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Suspicious Partner Episode 12

What did Yoo-jung expected from Eun-hyuk? Gee! Just because they cheated together doesn’t mean they are in the same boat nor that they want the same thing from now on. On this, I agree with Eun-hyuk. She should stay away from him because she’s absolutely ignoring how he might feel about her. Did she ever ask him or herself why he cheated? I don’t know all her reasons, but if I were her I would like to know his.

Why didn’t we get to see Ji-wook’s response to what Yoo-jung told him? Huh? I would like to know what went down after that statement she did about their relationship because I’m positive it’s the reason behind on why he rejected Bong-hee. Come on, show! He likes her. He knows he likes her, so what? why? He doesn’t want to repeat history? Is he so afraid that the same thing will happen, to get hurt, that he won’t even try to start something with the person he likes?

I feel bad for Eun-hyuk. His feelings for Yoo-jung run deeper than we were to believe from last night’s episodes, and when it came to choose what relationship to save he put Ji-wook first. That’s his priority, so he’s trying to make amends but things are not going his way, and now Yoo-jung is back and he’s forced to deal with this love triangle all over again. GAH!

DA Jang might as well be the thug she wishes to be. He has been harassing Bong-hee for years and now he has physically assaulted her, I see no difference between this man and a common criminal. And why is he putting all the weight of finding the real culprit on her when he is the one in a place of power, enough to actually go trough a proper investigation? And what? Bong-hee is not even reporting to Ji-wook what happened? I think she should at least rely on him at this time since he’s been nothing but a good friend and support system for her through most of the past couple of years.

After that encounter with DA Jang, Ji-wook definitely knows who hurt her and why she’s not talking, which is why he didn’t pressure on the matter. I like he respects her times but at the same time doesn’t wait around to ask her how she’s doing.

There’s something weird about the client, right? Something doesn’t add up and why didn’t he mention anything about getting lost in those alleys. If they are so difficult to figure out, like Bong-hee and Ji-wook experienced, how did the client walk through them without getting lost at all? Wouldn’t be something worth mentioning too?

I think there’s more to the story of the client and Ji-wook’s reaction to Bong-hee’s confession, so this week better go by fast because I need answers. ASAP.

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160102 ~ [TRANS]

Taehyung: *tries to speak English*

Fans: Just speak Korean! 

Yoongi: it wasnt they dont understand you speaking English but that they are embarrassed of you.