taehyung is not amused

Reverse Heroine | (II)

parts: ➳ 1 | 2 /?

a supposedly only 2 part fic ft. fuckboy!jungkook x reader

summary: because platonic love is underrated

genre: college au, fluff/angst idk?

word count: 5.1k

a/n: I probably fluctuated too much with the comedy and angst on this but because i wrote on different days it just really goes by my mood. i also probably should stop thinking that I’m being really funny because i’m laughing at my own jokes like its so sad somebody halp me. 

shoutout to the cutest baby that i need to protect from Jungkook the rude hip thrusting brat: @mintmintyoongi you’re so cute and sweet omg my grandma heart is alive and well when i think of you

let me know what you guys think of the new chapter!

              After the interruption from the well-loved couple, the party resumed to its previous state. Smashed students downing on drinks and- wait, is that Kim Taehyung doing a keg stand right now? You shake your head in amusement; that boy never fails to go all out during parties. You’ve already walked around the frat house twice in search for Jungkook, seeing way too much going on for your liking, but the boy was still nowhere to be found. Popping a couple of beers yourself, your bladder was now urgently sending a signal – yep, it was definitely an emergency. You run to the closest bathroom, hand on the knob to find girl on the counter and your favourite fratboy standing between her legs, lips locked like they were about to devour each other.

               The caramel locks are recognizable at first sight, which are currently entangled in Jungkook’s hand like a wild animal. The sophomore has taken it too far this time, messing around with someone like her. With anger bubbling in your stomach, you pull on Jungkook’s t-shirt, separating the bodies apart. With some space between the two, you realize that the girl was indeed Park Sora – daughter of President Park of the director’s board. She looks embarrassed and flustered in being caught in action, immediately closing her legs together in hopes of saving her prim and proper image.

               “You’re coming with me, Jeon.” A hiss comes out of your mouth and Jungkook makes no attempt to resist, he was smart enough to know not to mess with you when you were fuming.

               Dragging the drunken body outside, you muster all your strength and throw Jungkook onto the ground. He groans in pain at the contact and your heartstrings tug for a second before returning to your iron expression once again.

               “It’s only grass, Jeon. You’ve been slammed countless of times like this in football, stop pretending like it actually hurts.” You roll your eyes as you wait for the boy to get up on his feet. The fresh and brisk air outside seems to have Jungkook sobered up a bit, who tries to push through you to get into the house again.

               “Leave me alone, loser.” He mutters, alcohol stenching his breath. “I have to get back to Sora.”

               You pull him back to stand in front of you, hands tugging on the collar of his shirt. “I’m saving your ass, you idiot! If President Park finds out about you messing with his precious little daughter, you can kiss your sports scholarship goodbye!”

               Your hands release Jungkook when he seems to finally realize the situation that he got himself in, no longer demanding to get back inside. He sucks in a breath of cold air as he kicks the grass on the lawn, obviously aware of the consequences of his actions but still pissed off that you called him out like that.

               “Kook, I thought you were better than this.” You groan, pulling your messy locks back from falling forwards. “You-you know that you shouldn’t mess with girls like that. She’s going to take everything for serious! And I can’t let you hurt her like that”

               Everything falls silent. Too tired to keep yelling at your friend, you watch as Jungkook stands before you – head looking down with his bangs covering his eyes. The climax of the party continues in the back of the house, muffled music filling up the dead space between you and Jungkook. The unsettling tension is making you crazy until he finally decides to speak again.

               “What if the one that’s hurt is me?” Jungkook looks at you for the first time since the two of you have been outside. His eyes are bloodshot and watery, and his pained expression makes your heart clench in sympathy.

               “What?” A soft sound escapes your lips, confused to what Jungkook was saying. “What are you even sayi-”                

               “I lied. I lied to you, Y/N.” Jungkook whispers. “That night, when you asked me if I ever loved someone before and I told you that I didn’t.” He continues when you pull his hand into yours as support, feeling relieved at the contact. “I was wrong.” Jungkook looks up into the night sky, in attempt to keep his gleaming tears from falling. But it was no use, it was just too easy to be himself – not the infamous bad boy that the campus knew him as – whenever you’re around.

              “That feeling you mentioned, I didn’t- I just didn’t know what you were talking about. Until today, when I saw Jimin’s hands around her.”

               Jungkook takes a deep breath and shudder, needing a moment to get over his rush of emotions that was overwhelming him. You take this time to bring him to the sidewalk curb, sitting down with him beside you.

               “I’m in love, Y/N. With my own fucking best friend.” A series of soft cries escape from Jungkook’s lips, leaning onto your shoulder as support. You didn’t realize that he was crying until you felt his tears staining your skin underneath the t-shirt. You should’ve noticed the signs. It was bound to happen – the way he looks at her, the way he smiles when she does, and the way he suffers when he saw Jimin with his beloved. You should have realized that Jeon Jungkook was in love with Lee Daeun.

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the signs' bts boyfriend + their first date
  • aries: jin; amusement park
  • taurus: taehyung; arcade
  • gemini: jungkook; beach
  • cancer: namjoon; mini golf
  • leo: jin; picnic at the park
  • virgo: taehyung; zoo
  • libra: jhope; laser tag
  • scorpio: yoongi; art museum
  • sagittarius: jimin; ice cream date
  • capricorn: namjoon; bowling
  • aquarius: jungkook; concert
  • pisces: yoongi; drive-in movie theater
Keeping up with BTS

here we have baby jimin cutely asking namjoon to hold his mic so he could wear his jacket

but daddy namjoon was like: 

then came mama jin to rescue his baby jiminnie. and of course taehyung was also there who just had to tease jimin and his short fingers lol

jimin wasn’t amused and was ready to fight taehyung haha. and mama jin was still insisting that jimin is the baby of the family

and while jimin was about to fight taehyung, the real baby jungkook made himself known

but mama jin was like:

namjoon: why not? explain!

taehyung (at jungkook): just look at his built!

and while daddy namjoon and mama jin were arguing, sweet yoongi hyung was actually helping jiminnie dressed up

succesfully ending the argument XD

screen caps from bts memories of 2015

Covetous Crimson (M)


DESCRIPTION: boiling envy turns into lust showing taehyung a side to you he’s never encountered before.

WARNINGS: bondage, slight violence, bad language, explicit content duh?

AUTHORS NOTE: this actually fully killed me sub!taehyung is a must -allyxx

REQUEST: Can I request a smut of Kim taehyung please!!😅 like him telling you to touch him under the table when you eating dinner with the guys😏 hope you understand😁

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Taehyung x Reader

Word Count ~ 1, 550

Warnings: Loss of Virginity, Smut, Fluff and Arranged Marriage 

Plot: All he has to say is “Amused” and what ever amuses him, i’ll do. 

Originally posted by officialwookkibby

“I’m amused" 

He said as we talked back from our arranged marriage meeting, just the two of us. 

“What?” I said, not understanding that “amused/amuse” would soon become my slave word. 

“I don’t hate this idea of marrying you, it amuses me, so let get married" 

“But, do we have a choice?”

“Then see you soon, on our wedding night” He smirks walking back to his room, and l back to mine, we are to get married by the end of this week.

Monday —

l went dress shopping with my Mom and Taehyung’s- wait, l need to get use to saying this, “Mother in law”. 

Tuesday —

l spent the whole day looking at wedding cakes.

Wednesday —

l made cards inviting all my friends and family on my side to the wedding.

Thursday —

l didn’t do much but sleep, l’ve been busy as of late.

Friday —

Wedding rehearsals. And finally the day came.

Saturday —

7:46 am - l wake up to get my make-up, hair and nails done. Finished by 10:23 am

11:10 am l wore my wedding dress for the second time, it was still beautiful.

11:40 am I arrived at the alter where my “loving” husband waited for our vows.

12:29 pm Now my official husband and l, went to the signing together, the first time we’ve ever gone anywhere as a married couple.

6:00 pm Our after party started.

1:01 am The after party was officially over and now we’re heading off towards our honeymoon.

Of all the nights I’ve lived, this was my happiest. It’s because i’m in love with him, I always have been.

“Hey…” Taehyung said softly as we arrived at our new house, the same place where we’ll have our future kids one day.

“Yes Taehyung?” I answered after smelling the light scent of alcohol in his breathe.

“This is our wedding night,” We where walking our way down the hallow way, past all the empty and extra rooms. “I was thinking because it was our wedding night,” As we entered our bedroom, I had forgotten just how big it is, I forgot that this room would be big enough for a whole family. I was so distracted by the room and the racing of my heart that when Taehyung had tapped me on the shoulder to remind me that we we’re having a conversation I squeaked.

“What’s wrong?”


“Did you hear me?”

“No, could you repeat it?”

“Sure, let have sex.”

“WOAH, so soon… We haven’t even been married for a day.”

“Will, it’s kinda think you do on a wedding night, just saying.”

“b-b-b-b-b-b-but, do we have to?”

“No, obviously not. It just amuse me.”

“Amuses you…?”

“Yes,” He says starting me down with a devilish look, 

"T-taehyun…g?” I say wondering if l appear look like food to him, after all that’s how he’s looking at me right now. As l slowly walk away, why does he have a starving predictor kind of look in his eyes? He advances towards me, same pace as I have stepping away until the wall behind stops me. His lips practically bleeding from the pressure his teeth are applying on, he was biting his lips so hungrily.  

“So, how bout it?” He breaths out, in a moaning tone, amusing me.

“W-well, let me think about it, after all if we do it will be my first t-time.” I shyly look around, looking for away this night won’t end in the tear of my hymen. 

“Oh yeah, I keep forgetting that. Oops-” He knows, he just pretending. “Then, what would you rather do?”

“I-i mean, I’m kinda of tried too so…” 

“Huh,” He signs deeply, with a look fulled with disappointment. He wasn’t amused.

“O-or…. your idea doesn’t sound… bad…” Quietly mumbling the rest of that embarrassing sentence hopping he hadn’t heard the rest of what I said. He turns to look at me with excitement back in his eyes,

“Glad you changed your mind.”


“How bout you lay on the bed and I’ll meet you there, okay?” I shook my head in response and walked over towards our beautiful and soon to be stained with virgin blood bed.

Once l was on the bed, I wondered if l should be in a position, l moved around a little but ended in just staying in the siting position. Not too long after that Taehyung walked back in with what looked like a candy shaped like an “o” but l could tell it was a condom, even though l’ve never used any or seen them up close I still know what they look like.

“Are you ready?” He asked, it was like sweet that he cares.


“Will in that case, lay back.”

“KKkKYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAA Is thIS rEALlY HaPPENinG?!!” Was all I could think of.

He hopped on to the bed, though l couldn’t see him since I’m laid back I could feel him. He started to pick at my bottom up T I was wearing, he’s face was back into my view again, and he starred ever so lustfully. After successfully removing my T, teasing me on his way, he pick at my bare skin, living me in a bra for my top.

“Cute, you making little squeaks and all I’ve done was touch you, hehe” He giggles.

His cold hands removed my loose sun skirt I had on, earning more squeaks from me. He slowly, teasing me again, removed my underwear, revealing my core to all of Taehyung to see, Kya! He went back up to my top where he finally removed my bra and start to tease that soft skin around it.

“Do you want me to lick you?” He asks so shamelessly.

“Hummm” I shyly shook my head yes, since I’m trying something new minus-as-will go all the way.

“Good girl,” He chuckles, “This amuses me very much,” Locking eye contacted he brought one of my hands towards he chest and told me to strip him. He also said if I did a good job he’d lick me dry. Kya! >///<

Since I normally don’t strip people I started by lifted his shirt, he seemed to enjoy it. I moved my hand down his ripped body, waiting for a “no” to come, but it never did. I drifted my hands farther down towards his V line, my heart is gonna explode! Anyways, I let my fingers trail down til I got to his shorts, I looked up to see if l was doing thing wrong and what gaze caught me was his lustful one. I could tell he was going to “eat me” or at the very least have me tremble at his very touch. 

“Continued,” He echoed deeply, shaking me down to my core. My hips started to twitch, “I’m getting amused again”.

With out hesitation l moved a slipped his shorts off and revealed the rest of his V line. I wanted him to just flip me and… and,

Looks like I’m horny as will.

He twitched, if l was to leave right now I’d feel like his poor penis would explode from too much pressure and he’d go insane.

“Do you want to suck it, or should I make you cum?” He says in such a making face, he knows what l want. I whine a little hopping he wouldn’t make me say it.

“Will, ‘huumm’ Isn’t an answer, what will it be?” He says mocking me with a mocking face, rising an eyebrow, making me show my submission.

“Please, Tae… Award me,” I whined out.

“Alright, only because you’ve been a good girl, but next time don’t count on this type of treatment.”

He laid me on the bed and started to kiss me, our kisses getting hot and sloppy, they soon turn into hickies that trailed down my body making me “his”, as if l wasn’t already. His mouth eventually trailed towards my core where he ruthlessly attacked with a series of licks and kisses, he took his time with every little suck.

“Ahhh, Tae, Taehyungggggggggggggg~!” I scream reaching a orgasm, a feeling I didn’t know til I meet Taehyung. As soon as he took his finger to finish off my high he placed them in his mouth, making each slurp more and more audible.

“Get ready,” I watch as he slides the condom on his length, he then flips me over and spreads my legs in order for him to fit. He rubs himself a couple of times on my entrance, then with no warning his rips right through me, I bleed.

“Ah! TAeeee!” I whine, he freezes.

“Aw, it’s okay I want move until your completely ready, don’t worry,”

“N-no! That’s not it, move,” I beg, having my hips speak more truth then my mouth seeing how they move on their own. A simple “cute” slips from him then he thrusts gently into me.

“AaaHHHh ahhhh, Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa! TAEeee FASterRRR!”


Our moans reaching at their highest point we family cum together, 

“Taehyung! I love youuuu~”

“M-me TOO! Y/n,”

With our true feeling from our childhood coming out we laid in each other’s warmth, til the morning where we only spent the rest of our days together like we did this one.

Really sorry that my update schedule it really bad, it’s just I haven’t gotten things to really inspire me lately, sorry again. 



VHope Things
  • Personal space is just an imaginary construct
  • Hoseok making Taehyung completely and utterly flustered just by smiling at him too brightly (Jungkook witnesses this and tells Tae that he’s whipped beyond the point of return to which Tae responds by shoving Jungkook’s face away from his line of sight)
  • Taehyung dragging Hoseok to amusement parks (against Hoseok’s will, but the elder eventually relents because Taehyung has the most irresistible pout)
  • Hoseok giving Taehyung pointers during late night dance practices, with his torso pressed firmly against Taehyung’s back, Taehyung’s hands in his.  (Taehyung has mastered the art of not salivating over Hoseok’s dancing through intensive practicing and many failed attempts)
  • Hoseok not wanting to shower after dance practice because he’s too tired and Taehyung suggesting that they shower together to save time and energy (Jimin accidentally walked in on them once and contrary to popular belief all Taehyung was doing to Hoseok was massaging shampoo into his hair)
  • Taehyung always has a compliment up his sleeve for his hyung and is his biggest fanboy (he’s always rapping Hoseok’s parts in Cypher 3 and 1Verse)
  • Spontaneous kisses
  • Taehyung just throwing himself on top of Hobi whenever the elder is laying/sitting down (with more force than necessary because he secretly loves Hoseok’s startled face)
  • They both love the bear filter on the Snow app and Hoseok may or may not have a folder of screenshots of Tae’s stories
  • What’s an indoor voice?
  • Taehyung asking Hoseok to perform the “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” choreo for him in private and Hoseok flicking his forehead in response
  • Hoseok making terrible jokes/puns and laughing as Taehyung’s patience runs thin (“Do you want my respect, hyung?”)
  • Taehyung forgetting how to speak when Hoseok’s face is too close to his and stammering out the rest of his sentence (every. single. time)
  • Taehyung quite literally rips Hoseok away from Jungkook when the two of them are together (not out of jealousy but sheer playfulness and because it irritates the hell out of Jungkook)
  • Hoseok only lets Taehyung see him upset and worried because the younger always knows how to make it better, always snuggles up next to Hoseok, burying his face into the crook of the elder’s neck and holding onto him tightly.
  • Taehyung pushing Hoseok’s hair away from his face just so can kiss the elder’s forehead
  • Aegyo overload
  • Taehyung can’t go to sleep without Hobi next to him 
  • Taehyung comes sprinting whenever Hoseok screams (“It’s just a spider, hyung.” “IT SAT ON ME!” “How are you the same age as Namjoon hyung?” “Yah!”)
  • Intensive cooing over all things cute (puppies, children, Jimin, you name it.)
  • Co-party planners alongside Jin
  • Taehyung’s ringtone is J-hope’s part in Cypher 4
  • The mood setters of Bangtan
  • Being extra for no reason (spontaneous dance competitions where Taehyung always ends up laughing his ass off on the floor because “holy shit, hyung, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD STRETCH YOUR LEGS THAT WIDELY”)
  • Mistletoe kisses (because Taehyung’s a really sappy romantic and Hoseok loves indulging him)
  • “J-hope hyung’s the best looking!”
  • Late night phone calls when Hoseok stays in the dance studio too late (“Hyung, stop practicing and come home; Jimin’s hogging all of the blankets and I can’t sleep.”)
  • Taehyung hiding behind Hoseok’s back whenever Yoongi makes him run for his life 
  • Lots and lots of hand holding
  • “Taehyungie, hwaiting!”
  • Too many peace and “v” signs in one picture
  • Taehyung laughing his ass off when Jhope can’t put his contacts on properly and Hobi smacking him in the torso
  • J-hope constantly telling Taehyung that he’s so proud of him and making sure that Taehyung stays healthy by reminding him to eat on time and to get enough sleep (especially when he has a drama related schedule).
  • Sauna Dates
  • Hoseok’s the one complimenting Taehyung the loudest when they all sit down to watch the premiere of Hwarang
  • “Wait, what’s Namjoon hyung talking about?” “I wish I knew.” 
  • They throw each other small surprise parties for the smallest things (Taehyung asks Jin to help him bake a cake so he can cut it with Hoseok when the Intro gets released)
  • Telepathic communication through facial expressions (that are extra for no reason)
  • Even though they aren’t the perfect couple and get into their fair share of fights, Taehyung and Hoseok always manage to make the atmosphere ten times brighter because both of them are so openly caring and affectionate towards one another