20160726 - Chansung twit about ‘Game Of Thrones’

@2PMagreement211 :  King in the north!!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!! Little Finger: (GRRRR)

@2PMagreement211 : Ah, how do I wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 T__T

@2PMagreement211 : Snow is so cool. T_T When Daenerys reclaims King’s Landing, Snow should marry her as the King of the North, and after about 10 minutes of happy life I wish Daenerys’s ex boyfriend kills Snow and while Daenerys is taken aback the White Walkers arrive bringing the winter and kill them all.

@2PMagreement211 : Or, before Daenerys arrives at Westeros, the White Walkers push forward and storms down South, and when they are about to come to the King’s Landing, when the Lannisters do not cooperate, Daenerys arrives and her dragons melt down the White Walkers, and then she punishes the Lannisters and after about 10 minutes of happy life, the Tyrell family storms in and…

@2PMagreement211 : … they dispose of the weakened North and Daenerys army, and Snow, who has only sat in the Iron Throne for like a second, dies crying “king of the north.” And then Daenerys takes her dragons and aims for the throne again… Ah, but if that happens, you need season 8 already…

@2PMagreement211 : It’s tough for the writer. When you think of it, it’ll probably take 5 episodes for the White Walkers to break the Wall.

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