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Colorful ~ Spectrum DMF 161001

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I don't even know how you look like but I know?? I already love you! Youre so cute im here #protectally! I'm sure you are like little talented ball of sunshine whit cherry tae hair <3. Probably no one around u is sad bc youre cheering everybody up ❤❤

KISSES YOUR ROSEY CHEEKS how are u so affectionate anon..!!!!!!! :;(∩´﹏`∩);: i can’t believe that i was complimented and my loved ones were blessed in one ask you’re too nice I’m shedding a tear…..

30 Days of Gintama - Day 9

Day 09 - Favorite Female Character

Shimura Tae. Always has been, always will be.

That sweet smile belies a penchant for violence that Tae has become known for, but she’s more than that. She is a mature person who missed out on a childhood due to her parents’ deaths and the sudden need to raise her little brother. She protected not only Shinpachi but Kyubei, as well. There was no time to worry about this and that – Tae took charge of her life, determined to safeguard the ones she cares about and provide a stable family life for Shinpachi, including food on the table, a roof over their heads, and money to survive day to day. She cares about her family legacy – the dojo – and isn’t ashamed to take on a job as a cabaret girl to make ends meet and pay off debt. She’s strong, tough, wise, brave, and exceedingly kind.

“Shin-chan, it’s just like you said. It’s no good having this dojo. It’s painful…but to me, it’s also painful throwing it away. Things that you can’t take back are painful to keep or throw away. Since both ways are painful, I’d rather suffer not losing it.”

Another thing I love about her is her ability to gather and unite anyone and everyone to her cause, whatever it may be. She becomes the leader of the women several times – all of whom are physically stronger and more agile than she is, though no less deadly. They rally under her, because I believe Tae has a certain kind of charisma that draws people to follow her. She has leadership quality. She doesn’t refer to herself as Queen of Kabukicho for nothing. When she speaks, people listen, and if they don’t, she makes them. She’s passionate, she’s driven, and she’s not one to hide her opinions.

But she does hide her true feelings for the sake of others’ happiness. She follows through on her own convictions and seeks to keep all of her promises, even if it means giving up what she wants or what makes her happy. She doesn’t want to burden others and prefers to shoulder the burden herself. She is stubborn and self-sacrificial to a fault. She will endure and smile through all the pain and sorrow, and when you finally see her true smile, it is a real treasure to behold.

In short, I am fiercely protective and proud of Tae. She is a fine woman and warrior, and an inspiration to all. (Also, we both like B’Z.)

“No matter how beautiful a person may be, they will still age and ultimately die. But even so, even if appearances change, don’t you believe that we have within us things that don’t change? Even as our bodies crumble, even as the months and years take their toll… Don’t you believe that we all have something that time can spoil? Even if you cover us with wrinkles, we won’t lose to you. That’s because we know what true beauty really is.”