dating taehyung would include

yoongi’s | jimin’s | jungkook’s 

dating taehyung be like…

▪ lip biting
▪ wanting his hands on your body
▪ back hugs
▪ kissing your lips over and over again
▪ building forts at home
▪ ruining the fort because taehyung was excited
▪ him laughing at you being cute
▪ cuddling while watching your favorite movie
▪ taking his snap back off his head to place it on yours
▪ sweet longing looks
▪ slow long kisses
▪ smothering you with his hugs aww
▪ “lets makeout babe”
▪ making out on the couch
▪ your lips being bruised from kissing so much
▪ him sticking out his tounge like ALOTT
▪ “you look so pretty, my pretty baby.”
▪ pulling you closer in bed
▪ him sleeping on top of you lol
▪ zoo dates
▪ him sneaking in your house at night
▪ “why did you cut my shirt tae”
▪ “so we could match jagjiya”
▪ never staying mad at him for too long
▪ holding his face when you kiss him
▪ ice cream datessss
▪ him licking the ice cream off your lips
▪ taking you to meet his grandmother
▪ dancing crazily with him
▪ rapping cypher with him
▪ hyung line except jin getting tired of you two
▪ wierd but cute couple pictures
▪ “taeee~ jimin keeps messing with me”
▪ tae kissing your forehead before he kicks jimin lmao
▪ falling for your aeygo
▪ falling for his aeygo
▪ going to concerts and seeing him peform tomorrow
▪ then he gives you that look YOU KNOW THE LOOK
▪ giggling when yall have sex
▪ “stop giggling tae”
▪ “okay”
▪ him making you a moaning and whimpering meESS
▪ jimin and jungkook teasing you two the morning after
▪ being the inspiration behind ‘hold me tight’
▪ him holding you when you cry
▪ “that’s why i like baekhyun better”
▪ hurt face tae lmao im dying