1N2D : a.k.a. that show where the PD is obsessed with making his cast dance (preferably half-naked)

At least somebody is enjoying it pwahahahaha

Edit : I just noticed I made a spelling mistake on Joonyoung’s second gif… been using my native language a lot more than usual this month so this was bound to happen … too lazy to change it though, sorry~ ^_^
Billy Blanks Tae Bo Workouts!

I cannot rave enough about Billy Blanks Tae Bo Workouts- I have never found a workout that I actually loved this much! So, to spread the Tae Bo Love, I’m sharing links to all my favorite Tae Bo Workout videos! Do one of these everyday and I promise you’re gonna look and feel so much better and stronger!

Bootcamp Cardio Sculpt 

Ripped Extreme

Cardio Inferno

Bootcamp Abs

Abs & Glutes

Fat Burn Accelerator

60-Day Challenge! Day 2: 186.8 lbs

Starting Weight: 186.8 lbs
Weight Lost: 0 lbs
TOTAL: 0 lbs

I don’t know what was up with my scale this morning… It may have not been level with the floor the first few times I weighed myself. Kept saying I was 185.2 all the way up to 187.4. But the last two times I weighed myself, it was the same weight both times as I weighed in yesterday.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I actually changed this challenge 2 times yesterday. Originally it was at 45 days, then 100. I thought 100 days was too long, so I decided to go with 60 days. I saw a girl on Youtube that lost 60 lbs in 3 months, but she did bad her first month, so I want to see if I can do this in just 2. Going to try not to change my plan anymore.

My new plan is not to focus on fasting. I’m actually probably not going to even fast at all. My plan is to eat 500 calories a day and do 2 hours of Tae Bo a day. Hopefully I can lose about a pound a day doing this. I am kind of thinking that I’ll be gaining muscle weight my first week of doing this, but we’ll see what happens. Hopefully I don’t.

Today I had my tae bo training and I am so glad to say I did it properly and  thats the way to feel the sport inside you. There was a lot ot sweating and extreme work and I can say that everytime my limit is bigger and soon we can see the better shape that will come. Long life to everybody who sports. 

!YESSSS! Ho ho I can say I am no more like this bear from the upper side of the post! :1