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I tiptoed in the house quietly closing the door behind me. I looked at my phone letting out a sigh after I saw it was a quarter after 1 AM. I knew this nigga was about to flip his lid when he found out what time I came in. Just for that my ass will be occupying the guest room.

I locked the door then turned around walking forward only to be stopped by the hall light flicking on. I looked up to see Chris standing there with his jaw clenched. Maybe it was the tequila shots I just downed due to this little girls night out I shared with my friends but this nigga was just giving me everything but not doing a damn thing.

“I’m in trouble.” I mumbled hearing the slur in my own words. I chuckled a little bit before leaning on the wall for support.

“Tae.” I heard him say my name but I was so far gone into my drunken thoughts I paid it no attention. Soon after I felt my back coming into contact with the wall.

“Ow the fuck was that for?” I asked him while he glared at me.

“First you go out when I tell you not to then you got the fucking audacity to walk yo drunk ass in here this late. The fuck is wrong is with you.” He spat in my face.

“Is that what this is about. You go out all the time the fuck is the difference.”

“The fucking difference is when I tell you to bring yo ass home you fucking do it. You understand.”

“Nope not really.” I said before bursting into a fit of giggles. Before I could blink I felt his hand grip my neck.

“Do not fuck with me right now Tae. I’m telling you this is not what you want.” He gritted in my ear making my knees want to go weak right there.

“Or what?” I pushed him off me before biting my lip.

“Stop.” He said but I pushed him again.

“Or what?” I pushed him again and he just clenched his jaw again.

“I’m not fucking with you. Don’t touch me.” I pushed him again with a smirk on my face.

“All I hearing is talking.” I raised my hand to mush him in the face but he caught my arm moving it down to my side before grabbing my neck again.

“Just had to fuck with me?” He asked as leaned down putting his face in the crook of my neck. I felt my body shudder as he lips came in contact with my skin.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I felt his hands move down my body before he started to unbuckle my jeans.

“Teaching you something.” He mumbled.

“Teaching me what?” He pulled my jeans along with my under wear down to my ankles. Instead of answering me, he grabbed the back of my neck pulling me into the living room.

“I’m teaching you what happens when you don’t listen to daddy.” He said. Before I could respond I felt my body being bent over the back of the couch. I looked back at him and he winked biting his lips before slamming all of himself inside of me from the back.

“Damn!” Was all I got out as he gripped my waist pumping harder I bit onto one of the pillows while the feelings of pain and pleasure spread all over my body.

“I don’t hear you ma!” He dug deeper pumping harder grabbing my hair. “Where that smart ass mouth now?” He snatched the pillow from my mouth the slapped my ass hard. “Nah I need to hear this shit.”

“Oh…f-fuck baby my spot!” I screamed. I felt his grip on my hair get tighter as he hit my spot repeatedly.

“Come on ma,” He grunted slapping my ass again. The pleasure and pain combo he was giving me right now was enough to make my head spin.

He started to rotate his hips pumping harder making my body jerk forward.

“Chris! I’m cumming!” I screamed as my entire body started to shake. Soon after I felt my juices come down. I tried to catch my breath while I felt my body float on up to cloud nine. I started to move but he just gripped my hair tighter.

“Fuck you think you going? Class is in session baby.” He said in my ear before kissing it. Tonight was gonna be a long one.


I looked down at Tae while I lay between her legs on the living room floor. This girl and her fucking attitude. Never has she ever been the type to not have the last word. That was about to change in a fucking minute though.

I sucked on her neck roughly while I slammed myself into her.

The look of shock and pleasure that spread across her face did something to me. Biting her neck I made sure to roll my hips while I stroked her finding her spot easily.

I intertwined our hands while pinning them over her head as she arched her back. Hitting her spot with no mercy her cries and moans got louder.

“You gon listen to me right?!” I said slapping her thigh still digging deep only to hear her moans but not the words I was I looking for.

“oh fuck! Chris damn!” She screamed. I bit my lip throwing her legs over my shoulder. I made sure to go as deep as her body would allow me to rolling my hips forward.

“Answer the fucking question Tae! You gon listen to me!”


“You gon be a good girl!”

“Y-yes! Yes baby shiiit!” I smirked a little pushing her legs forward.

“Yes who?” I began to hit her spot again while holding her legs up.

“Y-yes daddy! Fuck!”

“Who this shit belong to!” I grunted pumping harder.

“Oh fuck I love you!” She screamed and I let out a chuckle as my hand came down on her thigh.

“I aint ask you that!”

“Oh God! Daddy yours! It’s yours!” I let her legs down holding them down pounding away at her spot with no mercy.

“Ahh fuc-shit! Im about to cum!”

“Damn Tae.” I groaned picking up my pace grinding faster…harder. I felt her body starting to shake as I continued to pump in and out of her until both of us released. I leaned down and kissed her.

“Start listening ma.” I stood up fixing my clothes. I grabbed my car keys off the mantle while she just looked at me.

“Where you going?”


“After that shit you gon turn around and leave.”

“Yup you got a fucking problem?” I asked glaring at her. She clenched her jaw then looked down shaking her head. “That’s what I thought. Get up and go to bed.”

“Are you fu-“ Before she could say something I threw her another hard look making her shut up right there.

“Don’t say shit just do what the fuck I said do.” She sucked her teeth then rolled her eyes getting up off the floor. She made her way to the stairs but I called her name making her turn around and look at me.

“Give daddy a kiss.” She came over to me and kissed me on the lips. I smirked then slapped her on the ass. “Go to sleep.” She turned and went upstairs.

Yeah I’m thinking she learned her lesson.