“Moves Like jagger Part 2.” Taeyeon x Donghae 

“Hmm-aahh..~~ Donghae.. Don’t do this!” Taeyeon was pushing Donghae away, who was kissing and sucking her neck. Donghae held her waist tighter as she was pushing him away. He groaned and cupped her face. Placed a leg between her legs and kissed her lips lustfully. Taeyeon gasped at the sudden action Donghae did. He nibbled her lower lip for his tongue’s entrance. She kept her mouth shut until his hands snaked at her thigh and started massaging it, that caused her to moan and also caused Hae to do his first move. His tongue entered her mouth and tasted every corner of it. She moaned loudly as her arms wrapping around his back.

(wrong grammar adkgjsh)

Super Generation in 30 Days

Day 13: The underrated couple.

 I don’t think YoonHae, Hyohyuk, Sunsun, Sifany, Seokyu, Taeteuk, Heesica, Haesica, Yulsung are underrated… I would say HyoHae but it’s gaining a lot more shippers lately… Hhmm… SooWook… maybe not~ 

 This is hard >__<  Hhmm.. KyuNa & TaeHae! 

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 I don’t really ship this couples. And I don’t really like KyuNa BUT I don’t disapprove of them and with all the YoonHae and YoonWon and YoonChul and SeoKyu, KyuNa is staying behind. But I don’t know is this is true or not. XD

 Anyways… TaeHae!! As much as I like them… My YoonHae and Taeteuk shipper heart doesn’t allow them… However, I think this couple is a little underrated and has little shippers… Sorry if I’m not one~ ><

Speed MTL: Enjoy a lot of (open) skinship

  Most likely

  • Sungmin
  • Yuhwan
  • Taewoon
  • Taeha
  • Sejun
  • Jongkook
  • Jungwoo
  • Kio

  Least likely

Remember, this is just what I think and it probably isn’t like that in reality!

softsnuper  asked:

speed and winner!!

these are both groups i dont know well enough especially Winner ;;


fan or not: casual fan
how long i’ve been a fan: /
the first song i heard by them: i think it was Zombie party?
my favourite song as of now: What U & Don’t Tease Me
the first mv i saw: Zombie Party?
my favourite mv as of now: well.. Don’t Tease Me. I love that performance
who my bias is: ……..Taeha… and Taewoon


fan or not: i like a few songs
how long i’ve been a fan: /
the first song i heard by them: Empty
my favourite song as of now: Sentimental or Immature
the first mv i saw: Sentimental
my favourite mv as of now: Sentimental
who my bias is: I don’t have one yet