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Hands, build and mouth =)

Physical Features Meme:

{{Long, knobbly fingers with curved hard nails attached to slender wrists with dry palms. Overall, Dhana quite likes her hands. The knuckles and joins are heavily calloused but she likes the weathered look of them. Her wrist joints are quite prominent, and her veins have a tendency to stand out most of the time.}}

{{At 5′9 Dhana doesn’t consider herself overly tall - having been around various races, the mage thinks she’s about average. But when around her far shorter friends *cough*Dorna/Deekin/Taedis/Kymiel*cough* she can’t help but gloat of her height advantage.

She’s broad about the shoulders, with a fairly deep chest. Many have commented that she is heavier for a mage, but given her combat training it’s to be expected. She is toned with a sporty muscle build as a result. Her father was also of heavy stock, so where Dhana has taken her looks from her mother, she has her father’s frame.}}

{{Although fairly full, the mage has a somewhat squarish set of lips. Pinched at the corners, quick to curl into a smirk or grin. The mage quite often has a resting look of nonchalance, which many attribute to disinterest.When she grins, Dhana usually only shows her upper set of teeth.

She has most her adult teeth, including 4 wisdom teeth which have pushed their way in at the back of her mouth. This has squished her upper jaw, and forced one of her canines behind one of her front teeth a bit. A right sided molar is chipped on the very tip.}}

It felt like yesterday that I decided to try gif-making and create a blog to keep those creations. As a casual kpop fan and only recently gotten deep into BTS, I never imagined this blog would go anywhere, nor gif making would become my hobby. But throughout this year, I was able to hit huge milestones and meet such great people~

So I’d like to say a big, big thank you to everyone who put up with me follow me and take their time to send kind messages, to the friends I made, and of course, to the people who bless my dashboard daily with their presence. Thank you!

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It took me a long time deciding whether or not to do this, but ta-da! My 1st follow forever~ When I first decided to make a BTS side blog, it really was just a place for me post my gifs and spam my ARMY feels. Never did I imagine I would gain over 5k followers! 

Thank you to my followers for sticking with me, and thank you to all the wonderful blogs I follow. Even though you might not have known it was me, a big thank you to all the blogs who gave me encouragements and tips along the way ^^

It’s not a very long list, but here are the wonderful blogs that never fails to put a smile to my face~

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