Today in sports bra woes: mine is trying to recreate the Spice Girls song, “When Two Become One.”

The uniboob.

My first paycheck will go toward all the awesome sports bra suggestions you left because this one ain’t cutting it anymore unless you count cutting *off* my circulation.

But it wasn’t a complete bust (haha, get it? BUST! I didn’t even mean to do that but now I’m leaving it) because I went old school with some original Billy Blanks Tae Bo on YouTube.

I think I’ve hit my old lady stride quite effectively now that I’m hardcore dipping into exercise nostalgia. What’s next? Jane Fonda? Kathy Smith?

Someone save me from myself and take me to a spin class or something!


billy blanks aka tae bo gets knocked the FU&% out

Billy Blanks Tae Bo Workouts!

I cannot rave enough about Billy Blanks Tae Bo Workouts- I have never found a workout that I actually loved this much! So, to spread the Tae Bo Love, I’m sharing links to all my favorite Tae Bo Workout videos! Do one of these everyday and I promise you’re gonna look and feel so much better and stronger!

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Ripped Extreme

Cardio Inferno

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Abs & Glutes

Fat Burn Accelerator

Now THAT'S What I Call Intensity! Tae-Bo Workout Causes Evacuation of Skyscraper in South Korea

Somewhere out there, Billy Blanks is giddy, giddy, giddy. This is insane!

Earlier this month, 17 people doing a Tae-Bo workout in South Korea caused the evacuaction of their skyscraper, after it started to shake during the workout. Their punchy-kicky moves set the upper floors shaking and the vibration resonated throughout the rest of the building for over 10 minutes according to a report from the Korea JoongAng Daily. To confirm what caused the tremors, scientists recreated the workout on the 12th floor and we’re able to reproduce the results.

The story is crazy enough, but my favorite part? That they were working out to the song ’The Power’ by Snap! Ha!

So, how did a small group of people kicking and punching cause tremors massive enough to warrant evacuation?

Excerpt from CNN.com Blogs

“It just happens to be that the vibration cycle caused by Tae Bo collided with the vertical vibration cycle unique to the building,” Chung told the Korea Times. The action amplified the building’s vibration and caused the shaking, he said.

Read More: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/07/19/scientist-tae-bo-workout-sent-skyscraper-shaking/?hpt=hp_p1&iref=NS1

Now THAT’S an intense workout. :)