You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
  I’ll be there
And I know when I need it
  I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
You’ll be there
  ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah oh oh
You can count on me ‘cause I can count on you

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Whose Line Is It Anyway sentence starters
  • You are dead to me, nothing but scum. When I look in your eyes I get inflammation of the bum. 
  • To quote Rodgers and Hammerstein, “The hills are alive with the sounds of crap.”
  • Teach me how to sing like you!
  • You see this badge? That means I’m the sheriff.
  • Excuse me, I’m tapped into your cable. Would you mind changing it to channel 8?
  • I feel like I’m the king of the general area!
  • Watch out for those tempo changes, man, ‘cause when we go into the second bridge, this shit takes off.
  • What color’s your poo first thing in the morning?
  • I think a lot of people would stop drinking if they knew what they looked like when they were drunk.
  • I’m a mime!
  • All right men, we’re going into battle tomorrow! Before we do, I think we shall all take a shower! 
  • Don’t worry, I’m a doctor.
  • I thought we were out of the spy business.
  • How would you like to make money in real estate?
  • You know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had memories.
  • I love you, but I’ve had too many meatballs.
  • I seem to have lost my battery pack somewhere in the area of my buttocks.
  • A featherduster made by a Norwegian. It’s all starting to make sense.
  • You guys wanna fight?
  • If I was a turkey, what would you stuff me with?
  • It’s okay, I have an extra burnoose!
  • I can’t sprinkle sprinkles on. I lose control when I have sprinkles. I’m shaky. I still remember the great sprinkle accident of 1982.
  • I’ll distract them by making a noise like a duck!
  • If Sting retires, will he change his name to Stung?
  • That’s what you get for river dancing in a thong.
  • Sorry I’m late. I let the kids out for recess, if you know what I mean.  
  • We better climb up through that window up there that seems impossibly high.
  • It’s time for something other than an egg to get laid around here.
  • They found water on Mars, isn’t that cool? You know what that means? Just another bottle of four dollar imported water.
  • I never realized what a delicious creamy center I have.
  • Look, I know this is our first date, but… I love you! Be with me!
  • You’re one Tae Bo class away from an ass kicking!
  • Turn your frown upside down. And while you’re at it, flip your buttcrack sideways.
  • Kiss me, big boy, like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Out of great boredom comes great songs.
  • Have you ever been in a hotel that was this wet and hot all at the same time?
  • Lets get naked and wrestle.
  • In ten minutes, we bring out the liquor!
  • When I give the signal we’re going to yell out the worst-sounding battle cry ever. Ready?
  • It’s time for my John Wayne impression.
  • Y'know, teachers are the most misunderstood of all mammals.
  • If I were a drink I believe I would be a margarita because I am tall… and… salty… and I… always have Tequila in me.
  • My turn ons are humanity, integrity, and TV.
  • I just wanna chill, and y'know, sometimes I just wish I was a goat, y'know? How easy would life be then, y'know, you wouldn’t even have to read things or understand things. 
  • Look at the beauty of what’s going on here! The sheer beauty!
  • Hey, doesn’t that cloud look like a ducky?
  • Nice pants.


After a great response from those of you who are following my journey I decided I would actually write a post about my weight loss journey. Before and After pictures included. I searched for pictures of me at my highest, but I did, indeed, destroy them. I only have pictures of me while seated, like this one, never standing. I wish I had ONE to do a side by side comparison.  

I met and married my hubby in six months :) Even before our wedding I had started to gain weight. We ate out all the time. I let my gym membership lapse. Neither of us knew how to cook healthy food. By the following summer I had gained 50 pounds. Over the next three years I found myself with two precious babies and ANOTHER 50 pounds. I was now 100 pounds heavier. I could not find clothes that fit me in a normal store. Even when I found something that did fit, I wasn’t comfortable. I hated the way I looked. I would get headaches a few times a week and felt tired ALL the time.

In the beginning of 2005 I began my weightloss journey. I wanted to be able to do things with my kids as they got older. I rented Tae Bo dvds and bought Turbo Jam. I bought a stair stepper. And I lost weight! Not a ton. Probably 25 pounds. It was enough to make me want to keep going! The following year I researched the South Beach Diet. A whole different way of eating for me since I was used to prepared, frozen, and boxed food. I ate according to their guidelines and lost another 40 pounds. I continued exercising and eating like this for a few more years and didn’t see any weight loss. Seriously the most frustrating years. I knew I was continuing to make my insides better, but I was seeing no results on the scale. I started to research food and study how it affects the body. I couldn’t limit calories and expect my body to work well!  I also switched up my exercise routine. I found HIIT and fell in love!! It made me feel strong. It was the fuel for the fire I needed to find in myself.

By 2012 I used HIIT and running for my main forms of exercise. I also had cleaned up my diet. No more processed sugars. No more “diet” foods.  I ate fruits and veggies and lean protein. I ate whole wheat, oatmeal, or brown rice if I wanted carbs. I told myself that I would not restrict myself and I would fuel my body so it could work. And it did! By the beginning of 2013 I had lost 35 pounds. I had finally lost 100 pounds. It took me 8 years. A long 8 years.

There are a few things that people who have lost a lot of weight don’t tell you. They don’t tell you about how your body will look under your clothes after you’ve lost weight. They don’t tell you about all the loose skin. They don’t tell you that your mind won’t always accept your body’s weight loss. That you’ll still see the person you were staring back at you. They don’t tell you that hearing complements is actually weird. They don’t tell you that if you didn’t love yourself before you lost weight that you’ll still have a hard time loving yourself when you do lose weight. These were all things I found I struggled with after I lost all that weight. I have maintained my weight loss, but it wasn’t until just this past year that I began to love myself and appreciate the weight loss I had achieved.

I have learned so much about myself in the past 2 years! I am not afraid to try new things anymore. I love being adventurous! I am intelligent and witty. My body is strong. It can do most things I ask of it. And if it can’t yet, I can train and it will learn. So, my story, is much more than just losing weight and getting myself healthy. It was, and continues to be, an adventure of creating myself along the way.

To maintain my healthy lifestyle I do a combination of HIIT, running, and yoga 5 days a week. I also eat mostly raw fruits and veggies, lean protein, nuts and nut butters, and whole grains. I really try to limit sugar and processed foods, as well as eating close to bedtime. Water is my best friend (ok, coffee really is) and I drink 100 oz most days of the week. I try each day to something I love: drawing, singing, playing the piano, hiking, being outside, cooking, baking. Anything to fill up that fun tank :) Feel free to ask me questions about my journey. I love hearing from you guys!

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Eep, I wrote something. This is the very first fic I’ll have ever posted on Tumblr, so, here goes y’all. Thanks to @wordsonpages1 for the encouragement and kind words in getting me to post this. I would love any and all of your thoughts!

The sun, which had seemingly hung on as long as it could, had finally dipped below the horizon. Its last wisps of pink and orange were swallowed by the inky night that descended. There was no moon, only the lingering twilight and flickering street lamps to illuminate her way. She chose to live close to work, in the neighborhood where she’d be making a difference; she had wanted to see its impact. And see she did. She saw the impact of something that was not confined to the borders that separated the South side from the rest of Riverdale; she saw the impact in vacant, empty stares, heard it in cries, feeling the sobs in her arms as she tried to offer comfort.

Comfort, she snorted out loud as her eyes rolled. Betty Cooper wasn’t a hero, making a difference to these people; she was one decision away from being persona non-grata. Her house, at the end of a broken sidewalk, came into view and she felt a little of the weight she carried dissipate. It wasn’t much to look at; the blue-painted siding was faded and chipped, the sun had bleached the roof unevenly, the small unattached garage leaned at a precarious angle, but it was hers. She managed a slight smile as she turned the key in the lock, but it disappeared as quickly as it came.

Today had been a long day. The kind of day you felt in your bones. With an exhausted sigh, she pulled the door closed and upon the subsequent click, she felt her legs give from beneath her. She slid down the door, knees pulled tight to her chest as the tears began to fall in steady streams from her eyes. The scent clung to her sweater, all Baby Magic and sunshine, as his weeping mother cried in her office. Another life was gone, one second a proud and beaming father, the next; a statistic. She’d been on too many cases like this lately; had to ask too many people questions about their state of life she should never have to ask. She should never have to be called in to assess whether a child can safely return to its remaining parent. No one should have to go through what this poor girl faces, no child should grow up without…

Betty only realized what she was doing as the hot tears hit the open abrasions on her palm. She gently splayed her hands over her knees, breathing slowly and deeply as her head fell back on the door. She hated her job. No, not entirely, she supposed. Betty loved to help, she was intrinsically made for getting answers; no truth could outrun Betty Cooper. Yet more and more, there were simply no answers for what she’d been seeing. Slowly, on bone-weary legs, she stood and tried to push down the images that were seared in her mind.

Every time her eyes closed she saw a baby, the spitting image of his father, who would never hear his laughter or remember his smile —No!— she thought, her head shaking neared violent as she made sure the deadbolt was latched. She pushed away from the door with purpose, propelling her down the short hallway into her bedroom. As tired as she was, the grey sheets and yellow walls never looked less inviting. She stripped off her blazer and slacks and traded them for her favorite worn yoga pants and old Smiths tee-shirt. Throwing herself onto the bed, she stared at the ceiling, willing her eyes to close and the sleep she was so desperate for to come. But after an hour it hadn’t, then another; images of bright blue eyes and wispy blonde hair haunting her. A huff of air escaped her as she swung her legs over the side of the bed. It was way too late to go for her customary run but she’d picked up some old Tae-Bo tapes at a garage sale a few years before and they never seemed to fail her when she needed to let off some steam. The old thirteen inch Panasonic fired up as she fixed her hair into a tight ponytail and through the auto-adjust tracking, Betty got lost in the routine.

Routine it became. The lack of sleep, two a.m. Tae-Bo, the inability to separate from this case. It had been two weeks of tenuous phone calls, ‘just checking in’ she’d say when the weary mother would answer her phone. Betty knew it didn’t help, that the platitudes of a strange woman who had the power to take your child away probably weren’t conducive to grieving. Betty resigned herself the obsession, even if she didn’t fully understand it. There were so many children she had dealt with and while many of their stories stayed in her heart, none of their eyes seemed to haunt as much as this ones. Tomorrow, she would call her doctor tomorrow, she decided. Stretching back against her pillows, Betty closed her eyes.

“Wake up, please…please wake up,” she cried over the prone form. Her hands fisted whatever piece of clothing she could get her hands on, sobs wracking her body as she sank against the cool tiles. “You can’t leave me. You promised…” The body under hers shuddered. She shot up, pulling them with her as her hand went to sweep the hair from the forehead where it was stuck in what appeared to be sweat and no small amount of vomit.

“Betty,” the voice rasped. Her tears subsided, for just a second, before all she saw were the whites of eyes.

“No!” she whimpered. “NO!”

Betty woke with the word on her lips. She was practically panting she was breathing so hard. The memories she worked so hard to suppress, all she had fought and conquered, everything broadcast in live and in-living-color right in her bedroom. Reaching for the water bottle on her nightstand, the shrill ring of her phone cut through the night, the number flashing on the screen sent chills through her body.

“Betty Cooper,” she answered, willing her voice past her lips.

“Miss Cooper, this is Detective Neal. I had heard you were handling the case regarding Mr. Cousins.”

She swallowed thickly. “You heard correctly, Detective. I assume a call this late isn’t for a clerical error.”

“No, Miss Cooper. I wish I was calling you with something as banal at that, unfortunately, we’re going to need you to come and remove the child.”

Betty’s head smacked against the headboard audibly. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.”

It was closer to ten minutes when she pulled up to the cute, suburban home. She may have broken a few traffic laws, but she was certain that anyone foolish enough to pull her over that night would have gotten the raw end of Betty’s razor-like tongue. She was running on pure adrenaline, that’s the only way she’d get through this night. To have to walk through this house, again, not knowing what she’d have to see inside, made her insides flip uneasily. The lights of the ambulance and police cars danced through the darkened street, casting shadows in suburbia, where they’ve always existed and no one thought to look.
Betty’s hands wrung and stretched as she made her way through the door, flashing her credentials at the officer. She wove her way through the throng of responders, focused on the cries of a three-month-old little boy who needed, well, everyone who’d left him. He’d have to settle for her and the family who was taking him in.

The kitchen was a disaster. The wife apparently had used every glass in the house to allay her anger. Futile. Ineffective. Useless. The words Betty remembered so well after her own dalliance in grief echoed through her head as the physical shards of anger crunched under her feet. She could feel the darkness welling inside her as she crossed the field of broken glass. Fingernails pressed into her palms, she felt it before the skin broke this time, snapping her focus back to the present.

“Ah, Miss Cooper!” A tall man waved her up the stairs. She took a deep breath before ascending, knowing what she might face at the top. Fortunately, the coroner had been quick and all evidence to what had happened was out of sight. Small miracles. The breath fell from her lips heavy as she walked into the nursery. Bright blue eyes clouded with tears as they met hers. A sad smile formed on her lips as she reached out to try and soothe him. But there’d be nothing soothing about that night. Not that Betty could produce.

“…I don’t know that he’s had other charges, but he’s the only open foster we’ve got right now. He’ll have to adapt quickly to an infant, but, that’s what he signed up for.” She realized the older detective was speaking to her and turned her head toward him to meet his eyes. The man’s eyes were weary, his back hunched by the weight of the job he carried. He ran a hand over his shorn hair and met Betty’s eyes with sympathy. “We get way too many of these calls, Miss Cooper.”

“Don’t I know it,” she agreed sadly. She looked back to the baby, and placed a hand on his belly, trying to pour all the love she could muster into the gentle touch. Before she could register what was happening, a diaper bag had been slung over her shoulder and the car seat placed at her feet. Through a haze of tears, she managed to secure the infant in his seat and get him settled into her car. She looked at the slip of paper in her hands, the address eluding her. She hated when that happened; she’d only been back in Riverdale a few months and still didn’t know it as well as she should have, not for as long as she’d lived there before, not when all she used to do was ride around…she stopped, shaking the vestiges of that train of thought away, securing it away for a night her emotions weren’t already overwhelming her. She plugged the address into her GPS as the sound of the Aquabats filled the air. The little boy cooed, a gurgle escaping his lips every now and again as they drove through the winding roads.

The drive to the foster house took longer than Betty expected. They ended up outside the city proper, a small dirt road leading to a cottage that overlooked the Sweetwater River. Betty took a deep breath when she got out of the car, honeysuckle enveloped her completely and knocked her senses for a loop. Her mouth opened as a ragged breath fell from her lips. She tried to bite back the tears that gathered on her waterline, she could taste the blood on her lip as she opened the car door. But try as she might to fight them, the tears cascaded down her cheeks as she went to remove the sleeping cherub from her back seat.

“So, this is where you’ll be staying, little guy. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention when Detective Neal was saying their name but they have to be a lovely family to get you.” Betty ran her hand down the baby’s cheek, he sighed a half smile as he nestled against her hand. She tucked the moment away, deep into her heart and rang the doorbell. “I promise I’ll be back to see you, not that you know who I am but, oh sweetling, know that you’re loved.” Betty did not notice the door open, therefore she did not see the young man standing there taking in the scene before him. When he swallowed audibly, Betty tore her eyes from the baby and startled herself into speaking.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean just to be standing here staring at him…I swear he was in good hands,” she laughed without humor before the sound of his voice froze her in place.

“I have no doubt that he was, Betty.”

Betty’s head slowly rose, green eyes brimming with tears connecting with stormy blue. She wasn’t sure her voice would work, but she managed to croak out a single word. “Juggie?”

in LA for 4 days it’s hot as hell in my house but i guess some people live to sweat such as sean spicer and billy blanks the creator of tae bo

Deporte ideal para cada signo:


Buscas siempre la perfección en lo que hacer y cómo te ves. Como eres muy competitivo, prefieres los deportes en equipo, como el fútbol. No te cuesta entrenar e imponerte disciplina, pero si te frustras cuando los resultados no llegan, cuando tú lo deseas. También se te dan los deportes con cierto riesgo, como el tiro o las carreras.


Aunque eres cómodo y a veces un poco perezoso, te gusta verte bien y no soportas verte con sobrepeso. Igual buscarás una actividad física que no sea muy exigente, como el baile, las caminatas al aire libre y los aeróbicos. Como eres perseverante, no te costará tener un régimen de ejercicio.


Aunque tienes la suerte de tener un cuerpo esbelto y metabolismo rápido, sueles tener problemas de circulación, por lo que te obliga a tener cierta actividad. Puedes considerar las caminatas o la natación, para liberar estrés y ejercitar todo tu cuerpo.


Como buen signo de agua, te atrae estar chapoteando en una piscina o haciendo gimnasia acuática. Por ser hogareño y tranquilo no te apasionan los deportes en equipo, prefieres hacerlo solo. También te preocupa e impacta tu faceta espiritual y el equilibrio que debe existir entre cuerpo y alma. El Yoga es una elección perfecta para ti.


El sol en tu signo te inclina a hacer actividades al aire libre, la playa, el bosque. Debes mantenerte activo y con un reto constante, para sentirte motivado. Si son actividades en equipo mejor, porque te gusta estar rodeado de personas y que te sigan como líder. El fútbol, basquetbol y otros juegos de este tipo son ideales para ti.


Con tu inteligencia y análisis de todo lo que te rodea, puedes realizar con éxito cualquier deporte que te propongas, pero tus ejercicios favoritos son más mentales, que físicos. Busca estar en forma con ejercicios de bajo impacto, como ciclismo y caminatas, principalmente si son al aire libre.


A los nativos de este signo les encanta verse bien y estar en forma. Pero como les gusta la comodidad y la buena comida, a veces se olvidan del ejercicio. Retoma una rutina sencilla y sin mucha exigencia en el gimnasio, para que sigas tu propio ritmo, sin tener que dar cuentas a un equipo. Como eres muy artístico el baile o la gimnasia rítmica pueden sentarte bien.


Apasionado y fuerte los deportes de contacto te gustan y son un reto para ti. El Kick boxing o Tae Bo son algunas de las actividades que puedes practicar. También las artes marciales son una excelente opción para que puedas sacar todas las energías y estrés que te agobian.


Las emociones fuertes son propias de tu naturaleza aventurera. Escalar una montaña y correr carreras de autos o motos son los deportes que llaman tu atención. Lo bueno es que tu forma de vida activa te ayuda a mantenerte en forma.


Te gusta tener tu propio ritmo al hacer ejercicio, buscas actividades en solitario que no exigen mucho, como trotar o el ciclismo urbano. Te preocupa mucho tu trabajo, así que necesitas relajarte. También puedes considerar la natación.


Tu necesidad de sentirte libre te lleva a las alturas. Busca relajarte y ejercitarte, al mismo tiempo, cerca del cielo. Puedes practicar paracaidismo o natación, que te dan espacio de movimiento y puedes hacerlo, según tu propia exigencia.


Como buen signo de agua te atrae sumergirte en el mar, para bucear, o nadar en una piscina. No eres competitivo ni ágil en los deportes de impacto. Debes buscar baja exigencia física, porque tus articulaciones te molestan.

February 10, 2017 (Day 230)

“Babe? Sorry I’m late. The meeting with Dr. Manning ran long. Babe?” 

The only sound Rick heard in the brownstone was music coming from upstairs. He followed the music until he reached his and Michonne’s bedroom. The sounds of Bruno Mars’ Chunky greeted him.

If you ain’t here to party take your ass back home
If you getting naughty, baby here’s my phone
Slide with your boy to the bar
Slide with your boy to the car
I’ve been searching everywhere and now here you are

Rick walked over to the attached bathroom and saw Michonne standing in front of the mirror getting ready. Well, she was supposed to be getting ready. She currently had her eyes closed and was dancing and singing along to the song. Rick decided to enjoy the show and see how long it would take his wife to notice him.

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what needs to happen in episode 10 of School 2017
  • [at school violence committee meeting]
  • teacher: Hyun Tae Woon, what did you witness during Ra Eun Ho & Kim Hee Chan's fight?
  • Tae Woon: By the time I got there, Eun Ho was on the ground with Hee Chan standing over her. Later that same day, I caught Hee Chan physically threatening Seo Bo Ra.
  • teacher: why didn't you report it?
  • Tae Woon: Because Bo Ra will never testify that it happened. She's terrified of Hee Chan, of his fists and his family's money and power. She knows that if she says anything against him, he'll hurt her, or his family will bury her, or both. Trust me,
  • [Tae Woon looks directly at his father]
  • Tae Woon: I know all too well how easy it is for the rich and powerful to destroy the lives and reputation of those they deem beneath them.