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where did taedia start? do you know how old lydia is?

She’s 21 going on 22, so 2 years younger than Bae :)

The ship began when Lydia was welcomed into the YG family and she & Taeyang started hanging out with each other a lot (they’d tweet about it and Lydia even posted that cute video of her, Choice & YB hanging out in the studio).  Omg I died when I found out she went on that snowboarding trip with Bae. 

And around the same time they started hanging out a lot, I remember Bae tweeted something really cute that implied that he was interested in somebody.  You know what it said? The world is you.  He also tweeted that a certain song was running through his mind like a week after Lydia posts a cover of the song on youtube.

And I probably wrote more than you wanted, sorry ~ My fangirl heart has a hard time with self control. ^^

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lydia and taeyang?! since when was this suspected?!?!?! where are you getting the scoop?!?!?! this is so exciting!!!

My Taedia senses began to tingle when the two started tweeting each other regularly… Idk how long ago that was though. Maybe halfway/near the end of 2011 (?). Don’t quote me on that.  

And I’ve talked about the ‘scoop’ herehere, and here lol :P

Oh & some additional information… Mina Kwon said that she & Taedia were in the studio together (Taedia finally reunited omfg) and I think more recently, Taedia tweeted each other something about faith or god. I think it was for Big Show but I can’t be sure.