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(  ˘  ³ ˘ ) ♥  tvixx’s 4th follow forever!!

hello everyone!! 

this is my 4th follow forever,  since i felt like the last on i did was kind of weak, so ive decided to make another one! 

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I’ve hit my next tumblr milestone and just wanted to thank you guys for 1.5k Follower’s ^^

Thank you so, so much and just uiiii *runs up to you and cuddles you to death* xoxo

Thank you guys for always being with me, thanks for deep midnight talks, for having my back, for always being there for me, thanks for always cheering me up and on, thanks for shared laughter and shared tears alike. I love you guys <3


(yes. wifey gets a special message [my special snowflake :P])


D’ann my cute lil wifey :3 I can’t thank you enough for being just the way you are ( and existing at the same time as me ) I don’t really know about you, but sometimes it’s upright creepy how much we have in common o_O like what where the chances of meeting you, out of all people, here? I am so thankful for having you in my life, every single day :”) Thanks for being the bestiest wifey one could ask for :*** I love you <3

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