacted –so surprised– made it seem so weird.

The doubt and insecurity crawled under your skin like bugs and had you fidgeting so hard that you couldn’t possibly focus on the textbook in front of you, and after ten minutes of reading the same paragraph with nothing being absorbed into your brain, your forehead finally hit the coffee table with a thud.

“_____… you okay?” Taehyung lifts his head at your followed groan and fixes his gaze to the messy mop of hair that is now starting to creep over onto his own textbook.

“M’fine.” The words are tired, muffled, but he can still hear you, and immediately notices the frustration in your voice.

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ah yes. i’ve been wanting to analyze the relationship between these loveable rascals for the longest time. let see what makes their bond so strong 

jungkook’s sun trine taehyung’s sun:
- virgos and capricorn are almost always partners in crime. being two earth signs, they have a lot of common ground and share similar interests and values. - this is a very stable pairing that will stay by each other’s side through thick and thin
- “an excellent aspect for a union because neither has to explain to the other about their goals and overall personality. they complement each other in basic ways. this aspect helps strengthen your relationship because there is an overall understanding and you support one another at the end of the day”
- “you feel understood, appreciated, recognized, and affirmed by one another. you stimulate, vitalize, motivate, and believe in each other in an overall sense”
- the most domestic couple

now let’s look at what taekook is known for: their antics. they’re always seen playing or sharing a laugh together. this childish fun between them is explained by their jupiter aspects:

jungkook’s jupiter trine taehyung’s moon:
- “you feel happy in each others&#146; presence and find that your joy is doubled. keeping a sense of adventure and continued learning alive is an important feature of your relationship”
- “you will feel happier, luckier, more daring and optimistic when your partner is around. you have compatible outlooks, an interest in expanding your horizons, and in trying new adventurous experiences”

jungkook’s jupiter conjunct taehyung’s venus
- “this union is likely to be completely successful. a couple that is happy to be alive, and to live together, with a pleasant family and home, total confidence in each other, intellectual understanding, similar tastes. there is a strong desire to make each other happy”
- “you enjoy each other’s company immensely and put each other in a happy mood. you make each other laugh and you feel very open, loose, and jovial around each other”

- they also have venus-mars and moon-pluto aspects which can indicate some intense power struggles 👀 one person always trying to dominate the other 👀 if u know what i mean 👀


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