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Upcoming kdramas

Reunited Worlds - the love story of an 18 young man and a 31 year old woman
Fabrication - prosecutor and journalist drama starting Nam Goong Min as the lead
Strongest Deliveryman - drama about underprivileged people
Save Me - starring Taec Yeon, this will be a thriller and mystery drama involving a pseudo-religious cult
Mermaid’s Prince - a drama based on the Cat and Dog webtoon by Park Hae Jung
Romance Island - Seo In Guk and Kim Ji Won will be the leads in this fantasy romance coming out at the end of the year
Four Men - mystery detective drama starring Park Hae Jin who will play 4 different characters

Kdramas I’ve found that have caught my eye. ; v ; (Also ones I haven’t seen a lot of hype about - that’s why Criminal Minds isn’t included.)

Read for F I L T H

This is a nice collection of wholesome, good family friendly stories I have recently and not so recently read.

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Growl For Me by MitchMatchedSocks on AO3

Honestly, this fic made me want to punch Park Chanyeol in the dick because he was such an asshole.  But I loved the violence in the Kris/Sehun sex scene.
The whole ‘make me submit’ thing is a turn on.

Do You Know Them to Be Worthy? by TrappingLightningBugs on AO3

Thank you Dean and Sam Winchester.
Priest!Kyungsoo and Incubus!Demon Prince!Chanyeol…enough said.

Just Tell Me by @kpopbrowniefics


Wrath 1 & Wrath 2 by @pocinamedia

I’m not saying I cried.  
But I ain’t saying I didn’t either.


She gonna be mad this is on my list but….I DON’T CARE!
LOOK!  I first read Big last year before meeting Thirst and finding out it was hers.  When I tell you I FANGIRLED in the group chat when she said that it was her fic.  BITXH!  I can’t.  Your bestie could NEVA!  Okay.  I’m done.  
But frfr…I loved it.

7/11 by @kpopbrowniefics

Okay but y’all know how I feel about the peanut butta Snickas that is Matthew Kim.  And yeah.  I can’t wait for my trip to Korea because I’m gonna do something stupid.

Break Down 1 & 2 by Admin ‘Bane of my Existence that CONSTANTLY HURTS ME ON PURPOSE‘ Lilith

Size Kink.  Pain Kink.  Brat Breaking.  Femme!Domme.
Everything you need for a good time.

Beta Blockers by tintatalk on AO3

MORE CHANSOO!  But Soo is Chan’s Dom and Chan is a big old Beta that wants to be used by a strong Alpha and I can’t count how many times I’ve read this…It’s a lot.

Blue Moon by @admincl

Recently reread the series.  I love supernatural!au’s and she really knocked this one out of the park.  FOUR FOR YOU CL COCO!  I’m a loser, sorry.

Give It Up by HeavyWingdTheif on AO3

Taecyeon making Nichkhun forget himself and speak his mother tongue.

Take a Break by Admin Yukko @givemesomeseoul

Read this on my study break this fall.  Never regretted that break ha!
Damn you Lee Jooheon!

All Day I Think of You by manyakis on AO3

It’s Jackson and Taecyeon.  You’re Welcome.

Sehun Appreciation Society by MitchMatchedSocks on AO3

Everyone loves Sehun and Sebooty and his waist and I do too.

Wash Cycle (Heavy Load) by TRASHCAKE


That’s all I have for you naughty kittens today.  
I expect you to read these filthy little gifts in public.
Then try to control your face while imagining all sorts of nassy things.

~Admin Winter

첫 키스만 일곱번째 / 7 First Kisses

7 First Kisses is not a drama, but an advertisement for Lotte Duty Free Mall starring Lee Cho Hee, Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Kai, Ok Taec Yeon, Lee Jong Suk and Lee Min Ho.


Min Soo Jin, a receptionist working at Lotte Duty Free mall, is a young woman who never had a boyfriend nor has been kissed. While working, she helps out a mysterious woman, who in return grants her the wish of having a boyfriend. The woman then introduces 7 different handsome men to Soo Jin, but she is only allowed to choose one of them. 

My Opinion:

It’s just an advertisement, so you shouldn’t expect a lot of it, but I found it quite enjoyable to watch. Each episode runs only 10 minutes, but is packed with clichés and cringe worthy scenes. Still, it can be really entertaining, if you don’t take the whole thing too seriously.

Every guy has his one little story background and while watching it, you find yourself asking, who of them would I choose lol. Lee Cho Hee must have saved the world in her former life to be so lucky hahaha. So if you don’t have a lot of time, but still want to watch something short, you can watch one of these episodes.


  • Overall: 7/10
  • Story: 8/10
  • Actor Performance: 7/10
  • Music: 7/10

Tell me, who would’ve been your choice :) For me… Lee Jong Suk hahaha