taehyung imagine

gucci gang.

pairing: kim taehyung x reader
fandom: bts
warnings: spanking ; choking ; hair pulling (it’s just really kinky lol)
genre: smut ; fluff
previous: x

summary: (I can’t say anything other than what the requests are saying lol. literally porn without plot)

a/n: it has most certainly been a while since I posted the first part to this, but oh well! hope you enjoy this ♥

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It was only a day later, when you and him were chilling on his bed and watching a drama that he brought the dream up again.

“You were talking in your sleep last night, you know?”

“Wh..- Really?” you stretched your neck, so you could look up at him, “What did I say?”

“Something naughty,” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

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Fire - Yandere Taehyung


Hi, can you write Taehyung Yandere imagine where the reader is locked in his apartment while he is working and when he arrives back discover that his neighbor apartment burned but the fireman’s saved everyone including his S/O? ❤

A/N I hate this one 😓 I feel like I could’ve done better but I’ve had a long day and I didn’t want to keep putting it off.

Sorry loves.

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Smoke filled your lungs as you woke up coughing.

You abruptly sat up to realize there was smoke everywhere.

You began to panic, had Taehyung left the stove on before he went to work?

You had no time for thinking. You had to get out.

You flung the door open to see more smoke.

You got on the ground and began to crawl for the front door not like it mattered much anyway you knew it would be locked.

Once you reached it you tried to jiggle it with a tiny ounce of hope.


“Coming through!” You heard a voice yell from the outside.

You balled your fists and slammed on the door yelling as more smoke entered your lungs.

You began the feel lightheaded and you continued to bang and yell.

“I think it’s coming from here.” The same voice spoke. “Move back.” He instructed. “We’re gonna knock the door down.

You slowly crawled out of the way laying on the floor feeling weak.

Seconds later the door was knocked open.

You vision was too blurred for you to see your hero but you were greatful nonetheless.

A mask was placed on your and you were instructed to take deep breaths.

Once everything cleared up you were taken to a hospital for further care.

You were let go after a couple of hours and you returned home.

You stood outside in horror looking at your neighbor’s apartment.

"Jagiya!” You heard your boyfriend yell as he sprinted up to you.

He grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay. I- I saw the house and I was so worried.”

“A firefighter saved me. He knocked the door open and saved me.” You said in a fairly shaken voice.

“He touched you? Did he hurt you? I’ll kill him.”

You became furious.

Your pried yourself from his tight grasp.

“J—jagiya, what’s wrong? Aren’t you okay?”

“No thanks to you.” You coldly said.

“You know I had to work baby. Don’t be like this.” He reached for you but you moved away.

“That isn’t what I meant Taehyung.”

“What is it then baby? Tell me. You know I hate to see you like this.” He said like a hurt puppy.

“I almost died. And do you want to know why?” You paused, “because you kept me locked up in that damn apartment!” You yelled angrily at him.

He roughly grabbed your arm and pulled you into your apartment.

He closed the door behind him and turned to you. “You know why I had to do that. You tried to leave me.”

“I told you to trust me. I won’t do it again. You can take off the locks.”

He shook his head as he was deep in thought.

“Let’s get away from here. We can finally get a house like you wanted and you can be safe knowing there are no neighbors to hurt you.”

“I don’t care about that. I want you to stop locking me up.”

“You’re asking for too much. I’ll make some changes but I am keeping the locks.”

He took your hand, “I’m gonna spend more time at home so I can protect you. I can’t wait to get our first house. I love you so much baby.”

Shattered - Taehyung x Reader

The crisp autumn air brushed her hair out of her face, as their boots beat against the sunkissed pavement.  She laced her fingers with her boyfriend’s, a smile tugging at Taehyung’s lips as he gently swung their hands back and forth, almost in rhythm with the sound of the city.

They talked about career, about future, about everything.  Every once in awhile Taehyung would bring their significant others hand up to his lips, and place a gentle kiss on it– whispering an “I love you” as the two continued on with their mind clearing walk.  


The bell to the cafe let out a ‘ding’ as the couple walked in.  Their hands broke apart, as she took a seat at a nearby table, Taehyung going to buy drinks at the counter.  He was unsure why his girlfriend was acting so distant, so standoffish as they walked here.  He wondered if she knew what he was planning, if she knew her response already.  

As he sat the drinks down at the table, the warmth of them lingering on his fingertips, she shifted, her fingers beating against the table in an anxious harmony.  “So you know how I’m always on tour-”  She let out a sigh as he began talking, slouching down in her chair as she got ready to hear whatever story, about whatever fan, in whatever place she did not go. He fiddled with the object in his pocket as she took another sip of her drink.   

Everytime a conversation about his tour came up, she could feel her mood depleting. Recently things had changed from, I went this place and saw this, to, I met this person and we did this.  Needless to say, the years of their dating did nothing to repress her jealousy.  Mask the pain she felt when she called him for their daily talk and he said he had already promised some other girl to go out to grab a meal with her.  

Her heart was crushed.  Her trust depleting with every passing day.  She couldn’t bear to live like this.  Put up with the pain of not knowing whether or not she still trusted the person she loved more than anything, whether or not she’d finally be able to go to bed without crying.  Her heart, that was once filled with love for Taehyung, seemed to be full of blue sadness, poisoning the love she once held.  “Well I know things are rough but I have something important to ask you!”  He gave her a smile, squeezing her hand, as she felt a wave of sadness over take her.  What would it be?  Would it be him asking if it was okay for him to see other people?  If it’s okay for him to stop calling?  To stop visiting?

“Taehyung I have to ask something important first-”  He wasn’t quick enough to cut her off, to tell her his thing was more important.  Within seconds the words were leaking out of her lips, and filled the open air, “Do you think we should break up?  Because I think we should, I’m sorry,”

The hand that he had in his pocket, went numb, as she walked up to the counter to get  refill on her drink.  The box he once fiddled with with said hand now lay in his pocket, limp, the engagement ring inside of it unmoving as his heart shattered into a million tiny pieces and fell at his feet.


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Calling them daddy [Smut] 

You dancing sexily on stage [Smut] 

Revealing your relationship in an interview

Surprising them with handcuffs [Smut] 

Being younger than they thought

Saving them from a sasaeng

You being needy [Smut] 

Teasing them under the table [Smut]

You dating another member but they like you

All the members having a crush on you

Catching them touching themselves [Smut]

Watching you pleasuring yourself [Smut] 

Being a dancer and overworking yourself 

You come from a verbally abusive household

Sending them a dirty picture [Smut]

Another member walking in on you two [Smut]

Giving them a lap dance + strip tease [Smut]

Overhearing you talking about your crush on them

Catching them staring at you

Waking them up with a blowjob [Smut]

You being quiet [Smut]

Sitting on their lap in public [Smut]

You wearing their clothes

Clenching around them [Smut]

Someone flirting with you

The members teasing him about his crush on you

You not wearing panties [Smut]

You squirting [Smut]

They’re in love with their bestfriend

Moaning another members name in bed [Smut]

Asking for a threesome with another member [Smut]

Calling your father ‘daddy’ and they reply

Asking them to a sex tape [Smut]

Waking them up for sex [Smut]

Interrupting them with a kiss

Riding their face [Smut] 

Cuddling them in your sleep

Catching you reading smut about them [Smut]

Seeing you without makeup for the first time

Giving them road head [Smut]

You being shorter than them

Riding their thigh [Smut]

They comfort you after your crush rejects you

Praise kink [Smut] 

Making him blush

You get jealous

Walking in on you changing

You being shipped with another member 

You taking control [Smut]

Waking up next to you

Dirty talking him [Smut]

You acting clingy


Accidentally sending another member a nude

Being jealous of your male bestfriend

Late night texts

Accidentally revealing your crush to them

Being jealous of another member


Sex with BTS [Smut]

Friends with benefits with BTS [Smut] 

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Bangtan exposing your crush on Jin

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Mistake (m) Yoongi x reader

He acts like a fuckboy but really he doesn’t know how to tell you how beautiful you are.

Chapter two


Yoongi as your boyfriend would include…


Bangtan exposing your crush on Yoongi

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Hoseok as your boyfriend would include…


Bangtan exposing your crush on Hoseok

Long distance and saying I love you

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Bangtan exposing your crush on Namjoon

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Jimin as your boyfriend would include…


Bangtan exposing your crush on Jimin

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Taehyung as your boyfriend would include…


Bangtan exposing your crush on Taehyung

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Jungkook as your boyfriend would include…


Bangtan exposing your crush on Jungkook