taecyeon and gui gui

I want some comfort food and a huggg, Just finished watching the Global Edition of We Got Married, Season 1 and bawled my face off. It was so sad. GuiGui really didn’t want to let him go. She said it and her face showed it. She got off the train and she was started crying again because he put all of their photos up on display. It was just so sad to see them leaving each other when they cared so much and I think knowing that they had seriously thought about dating each other in real life and wanting to do so made it worse. A lost opportunity. Anyhow, I can relate and I think that made it all the worse. I didn’t want to cry as hard as I did, but…I did. 

fffffffuck man

i was holding it back the whole time and then BOOM gui gui gets off the train and all the photos are there and i just burst into tears

and when i finally get a hold of myself BOOM taec comes out and gui gui’s bawling and he holds her and i just turn into a puddle of tears like ajhlg4rtbjgkfvfk

i really really wished they could have had more time together- both couples


2016.09.29 - TaecGui Reunite on M! Countdown!

Eric Oppa: “They finally bumped into each other again.”

Eric oppa (Yoo Ho Cheol) was the PD of Global We Got Married, and he now works at CJ E&M.
Gui Gui, 2PM, and GOT7 all performed on M! Countdown today.
Ok Taecyeon of 2PM went to visit Gui Gui outside of her dressing room. The two were previously on “Global We Got Married” together in 2013.

(via Weibo)

I can’t tell you how much these boys mean to me. They’ve given me years of happiness and joy. I was blessed the day I went to their concert and finally witnessed them in front of my face. I’ll never stop supporting, loving and thanking these boys for the rest of my life. Being a HOTTEST has literally been the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

♡ We’ve made it, boys. It’s been 7 years and I’m counting on many more. ♡


  • MC: We heard that JYP said that he won’t scold you anymore?
  • Nichkhun: He said, “You’re artists now so I won’t scold you from now on.”
  • MC: So he never scold you since then?
  • Nichkhun: He never scolded us. But all 6 of us.. We were sad.
  • He always revealed our shortcomings so we can improve.
  • No one does that for us. So I think we need at least one person like Jinyoung-hyung.
  • JYP: The came to me the next day. Each of them approached me separately. Saying “Jinyoung-hyung, we really need your scolding.. ”...It wasn’t planned or anything. They all had different concerns. The came separately and told me.
  • MC: Really? How did that make you feel?
  • JYP: I was touched.