Thoughts on the Voltron characters from my friend who has never seen Voltron


  • “She looks like Sokkas moon girlfriend!”
  • “She also reminds me of Starfire from teen titans but like Starfire’s sophisticated cousin who’s like at Harvard”
  • “Probably hates Lance”
  • “Her outfit looks like one of the emperor penguins”
  • “I like how she doesnt take her earrings out to fight”


  • “I feel like this person kinds looks like they’re trying too hard to not try but also kinda looks like a turtle”
  • “Their hair says Pidgey but their glasses say grandma” 
  • “They look like they belong in pokemon”
  • “They look like they intern at a library and is that one kid who’s like books are fun!!!!!” 
  • “And then there’s that green frisbee….or is that a boomerang?”
  • “His uniform reminds me of a Snivy”


  • “He looks like brock from pokemon but older and buffer” 
  • “His headband makes me think he does tae kwon doe and and probably takes it too seriously”
  • “He has two fanny packs which makes me think hes the mom of the group. And the vest and the pants with knee patches scream mom to me”
  • “He also looks like he belongs in pokemon. I bet he likes rock type pokemon” 
  • “Generally just looks like a really nice person but could also probably break your neck” 
  • “I feel like he tried to play football but was bad at it because hes afraid of people hitting him”
  • “Woah! He has a chainsaw!….or is it a leaf blower? His big leaf blower thing makes me feel like hes compensating for something like how guys with big trucks are compensating for something”
  • “I feel like he is trying very hard and ends up being really extra but it works for him because of how nice he is”


  • “He looks dark and mysterious which make me think hes definitely compensating for something” 
  • “Does he have daddy issues?” 
  • “He also has 2 fanny packs but they’re more stylish” 
  • “He also has a metal arm which means tragic backstory which means definite daddy issues” 
  • “His hair looks like 2013 zayn” 
  • “His eyebrow game is like on fleek” 
  • “Definite daddy issues. Did i say that yet?”
  • “Is that a sunburn on his nose? He should use neutrogena 50” 
  • “He almost looks like chat noir and chat has daddy issues so he definitely has daddy issues 100% confirmed” 
  • “I feel like this is what adrien thinks he looks like when hes chat noir” 
  • “He screams daddy issues kate”
  • “His robot hand is glowing….maybe it’s magic? He must be the wizard every squad needs a wizard friend”
  • “Edgy™️”
  • “He and robin from teen titans are like soulmates and arent both of robins parents dead too? Which means he definitley has daddy issues. The facts are there.”


  • *laughs for a minute straight*
  • “He’s livin in the 80s man”
  • “Probably looks up to the leader” 
  • “Looks like he used to be a dancer but his dad made him quit because he was like ‘no dancing is for girls’ and hes still bitter about it and dreams of being a dancer and thats why hes frowning” 
  • “Is like the chill gay like he never really tells you hes gay its just understood”
  • “Is the Brooding Silent One” 
  • “Keith is such a lame name no wonder hes so upset id be upset too if my name was Keith”
  • "I dont think this is his jacket because the sleeves are too big for him like he has to roll them which means the jacket isnt his which means tragic backstory. Like maybe its his brother’s jacket and his brother died or went to college so now he looks up to shiro because his brother is gone” 
  • “So hes got a mullet….and thats very sad” 
  • “He looks Emo” 
  • “Keith arrives at the cafeteria and goes to sit all by himself and his friends just find him and hes like no you dont understand i want to be alone but in the end hes happy they came because he loves them” 
  • “I also feel like hes the stealthy one and takes it way to seriously and is like fuck yeah I’m a ninja” 
  • “He is the epitome of ‘this is not a phase mom’”


  • “He is Sokka if Sokka had a good haircut” 
  • “He is the main character of all of those high school movies that all end the same” 
  • “I also think hes very gay” 
  • “Hes the kid who like came out in seventh grade by announcing it in the cafeteria” 
  • “he kinda look like a green bean” 
  • "He looks loud” 
  • “He’s the kid in gym who takes gym way to seriously” 
  • “He would probably wear his jacket to a fancy event and be like ‘this is fancy its got lapels’” 
  • “He probably has ten pairs of the same pants and shirt, but only one of those jacket which he never washes” 
  • “I bet he carries a satchel” 
  • “I feel like hes very average like hes not the one whos always screwing up but hes not the one whos always being great” 
  • “He probably never puts his gun away and i feel like he talks with his hands but he never puts down the gun so he like waves it around and accidentally shoots something” 
  • “I feel like he could fit in on Haikyuu. He looks like he could be on a mans volleyball team”
Martial arts

Martial arts was the best thing that ever happened to me. Girls, and guys, if you want to lose weight I am telling you now martial arts is the way forward! Although I have done it from a very very young age I honestly would recommend it to everyone! You gain such a better well rounded view of life, and I mean REAL life, there’s nothing like the feeling you get from a brilliant training day, a fantastic spar, a great competition or rolling with a guy twice your size! C'MON GUYS, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO


So this just happened:

Everyone has been staring at me all day. I’m not attractive enough to warrant that sort of attention (I’m really not. Glances yes, outright staring no. Besides, my roots are showing), and it was severely annoying me. So I asked a fellow classmate why.

Let me take this moment to add that I have broken my toe, which is a lovely shade of black right now, and it’s taped to my foot. I wear a knee brace occasionally for my dislocated knee, and I have a bruise on my arm from giving blood.

Conversation as follows:

Me: Everyone is staring at me. I can’t figure out why. I mean, I didn’t dry my hair this morning and it’s kind of snarly. Is that it?

Classmate: Oh, sweetie, you have a huge ass bruise on your arm, you’re wearing a knee brace, and your toe is clearly broken. Yet you’re not limping, and you’re calmly drinking coffee like this happens everyday. You look like you eat badasses for breakfast.

The sad thing is, I do get injured almost every day through various forms of tomfoolery. 

Ashton Moio joins Teen Wolf season 5 

Thanks to Linden Ashby we’ve learned that Ashton Moio has joined Teen Wolf for season 5. He dropped the info on Twitter yesterday  

@lindenashby I’ve been working with @AshtonMoio 4 a few weeks. This young man is a really, Really, REALLY, fine actor! @MTVteenwolf is lucky to have him!

He is also followed by MTV casting director Danny Zaccagnino and Ryan Kelley. Recently Moio has also followed Linden, Tyler Posey, and Dylan O’Brien.

You may recognize Ashton from the ABCFamily show Twisted, where he played Rico. The actor is 22 years old, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and does his own stunt work. Maybe this has something to do with the fight scenes Linden will be choreographing this year…? 

Of course we don’t know what part he will be playing or how large his role will be, but as soon as we learn more, we’ll let you know. 

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Blackmore’s Night makes me want to take up Irish dancing again.

I think I may, actually. I really loved it I have no clue why my mom took me out.

But I’m probably too old, aren’t I?


I also want to do fencing again, and maybe next year, I’ll do it yearround instead of just in the summer? Idk. Ive always done basketball and soccer and I really hate soccer. The two above just sound so much cooler.

Also, my mom wants me to do tae kwon do. Or martial arts at least so I can defend myself. 


“I’m right”, “no I’m right”, people often disagree, and sometimes people get hurt as a result, sometimes they die. It’s funny how an tiny flame can lead to forest fire. One tiny disagreement and America is trying to kill each other. People disagree, people die. Everyone in America was one side or the other. Neither were right, neither were wrong, but still people die. Sometimes it was state vs state, sometimes it was neighbour vs neighbour. Regardless, people die, soldiers, leaders, innocents.

Charlotte was normally never too involved politically. She was simply good at fighting. Kickboxing, champion, jiu jitsu, black belt, judo, black belt, tae kwon doe, black belt, fighting, skilful, assault rifle, dangerous, sniper, lethal. When war broke in she just followed the near by crowd, she had no idea what she was signing up to, she just knew she’d have to fight.

The years passed, the war raged. Charlotte always neck deep in violence. So much so that, she began to reconsider. She’d told no one that but, this constant killing just felt, pointless.

A knife to the leg, Charlotte felt like this could be the end. Staggering for hours upon hours. Then, she encountered a camp, it was a small camp, no more than three tents. She slowly approached but was beginning to fade, as she reached the camp, her vision no more than a blur, she got their attention before falling to the floor