taecyeon and gui gui

Why does this look like a family portrait? Is that what they were going for?

Minjun looks like a proud Mom in that cardigan; “Look at my handsome sons; I’ve raised them well….”

Chansung is the Dad who’s like “yeaaaah, she’s forcing me to take this photo, but she promised we’ll get food afterwards soooo…”

Wooyoung is the eldest son who just finished law school and is opening up his own law firm…

Taecyeon is a junior in college majoring in History so he can be a Professor…

Junho is a senior in High School who’s in AP classes and who will graduate with honors…

and Nichkhun just got promoted from Kindergarten into first grade and he couldn’t be any more excited…

No second male lead in the history of kdrama has ever deserved the main girl as much as Dong Cheol deserves Sang Mi

fffffffuck man

i was holding it back the whole time and then BOOM gui gui gets off the train and all the photos are there and i just burst into tears

and when i finally get a hold of myself BOOM taec comes out and gui gui’s bawling and he holds her and i just turn into a puddle of tears like ajhlg4rtbjgkfvfk

i really really wished they could have had more time together- both couples

I want some comfort food and a huggg, Just finished watching the Global Edition of We Got Married, Season 1 and bawled my face off. It was so sad. GuiGui really didn’t want to let him go. She said it and her face showed it. She got off the train and she was started crying again because he put all of their photos up on display. It was just so sad to see them leaving each other when they cared so much and I think knowing that they had seriously thought about dating each other in real life and wanting to do so made it worse. A lost opportunity. Anyhow, I can relate and I think that made it all the worse. I didn’t want to cry as hard as I did, but…I did. 

Random anecdotes:

1)Back when Jay Park was still with 2PM and 2PM wasn’t that well known of a group yet, Taecyeon and Jay were on an elevator together with other people that didn’t seem to recognize them. Jay said really loudly, “Taecyeon! When’s our next schedule?” and Taecyeon answered back in an equally loud voice, “I don’t know, we should ask our manager!”

2) A fan gave Khun a bag of candy but Khun didn’t eat it because Taec took it and started eating it. The fan started glaring at Taec so he spit the candy back into the bag and gave it back to Khun ㅋㅋㅋ

3) A few days into 2PM’s debut, they had an interview with a magazine. Managers gave them snacks to eat to calm themselves down…. most rookies won’t eat it because they’re too nervous or want to focus. 2PM ate everything and even folded the bags up into origami shapes. (They really are beastly idols) 


2016.09.29 - TaecGui Reunite on M! Countdown!

Eric Oppa: “They finally bumped into each other again.”

Eric oppa (Yoo Ho Cheol) was the PD of Global We Got Married, and he now works at CJ E&M.
Gui Gui, 2PM, and GOT7 all performed on M! Countdown today.
Ok Taecyeon of 2PM went to visit Gui Gui outside of her dressing room. The two were previously on “Global We Got Married” together in 2013.

(via Weibo)